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Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (c) vs. Pretty Deadly – Undisputed Tag Team Championship match

Pretty Deadly coming out wearing red and blue bralettes was a deliberate choice to antagonize KO and Zayn because they look identical to the Undisputed Championship belts. Ha! Anything to get under Owens’ skin.

Zayn and Wilson start this match off as Kit has Sami in a waist lock attempting to take him down. I’m not sure what was going on with Owens’ face, but he looked so disgusted as he encouraged Zayn to push through. I guess he really doesn’t like Pretty Deadly. Ha!

Wilson was forced to back up once Sami was touching the rope. While the referee was distracted, Elton Prince delivers a cheap shot from behind allowing Wilson to continue his work.

Elton gets tagged in and tries to prevent Sami from making a tag to Owens. Luckily, Zayn flips Prince onto his backside to create space and bring his partner in. Owens explodes out of the gate taking out everyone.

After that ruthless cannonball by Kevin, he started to favor his left ankle. I’m guessing that there was a nasty collision with the turnbuckle that I couldn’t see very well.

That’s what happens when Owens has too much fun. Ha!

Owens was going for the Stunner, Prince deflects and Kevin’s ankle weights him down to the mat. Clearly it’s worst than we thought. Sami was concerned for his friend, but that caused Wilson to be advantageous and dispose of Zayn while he wasn’t looking.

Now aware of the minor injury, Pretty Deadly concentrate all their forces on Owens’ wounded leg. The worst thing you could do is allow your enemy to visibly see your weaknesses or inconveniences.

Pretty Deadly almost wins the Championships with Spilt Milk, but thank the Lord, Zayn was able to save the match. They even play another bait and switch as Barrett likes to call it in order to win, Sami was able to kick out of a sudden roll up.

Zayn performs an Exploder suplex to Wilson as he lines himself up for the Helluva Kick. Prince attempts to intervene, Owens delivers a Stunner to clap him out, which allows Zayn to initiate his move for a retaining victory.

Winners: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Earlier tonight, Adam Pearce was being interviewed backstage over his excitement over being in London for SmackDown and Money in the Bank tomorrow. Unfortunately, the chat was cut short due to The Brawling Brutes’ abrupt appearance.

Ridge Holland is fuming with rage after that intense Samoan Spike Solo Sikoa delivered last week that left him wheezing for air. He wants payback tonight. As a reversal, Pearce says that Holland has a match against Austin Theory resulting in potential Championship opportunities.

Austin Theory vs. Ridge Holland –  Championship Contender’s match

Theory attempts to place Holland in a headlock, yet his opponent carries him to the other side of the ring and slams him against the turnbuckles.

Holland impresses me with a beautiful vertical suplex after avoiding an incoming shoulder attack from Theory.

Austin was gaining a slight upper hand as he places Holland into another headlock, amazingly, Ridge powers through and ploughs down the champ with multiple takedowns.

Given the assault Holland suffered at the hands of Sikoa, Theory is smart enough to utilize that angle by targeting Ridge’s throat with a rolling drop kick for a win.

Following his loss, Sheamus comes out to console Holland since Theory felt like inflicting further pain.

Winner: Austin Theory

Well, Scarlett and Kross are back with another ominous message for AJ Styles. Karrion beat this man in only three moves like on a chessboard. 1, 2, 3. “It was phenomenal.” He says. Tick tock…

Shotzi vs. Bayley – Money in the Bank Replacement match 

If Shotzi wins against Bayley, she will take her place in tomorrow’s weekend event Money in the Bank.

Bayley punches Shotzi as she backs up into the ropes, Shotzi retaliates with a Bulldog followed by a running knee.

Bayley rolls out of the ring to gather herself with Iyo Sky’s help. Shotzi sees an opening and suicide dives in, yet she hits Iyo because Bayley quickly ducked.

After a belly-to-belly takedown from Bayley, there were frequent covers initiated by both wrestlers as Zelina Vega looks on from backstage.

Shotzi kept blocking all attempts Bayley was trying to convey and delivers a surprise DDT.

Shotzi had Bayley beat, that’s for sure, but Iyo rapidly placed her friend’s leg on the bottom rope to force a premature end to the three count. That angered Shotzi to start pulling at Sky’s hair.

If only Shotzi kept her eyes on Bayley. She targeted Shotzi’s eyes, delivered a Rose Plant and remained in the women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match.

……… Of course. It got even worst when Shotzi caught Sky and Bayley backstage yelling that she isn’t done with Damage Control. For a moment, she had the momentum, but that quickly deescalates once Bayley and Iyo teamed up to suplex Shotzi onto a table then proceeds to hold her down as Bayley used scissors to cut Shotzi’s hair.

Winner: Bayley

This segment… is going to be one of the worst I’ll ever see because Logan Paul is Grayson Waller’s guest star. Why?…. Life was soo great without seeing Logan’s face. Why did they have to continue to ruin my eye sockets with this man on my scene?

What did I do to deserve such a cruel punishment?

I kid you not when I tell you that I didn’t expect you Londoners to agree with me when I heard you booing Logan. Ha! Ha! At least that’s one good thing I can get out of this toxic exchange.

Paul gets self-involved when he questions why the audience is booing him since we’ve seen him compete against some of the greatest in the wrestling game, but that’s exactly what he doesn’t understand. Paul could fight against the Big Show if he wanted to, and I still wouldn’t give a damn about him. My unfiltered hatred of this guy won’t change because he says it should due to who he’s fought. That’s not how it works…

I didn’t care who it was just as long as someone interrupts this irritating man from talking, and lucky for me, it was LA Knight. He mainly shows up because Paul mentioned that he would smack him in the face if he won that briefcase.

