“I wish the cops were here, because ‘Dirty Dom’ just committed grand theft,” commented Vic Joseph at the end of NXT, where The Judgment Day stood tall with the Money in the Bank briefcase, Women’s World Championship, and North American Championship. Finn Balor can’t possibly fumble at SummerSlam.

Before SummerSlam though comes The Great American Bash on July 30 in Cedar Park, and headliners Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov opened tonight’s episode with a promo battle. Afterwards, Mustafa Ali – scheduled for a North American Championship match – doubted Wes Lee’s ability to retain in the main event and was evidently proven correct.

Los Lotharios vs Nathan Frazer and Dragon Lee

Humberto Carillo and Angel Garza return to the ring – returning as well to officially having last names. Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz spectate ringside, not impressed by Garza’s pants rip, and Lee eventually makes a comeback. But Los Lotharios recuperate with a double avalanche press slam and consecutive moonsaults that remind people what they’ve been hiding. Orlando stands after some close near-falls, and Lee gains the clean victory over Garza – who is pushed down by Carillo after defeat.

Winners: Nathan Frazer and Dragon Lee


Last week’s vignette of Baron Corbin meeting a hooded figure with tiki torches meets a less noteworthy conclusion, yet equally silly. The hood comes down, and Corbin comes face-to-face with Corbin in a symbolic showing.

The NXT Anonymous Twitter account posts a video of Booker T mentoring trainee Roxanne Perez about her Blair Davenport situation. “That wasn’t no damn promo!” Booker T reacts to the lack of privacy. 

Gigi Dolin vs Kiana James

With a rivalry about ravaged office rooms and secret party lives, the in-ring is the least interesting component, and the lack of audience reaction shows. Following a scuffle with James’ stuffed purse, she wins the match, but probably not the feud just yet.

Winner: Kiana James


Footage from last week shows Scrypts and Axiom challenging the debuting Bronco Nima and Lucien Price. However, Axiom insists that he and Scrypts aren’t partners – and rightfully so.

Ivy Nile removes the Diamond Mine flag from the Diamond Dojo, which probably signals the end for the NXT faction that kept on chugging. However, speculation is that the Creed Brothers will implode Schism from within before an inevitable call-up.

Eddy Thorpe is interviewed about his NXT Underground victory, but he’s interrupted by Meta-Four and their distraught Noam Dar. Thorpe tears up an autograph of Dar’s, which presumably leads to Oro Mensah stepping up tonight.

Axiom and Scrypts vs Bronco Nima and Lucien Price

Nima and Price debut on NXT television by towering over Axiom and Scrypts, adding to an already intimidating presence with GTA-style graphics and a generic trap theme. Scrypts turns on Axiom early on, extending a feud that never had steam, but the rookie duo wins and impresses regardless. 

Winners: Bronco Nima and Lucien Price


Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo and miscellaneous family members of Tony D’Angelo welcome back “The Don” following his release from prison. They recap their convoluted plan of conning Gallus into an NXT Tag Team Championship match, and the latter duo crashes the party. Joe Coffey pulls out his bat, but every member of the family takes out their crowbars. “Mark Coffey going through the provolone!” is a real commentary line, and D’Angelo stands tall with the gold.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams run into Schism when Ilja Dragunov walks in, and a pull-apart brawl commences. The age-old question arises… can they coexist?

Elektra Lopez vs Thea Hail

Lopez is accompanied by Lola Vice, which is a promising duo for the former Legado del Fantasma member who was left behind. Speaking of promising is the 19-year-old Chase University star pupil Hail, who quickly earns the victory with a Kimura lock.

Winner: Thea Hail


Chase University MVP Duke Hudson starts a “rematch” chant as Hail calls out NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton, who accepts the challenge for The Great American Bash. The champion taps once again to Hail’s Kimura lock, agreeing to a submission match where the challenger would be a deserved victor.

WWE’s biggest criminals in Tony D’Angelo and Dominik Mysterio exchange respect as Rhea Ripley pep talks Lyra Valkyria. “She don’t want Mami’s wrong side,” Mysterio says.

“What’s next for Gable Steveson?” is answered in a vignette for the American olympian who decides his future next week.

Eddy Thorpe vs Oro Mensah

“The brother don’t look well,” comments Booker T about Noam Dar in his wheelchair, and it’s a disappointing look for Meta-Four, the relatively new faction with so much personality. Lash Legend pushes Dar’s limp body Weekend at Bernie’s style into the ring as Dijak attacks Thorpe, and “Main Man” Mensah capitalizes with his awesome spinning kick for victory.

Winner: Oro Mensah


A gymnastics training montage with Dana Brooke and Kehlani Jordan attempts to add fuel to a rivalry against Cora Jade. “Gymnastics, really? And Dana thinks that is what’s gonna help her next week?” Jade aptly comments.

A split-screen between Blair Davenport and Roxanne Perez exposes the latter’s verbal shortcomings yet again. “I don’t believe you,” sums it up perfectly from Davenport, who disdainfully holds her own.

“Dirty” Dominik Mysterio vs Wes Lee (c) – North American Champion

Lee adopts a noticeably slower pace as Orlando shouts a blunt “Dom’s not ready” chant, and picture-in-picture hits after a minute-long headlock. Mysterio comes back with Three Amigos and a 619 for a measly two-count, dropping Lee high on his shoulders to elicit more “you’re not ready” chants. The champion finally displays his signature speed with an outside dive and Spiral Tap, but Finn Balor and Damian Priest provide a distraction. Rhea Ripley hits Lee with the Women’s World Championship, and Orlando explodes for the three-count crowning Mysterio the new North American Champion.

Winner: “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio


NXT 7/18/23

Orlando, FL

The argument over wrestling shows without wrestling is exemplified with NXT, which features more cinematography and goofy storylines than actual wrestling. “Dirty Dom” winning the North American Championship salvaged the show despite a ruthlessly ignorant crowd reaction.