We have reached night 12 of the G1 Climax 33 tournament and today’s main event was Shingo Takagi up against the leader of Bullet Club, David Finlay.

Takagi started the match by drilling Finlay with some knees, but in no time Gedo was up on the apron with a distraction. Finlay hit Takagi from behind and took the battle outside of the ring. With destruction on his mind, Finlay set up a table, but he did not use it right away, he first hit a suplex on the floor.

Finlay was now toying with Takagi in the ring, but then Takagi got going with his strikes and dropped Finlay with jabs and a lariat. Takagi then hit a strong lariat in the corner followed by a big stalling suplex and a DDT. But the fight then made its way back outside the ring and Finlay got to utilize the table he set up. He pulled Takagi off the apron and powerbombed him through the table.

Finlay got Takagi back into the ring to hit a blue thunder bomb and a blindsided back elbow. He was now looking for a suplex, but Takagi reversed into a twisting neckbreaker. Takagi then hit a Gory Special and followed that with a superplex from the top rope.

Takagi was now hoping for the finish, but Finlay reversed into a gut buster and then hit a Dominator. Finlay hit a big clothesline, an Irish curse backbreaker and then a twisting backbreaker. Following some strikes from Finlay, Takagi began to battle back with some big headbutts and then landed Made in Japan.

Both men were now trading stiff forearms with Finlay getting the advantage, he hit Takagi with two powerbombs. Takagi was then able to reverse Into Oblivion and hit a sliding forearm, there were now two minutes remaining in the match.

Takagi hit two massive clotheslines and then finally landed Last of the Dragon to secure himself the victory!

G1 Climax 33 — Standings

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G1 Climax 33 Night 12 Results

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Alex Coughlin — G1 Climax 33 D Block Tournament Match

Coughlin would shock everyone when he was able to hit the Jackhammer and defeat The Ace clean.

Winner: Alex Coughlin

EVIL vs. Mikey Nicholls — G1 Climax 33 C Block Tournament Match

This bout turned into a tag team match with Dick Togo and Kosei Fujita involved in practically the entire match. Fujita was able to hold Togo off long enough for Nicholls to catch EVIL in a roll-up and get the win.

Winner: Mikey Nicholls

Toru Yano vs. Shane Haste — G1 Climax 33 D Block Tournament Match

Yano was up to his usual cheating tactics and he even managed to trap a bucket onto the head of Haste. The distraction of getting the bucket off allowed Yano to land a low blow and roll Haste up to steal the two points.

Winner: Toru Yano

Tomohiro Ishii vs. HENARE — G1 Climax 33 C Block Tournament Match

This was one of the hardest-hitting matches of the tournament thus far and in the closing moments, HENARE would hit a plethora of stiff strikes. He followed his strikes with a Streets of Rage and earned his first-ever victory over Ishii.

Winner: HENARE

Hirooki Goto vs. Jeff Cobb — G1 Climax 33 D Block Tournament Match

GTR. Credit: NJPW

Cobb began the tournament 4-0 and was sitting atop D Block, but he has since cooled off from his hot start. Goto hit Cobb with a Code Red followed by a GTR to hand Cobb his second consecutive loss.

Winner: Hirooki Goto

Tama Tonga vs. Eddie Kingston — G1 Climax 33 C Block Tournament Match

Northern Lights Bomb. Credit: NJPW

Following EVIL’s loss earlier tonight, both Tonga and Kingston are looking to jump into the top two with a win tonight. Kingston was able to hit Tonga with a spinning back fist and a Northern Lights Bomb to move to eight points.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Tetsuya Naito vs. Zack Sabre Jr. — G1 Climax 33 D Block Tournament Match

A stolen win. Credit: NJPW

After Cobb’s loss to Goto earlier, Sabre can move into first place with a win and Naito can jump into the top two with a win. Time was running out and Sabre was working hard to get himself the win, but with less than two minutes left Naito caught Sabre in a roll-up to steal a win.

Winner: Tetsuya Naito

Shingo Takagi vs. David Finlay

Winner: Shingo Takagi