Just like my initial thoughts on Logan, Knight also sees that every opportunity Logan has been given is exactly that. It was GIVEN, not earned. Since he’s a so-called mega star on social media as if that means much, Paul is given the big bright spots when he didn’t put in the work other wrestlers have for years.

He could say as much as he pleases that he goes to gym to work out, or training sessions on the weekends, but the mediocre and quite frankly uninspiring attempt he’s making to sit next to the greatest is… futile. That kind of huff and puff air will deflate soon.

While Paul and Knight were bickering then Santos Escobar makes an entrance, I forgot we were on The Grayson Waller Effect. Ha! And as if things couldn’t get any more exciting because Logan isn’t talking, Butch runs out and jumps him. This leads into a Triple Threat match I didn’t see coming.

Butch vs. Santos Escobar vs. LA Knight – Triple Threat match

Butch and Escobar are inside the ring battling it out while Knight was surveying the scene. Once Knight comes back, he takes both men down.

Butch focuses his attacks on Knight with a Step-Up Enzugiri then a quick stomp on his opponent’s left hand. Knight retaliates by hosting Butch high up then planting him on the back of his neck for a near fall.

Escobar delivers double knees to Knight and Butch, who are slugs in the corner. Santos whips Butch so hard that I actually thought he was out, maybe so, but Knight saves the match.

While Knight was arguing with Logan, who’s seated near the announce table, he dodges a dive from Santos as he collides with Paul instead. Ha! The effect was accurate regardless.

Escobar leaps from the top and gets caught with a right hand from Butch, who follows that up with a winning Bitter End.

Winner: Butch

Kross issued a challenge to Styles earlier, so naturally, AJ accepts. But if Scarlett can’t stay out of their business, The O.C. has someone who will take care of her. My girl, Michin.

Asuka (c) vs. Charlotte Flair – Women’s Championship match

Oh, by the way, although Pearce barred Bianca Belair from ringside, that didn’t stop her from buying a ticket to view the show. Ha! The shade of it all.

Inside the ring, Asuka and Flair are throwing hands. Swift attempts at catching the other with spinning backhands or swinging kicks. Both women each delivers one suplex to the other.

Asuka was looking for the Asuka Lock, but she still manages to pin Charlotte’s shoulders down for a near fall. Flair returns with a big boot to the face. Since Asuka wasn’t fully inside the the ring, the two or three cover attempts weren’t valid. And by the time it was, too much time has passed to pin the champ.

Flair misses with a big boot, so Asuka drags her down with a Backstabber. Charlotte regroups with a Moonsault then heavy chops in front of Belair. Flair went for a kick, but she got Bianca instead. “And that’s why you don’t sit in the front row, Bianca Belair. Exactly what she deserved.” said Barrett. Ha!… What?

Clearly, it was too much, so Belair leaps from her seat and proceeds to attack Asuka, which resulted in the abrupt conclusion of this match. Of course, Flair wasn’t happy, so she had some words with Bianca. This may be Charlotte’s match, but this isn’t about her, it’s about Asuka.

Although Bianca warned Charlotte to get her hand out of her face, she didn’t comply, so Belair punched her. Flair decides to return fire, however, she also crashes into the steel stairs.

Belair refocuses her efforts on Asuka with a KOD on the commentary table. I don’t know where the officials were because Belair does the same to Flair. She will not take no for an answer, and why should she? This is her house.

Winner: No one

Ahhhhhh! The moment of the night I’ve been waiting for. The final destruction of The Bloodline is about to happen. But before we get to that, next week Kross and Styles do battle. Sheamus has a US Championship match against Austin Theory. Hall of Famer Edge is going to be on The Grayson Waller Effect as well.

I think Reigns uses the word “care” too lightly. He says that he’s the only one who loves the Usos, the only one who gave them opportunities, the only one who allowed them to enter the Promise Land. And he still thinks he doesn’t sound arrogant?

But given how he continues to speak like he’s a literal God or immune to responsibility, that shows he still doesn’t get it. Nor does he hear himself the way everyone else does. The fans do, however, as they chant: “Roman sucks!”

The fact that Reigns says that the only way for them to move on, since he foolishly thinks he’s doing the twins any favors, is for them to come out, bow down and acknowledge Roman.

…….. If you could see my face.

If a person is complicate, probably responsible for the nonsense and clear unbalance within the group/family and doesn’t apologize no matter how many times you sell your soul away explain it to them because only someone who truly cares would tell the truth, I don’t know how else you could save them. Or help them understand, see clarity. Especially if they think that their crap is fine to do without consequence.

When the Usos arrive, they make it clear that they have no interest in returning to The Bloodline. Even more so, that they don’t care to be the Tribal Chief, but they vote for Sikoa to take the mantle. Somehow, Reigns finds this hilarious. The way he was laughing, and I can’t hear him. Ha!

I’m not sure what Solo was planning, if anything, when he relaxed his arms and glared at Roman. That remains to be seen. Reigns quickly deflects that by telling the twins to shut up.

For a moment, just a moment, Roman was scared. Again. Ha! He goes face-to-face with Jey. Reigns shares words such as “You’re nothing without me!” like a narcissist would, Jey shoves him off, which allows Jimmy to Super Kick him and enter into a brawl that involves a truckload of security and officials to conclude the night. How quaint.

Ha! Hope y’all have fun at Money in the Bank.


TOP PHOTO: The Usos, Sikoa & Reigns. Courtesy of WWE