He is floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee in WWE Champions.

Muhammad Ali is joining the WWE Champions mobile game as a playable character.

Starting Monday, July 31, The Greatest of All Time will be available to earn as a playable character until Friday, Aug. 4, adding a new layer of power and charisma to WWE Champions.

His moves include:
“Float Like a Butterfly”
“Sting Like a Bee”
“Twenty One Dodges”
“Ali Shuffle”
“Dancing Jab”

Muhammad Ali will be earnable by completing the “Sting Like a Bee” Solo Contest available from July 31 through Aug. 4. Players will also be able to earn “Sting Like a Bee” Medallion currency through Showdown Tournament and Solo Contests to redeem for further rewards on a new Prize Wall featuring alternate gear and more Ali-themed items.