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Does anyone remember a couple of months ago in April when I said that after WrestleMania and the next coming three months (May, June & July), that the new Undisputed Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens were going to lose their Championships?

Well, those months have passed, and they’re still the Champions. I lost my own bet. Ha! Ha! It’s not like I didn’t want them to be, but I have been honest in my opinion that the Usos are superior. Nevertheless, I’ll make another one. Let’s see if they’ll last till the end of the year.

LA Knight vs. Sheamus

The match barely started when Sheamus delivered a harsh knee to Knight’s abdomen as he collapses on the mat. The Celtic warrior is still upset by Knight’s comment, calling him a “pasty goon” last week and a “cross-eyed halfwit” prior to this fight.

Mr. LA may be gaining the adoration of the fans, but his mouth remains something I’m not fully unbothered by. Expect, of course, when he reveals how shocked he is that The Miz is participating in the Battle Royal tomorrow. Ha!

Sheamus lays Knight on his ass for a great portion of the match with shoulder tackles. LA turns things around with a tackle of his own.

Just as Sheamus catches an incoming Knight bouncing off the ropes, they both get taken out and spill onto the main floor. While laying there, Santos Escobar, The Miz, AJ Styles plus Michin, Grayson Waller, Karrion Kross plus Scarlett start marching towards the ring, each on their own time.

Knight called them “misfit toys” earlier as they’re part of the Battle Royal on Saturday.

Once we get back to the action, Sheamus delivers the White Noise off the apron to LA Knight as he collides with the hardest part of the ring.

Sheamus sends Knight a massive knee to the jaw, then LA returns fire with a powerslam. It did take a little out of him since he seemed completely winded. Ha!

Knight was looking the BFT, Sheamus has him scouted with the Irish Curse back breaker. The Celtic warrior hits a beautiful White Noise off the second rope, but it wasn’t enough to finish Knight.

Sheamus sitting at the top of the ring as he catches his breath. LA leaps onto the first rope, slips but gets back on it. As he reaches the top, he and Sheamus slip right off. The Celtic warrior lands spine first against the steel stairs while Knight lands in front of the announce table.

The wrestlers that showed up earlier begin to crowd around them. Styles get particularly close to LA Knight, clearly after that insult. Butch and Holland attempt to keep Miz, Kross and Waller away from Sheamus.

And as if the universe heard me, Austin Theory shows up and attacks Escobar. Things get more hectic from there, once Theory takes his squeamish exit. Styles, Holland and Butch start to pounce against Kross, Waller and Miz.

Sheamus notices Miz’ audacious attitude after kicking Holland in the face that he decides to deliver the Ten Beats of the Bodhran as payback.

Just as Sheamus does all ten beats, I kid you not when Knight rolls him up, I almost saw Sheamus’ butt….. I was horrified.

Sheamus misses with the Bro Kick, instead he kicks Miz. Knight capitalizes with a winning BFT.

How unfortunate.

Winner: LA Knight 

Ridge Holland & Butch vs. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows – Tag Team match

Fight Night part two as commentary called it after things went out of hand backstage between the Brutes and The O.C.

The fight starts between Holland and Gallows as Ridge delivers a couple of affective uppercuts. Luke fires back with a right hand. A back and forth of clotheslines has commenced. Neither men has dropped yet.

Gallows splashes Holland in their corner before tagging Anderson as they play a double team.

Holland quickly turns the tied with the Yorkshire Merry-go-Round prior to tagging Butch in. He begins to assert dominance with his joint manipulation skills.

The O.C. take control of this match as they perform a neck breaker to Butch then Anderson takes out Holland after interfering a potential win.

Holland performs a nice back drop on Gallows with impressive core strength. Things went to hell shortly after. The Street Profits bombarded the entire match in their glamourous suits and shiny shoes. Ha!

Bobby Lashley came out too, to congratulate the Profits after their chats about change in the past couple of weeks.

Winners: Fancy clothes

The only time I find Paul Heyman remotely helpful is when he’ll explain the history of Tribal Combat. Everything else that formulates out of his mouth is meaningless blabber.

Ula Fala, the sacred beats of the Samoans. In order to wear such an honor, boys will have to become men in Tribal Combat. I saw The Rock, by the way. They made those images of previous Tribal Chiefs look like League of Legend characters.

To be honest, in the past, I didn’t know The Rock was Samoan. The tattoo on his arm didn’t click in my head until I kept seeing him in pictures when we mention the Samoans.

I knew the Usos were Samoans along with Roman and Solo. Not The Rock. Nevertheless, Heyman reminds us that Reigns is our Tribal Chief for nearly three years, and that will never be Jey. That’s why I’m not sure who’s going to win tomorrow.

There’s so much conviction in Heyman’s voice as he is certain that Jey will lose. But I hope he doesn’t just as Jey Jey makes his way to the stage.

Jey is bringing the spirit of his ancestors, his determination, the love of his twin brother Jimmy to the fight tomorrow. He sounds ready, but before we get to Saturday, Jey has to deal with his brainwashed little brother Solo later tonight.

