TORONTO – Following the events of last night’s AEW Forbidden Door PPV, some unfortunate news was revealed to the media by the winner of the show’s main event clash, Bryan Danielson.

During the post-show media scrum, Danielson mentioned: “We think I fractured my right forearm, with about 10 minutes left to go… but talking to our doctors, I love talking to our medical staff and trainers, they think it’s gonna be 6-8 weeks for this specific injury.”

Bryan Danielson at the AEW Forbidden Door post-show media scrum, visibly sporting an arm brace on his injured right forearm. Photo courtesy Steve Argintaru.

Danielson went on to add on the topic of injuries: “The stuff after Revolution, after the Ironman match with Max, I had a torn labrum, some compressed vertebrae… it’s normal wrestler stuff. You know, I’m fine, but we thought from just a precautionary measure. That’s one of the things that I love, I mean I love our medical staff… we have an incredible training staff and I try to follow their direction.”

A sort of follow-up question came about asking Danielson if the final 10 minutes of his main event Okada showdown was changed due to the injury, to which Danielson responded jokingly: “So you are asking me to tell you my secrets. And I… am a magician.  And if I tell you my secrets… but yes it did change things (laughs).”

Finding out when exactly the injury took place, Danielson explained: “So, the unlikeliest of things… him just giving me an elbow drop. I didn’t have my arm in a safe space… freak accidents like that happen in wrestling all the time, when we say it’s not the Tiger Driver 98’s… although sometimes it is (laughs), but it’s usually not those, it’s usually something that somebody has done 10 million times and never hurt anybody with it… and then all of a sudden, a freak accident happens.”



Watch the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door Post-Show Media Scrum here: