Greetings and Salutations! We have a busy week ahead for Dynamite. Will Jericho join Callis? How will FTR respond to MJF and Cole’s alliance? What will Cole and MJF get up to this week? We also have a triple threat Tag-Team match this week. SO much on the go, so without further ado, let’s get to the action!

The show kicks off as it it does every week with the intro. We go right to the action.

AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) VS AR Fox

Fox gets the match started quickly and takes Cassidy down. Cassidy isn’t down for too long as he comes right back and delivers an arm drag to Fox. Fox returns the favour with an Enzuigiri, and tries to follow that up with a cutter, but Cassidy rolls out of the ring. This doesn’t stop Fox’s offense as he hits a Moonsault on Cassidy on the outside.

The match seems to be going in Fox’s favour until Cassidy hits a Stundog Millionaire, but Fox comes right back with a Stunner, Twisting Brain Buster, and goes for the pin, but it was only good for a 2-count. Cassidy once again rolls out of the ring to catch his breathe. Fox doesn’t give Cassidy the break he thought he was going to get as he kicks Cassidy in the head. With both men battling outside, Cassidy gets the upperhand and slams Fox to the barricade. Back in the ring, Cassidy is finally in firm control of the match and tries to end things as he was looking for an Orange punch, but Fox counters it into Cutter for a 2.9-count.

Fox gets Cassidy to the corner and hits a Neckbreakerbut both men are back up on their feet and trade punches. Cassidy sends Fox to the turnbuckle and Fox comes right back and slams Cassidy down, then hits a Senton. Cassidy is on the outide again trying to regroup and Fox hits a Tope Suicida, gets him back in the ring and hits a Senton for a very close pinfall.

Cassidy is trying to mount a comeback and eventually tosses Fox outside of the ring and hits a Tope Suicida of his own. Cassidy sends Fox back into the ring and and connects on a TOrnado DDT and hits a Beack Break for a 2-count. Both men battle back and forth and Fox gets the upperhand. Fox seats Cassidy on the top rope and hits a Spanish Fly for another 2.9 count. Cassidy again rolls out of the ring but is on the apron catching a breath. Fox with a Senton and a DDT, but Cassidy is again up at 2. Fox is ready to end the match and goes for a 450 Splash but he misses and Cassidy rolls up Fox for the comeback win.

Winner: AND STILL AEW International Champion; Orange Cassidy

After the match, Fox attacks Cassidy. Darby comes out and is frustrated with Fox. Jon Moxley is out and attacks Cassidy also and ends things by hitting a Death Rider.

In the back, Renee Paquette is with Chris Jericho who is still mulling on whether he should join Don Callis or not. Jericho says that Callis arranged a Tag Team match with Takeshita as his partner. Jericho says that he is willing to try it out. We then learn that they would be facing Daniel Garcia and Sammy Guevara. Jericho loves this as he said he wanted Garcia and Guevara to spread their wings and this will help them do it. Callis shows up and presents a portrait to Jericho as a gift. Jericho says he wont be able to carry it around but Callis says he will handle that.

Claudio warns Pac about what he did at Blood & Guts. Moxley shows up and send a warning to everyone. He says everyone should stay away form them.

Jack Perry Speaks

Jack says that he beat Hook and after one loss, Hook went home. Perry said that the FTW title wasn’t the title he was aspiring to win. Perry said the title was created in a second-class company. Perry then said that the title is the real deal with his hands on it. Perry said that he would run circles around Taz and his dirtbag friends.

Jerry Lynn has heard enough and he was out to confront the FTW champion. Lynn said that they all paved the way in ECW for this generation. Lynn said that without ECW, there would never be a Jungle Boy. Lynn tells Perry that if he keeps running his mouth, he will get his ass kicked. Perry said he’d love to see that. Lynn drops the mic and Perry says they will do this on his time and we will see who gets their ass kicked next week.

Renee Paquette is with Brit Baker. Baker said that she is still the face of the women’s division and is a bit shocked Taya Valkyrie called her out. Baker said she will drag her ass to the deep end and remind everyone TBS is her show.

Pac VS Gravity

Gravity connects on two Dropkicks to jumpstart the match, with the second one sending PAC to ringside. Gravity with a Baseball slide Dropkick. Both men are fighting outside but it was PAC who gets the upperhand and sends Gravity crashing to the barricade. PAC send Gravity back in the ring and slas Gravity face first to the turnbuckle. PAC is putting the boots to Gravity in the corner, but Gravity fights back and eventually hits a Crossbody for a 2-count.

PAC is now angry and hits several kick on Gravity. PAC sends Gravity back to the corner and takes full control of the match. PAC gets Gravity to the top rope, but Gravity fights back and but PAC ends up hitting an Avalanche Brainbuster on Gravity. He then locks in The Brutalizer. Gravity is forced to tap out.

Winner: PAC

Renee Paquette is with MJF and Cole. MJF said he liked FTR when they were his lackeys. MJF tells FTR that he will punch them hard and the only three initials that matter are M..J..F. Cole says that when the tournament started, it was about winning the Tag Team Titles, but now its about friendship. Cole tells MJF he has nothing to worry about (which means he will have everything to worry about) as he’s becomming one of his best friends. MJF says win, lose, or draw, Cole is getting a rematch for the AEW World Title.

Rod Strong shows up and shoves MJF as they argue. Cole tells MJF to let hm talk to Strong. Cole tells Strong he will do anything for him but he is pushing him away right now and to trust him. Strong grabs Cole’s hands and reminds him aout boundaries…. (Oh the Drama)

FTR is interviewed now. Cash says that he is excited for their next match against Cole and MJF. He says he respects Cole, but hates MJF. He says everyone leaves MJF when they get to know him. He tells Cole and MJF they will learn not to mess with FTR. Dax says Cole won’t get another win against him. Dax is upset MJF is making fun and games of Tag Team Wrestling. They then say they will beat MJF and Cole on Saturday.