Sikoa made his way to the ring as well. Jey continues to question why Solo hasn’t broken free of Heyman and Reigns’ control yet. The things that Heyman would whisper into Jey’s ear when he was little like some kind of sleep paralysis demon are the same words entering Solo’s ears.

Tirelessly convincing them of what Heyman and Roman is saying to be true. Paul notices that those words are effecting Solo to the point where he looked at the Wise Man a little funny. So, Heyman tries to pull him aside. To his surprise, Sikoa resisted and told Heyman to get out.

Solo said something else prior to that, but as you know, the mic wasn’t on him. I heard nothing. And Jey Super Kicked him.

“Tell my cousin, I will see him tomorrow. But you can tell my brother, I will see his ass later tonight.” says Jey as he scares Heyman before strutting away.

Just a quick update, after the nasty fall, which we now know as severe whiplash Rey Mysterio had last week in his US Championship Invitational Finals match against his protégé Santos Escobar, he’s at home resting.

Austin Theory vs. Cameron Grimes

Now this is a match I never thought I’d see. So weird, don’t you think? Grimes is looking to deliver some bad news to Theory, but with that quick takedown courtesy of the US champ, I can’t see this will be in Grimes’ favor today.

The match barely started, and Santos shows up attempting to get through security and officials as Theory mocks him.

The camera returns to the action as Cameron almost wins with a swift Cave-In, alas, Austin was too close to the bottom rope as Grimes went into a cover. Yikes. That was bad scouting.

Grimes takes the fight further to Austin as he leaves his opponent completely confused as Theory doesn’t seem to remember where he is.

Cameron goes up high, Theory has him scouted by tripping him off balance as he lands hard against the rope, Theory deliver the A-Town Down for a victory. Lucky for us, Escobar ruins the celebration.

Winner: Austin Theory

Someone somewhere must of heard the cries of a Grayson Waller fan because now, every Friday since he got here, his talk show is on. Aside from Logan Paul being the worst guest he’s had thus far, no one could top that. Not even Bayley. I like Iyo Sky though.

I wasn’t having a pleasant time while Bayley was talking, but I did enjoy the moment she got spooked again by Shotzi’s creaking voice over the speakers. Waller laughed at her fear, although, that was a mistake soon later.

The Taking Care of Business tank came rolling in, expect Shotzi wasn’t the one driving as Iyo notices that. The ballsy badass was looming behind Bayley inside the ring in her new unhinged look that I really love.

Shotzi punches Bayley then threatens to buzz her hair as she chases after her with clippers. Michael Cole kept encouraging Shotzi to cut Bayley’s hair, and so was I. Since someone had to have been driving the tank, it was none other than Zelina Vega. Iyo’s upcoming opponent.

Zelina Vega vs. Iyo Sky

Vega takes herself and Sky out with a collision in the middle of the ring. The Genius of the Sky has been left alone since Bayley was chased out of the building by Shotzi. Rightfully so.

Zelina seems to have the early goings of this match on her side with a running clothesline to Iyo. She almost had Sky with the Meteora, but her challenger kicked out.

Sky turns things around with a back breaker to Vega. While Sky had Zelina laid out, Shotzi was still pursuing Bayley as she bangs her head against the screen at the entryway.

Because of the time wasting, Sky is on the receiving end of a running powerbomb followed by a Code Red awarding Vega the win.

Winner: Zelina Vega

Jey Uso vs. Solo Sikoa

When both boys come at each other, Solo was the one who was able to shove Jey so hard, he almost hit his head against the turnbuckle.

Jey tries to bring his little brother down with a side headlock, dragging him as low as he can. Sikoa retaliates with a shoulder tackle.

Jey manages to escape Solo’s grasp as he Super Kicks his bother towards the announce table then suicide dives resulting in Sikoa hitting the table spine first.

Sikoa gets the ball back in his court with a belly-to-belly throw of his older brother across the ring. He then digs his nails into Jey’s shoulders as he forces him to his knees.

Jey moves out of harm’s way when Solo charged in with a hip toss, slamming his spine, again, against something painful. Jey starts to build momentum with a couple of harsh right hands.

Sikoa nearly decapitates Jey with a clothesline that made Heyman’s pants tingle. He continues his onslaught with a spinning heel kick then a Spinning Solo.

Jey avoids the Samoan Spike with a Super Kick, Sikoa answers with one of his own then he receives a massive spear from his older brother.

Jey Jey keeps the ball rolling with a Uso Splash victory. Regardless of the lose, that wasn’t the point to Sikoa’s task. He came out here to drain Jey from being at 100% tomorrow.

Sikoa fails his assignment as Jey Super Kicks a chair against Solo’s face then proceeds to unload on his little brother. See you guys at SummerSlam!

Winner: Jey Uso


TOP PHOTO: Jey Uso pinning Solo Sikoa. Courtesy of WWE