Darby Allin VS Swerve Strickland

Darby gets the match started with a takedown and an arm drag. Swerve comes right back and sends Allin to the apron, but Allin ends up hitting a Code Red to ringside and send him back in for a 2-count. Swerve goes for a breather outside of the ring but Allin follows him. Allin sends Swerve crashing to the steps. Swerve Kicks Allinn in the head and then tosses Allin to the steps, followed by a kick to the face.

Back in the ring, Swerve maintains control of the match and eventually hits an Uppercut from the second rope. Allin is up, but Swerve punches him and follows that up with a Jumping Flatliner, and ends this combo off with a beat of a Suplex. All of this wasn’t enough to win as Allin got up at 2.

Swerve sets up on the apron but Allin Spears him and sends him back into the ring. Allin goes for a dive but Swerve counters and kicks Allin for his efforts. Swerve Stomp for a 2-count. Allin makes a comeback and hits a Stunner from the tope rope. Allin reaches the top rope, but Swerve meets him up there. Allin gets tossed to the apron. A mystery person from the crowd attacks Allin. Swerve with the JML Driver and picks up the win.

Winner: Swerve Strickland

After the match, the mystery person is revealed to be AR Fox. Nick Wayne is out and tried to attack the heels but they put the boots to him.

Renee Paquette is with The Jericho Appreciation Society sans Jericho, who eventually walks in. Jerichi invites everyone to his dressing room where the new portrait from Callis is hanging. Menard said it was nice. Jericho asks about Tay’s baby and Tay said the baby is good. Its super awkward. Parker said all of this meant the world to him before but right now, he isn’t sure. Anna Jay calls Jericho selfish, and until he appreciates them, they can’t give 100% of their loyalty. Menard tells Jericho to figure things out.

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. vs. Taya Valkyrie

Valkyrie with the early advantage on Baker, but Baker gets a Headlock in, and takes Valkyrie down. Valkyrie manages to escape and knocks Baker down. Baker is on the corner and Valkyrie hits the Double Knees on her for a 2-count. Baker is down again and Valkyrie puts the boots to her. Baker is back on the corner and Valkyrie follows her to attack her some more, but Baker hits a clothesline, followed by a Sling Blade. This momentum shift didn’t last long as Valkyrie comes back with a a few punches and a Powerbomb to Baker. Baker up at 2.

Baker is back on the corner and Valkyrie geos for the Double Knees again, but this time Baker moves out of the way. Baker with a Cravate and hits the head of Valkyrie. Baker with a Ripcord Elbow for JUST a 1-count. Both women are back up and are trading punches. Valkyrie with a Roundhouse kick, but Baker comes right back and connects with a Thrust Kick, Valkyrie with a Knee for a 2-count. Valkyrie continues the assault with a Northern Lights Suplex for another 2-count. Baker is back in the match as she hits another Thrust Kick and followed that up by connecting on the Panama Sunrise for a 2-count of her own. Valkyrie comes right back with a Spear, and goes for a Road to Valhalla but Baker is able to turn this into a Lock Jaw, forcing Taya Valkyrie to tap out.

Winner: Britt Baker

We get promos from the 3 teams in the main event saying they will win the triple threat match.

Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli VS Lucha Bros. VS Best Friends

Lucha Bros. and Best Friends start the match with all 4 men in and just going to town, its the Best Friends who get the upper hand as they send Fenix and Penta to the floor. Mox tries to come in but Taylor stops him and ends up slamming Mox to the steps on the outside. The two are fighting and Taylor tosses himself off the stage onto the crowd below.

Back in the ring, Fenix and Castagnoli are trading punches. Fenix with an armdrag, Trent is in and is able to take out Fenix. Best Friends and Bros are all back in the ring and its a pier 6 brawl, that sees Catagnoli end it with an uppercut to Fenix, followed by a Leg Drop, and a HUGE Clothesline. Castagnoli picks Fenix up for a Suplex, but Fenix with a kick, that allows Trent to tag in for Castagnoli.

Trent is in the match and hits a Tornado DDT for a 2-count on Fenix. Trent continues the momentum with a Suplex. Castagnoli is around the ring and Trent decides to go for a Tope, but Castagnoli catches him. Moxley tags in and is in the ring with Trent. Moxley with some stomps and chops that can be heard around the arena. Castagnoli is back in the ring and Trent is stuck getting a beating. Moxley is in the ring again and starts to kick the chest of Trent. Catagnoli and Moxley continue to keep Trent separated from everyone and continue to beat him down. Moxley with a Spike Piledriver and the cover, but its broken up by Taylor.

Castagnoli seats Trent on the top rope, but Trent fights him off and hits a Dropkick from that height. Taylor get the hot tag and takes out everyone. Taylor with a Spike Piledriver on Penta. After a cover attempt, Penta grabs his arm and snaps it back. Penta with a Pumphandle Slam for the cover but Moxley and Castagnoli break it up. Castagnoli with vicious elbows on Taylor and follows that up with a Powerbomb. Orange Cassidy is out andone punches Wheeler Yuta on the outside. Moxley and Cassidy are fighting. Trent is back in and hits Castagnoli, but he isn’t legal, Penta is! Penta with the Fear Factor for the huge win.

Winners: Lucha Brothers.

Blackpool Combat Club put the puts on Cassidy. Cassidy fights back and hits a Stunner on Castagnoli. All teams are brawling like its pandemonium 2023. Orange Punch to Castagnoli to close the show.