Wrestling fans have another way to fill their wrestling fix…for free.

Wremix (wremix.tv) is described as “a new video platform dedicated to creating live and on-demand experiences that cater to fans, WREMIX (pronounced REE-mix) is the world’s first all-wrestling Free-Ad Supported TV (FAST) platform. With top-tier action from around the pro wrestling landscape, WREMIX takes the catchphrase “Where We Watch Wrestling” to a new level by offering an unparalleled experience for wrestling enthusiasts without needing paid subscriptions.”

Currently the service has launched with DEFY, ULTRA and ENJOY wrestling content including the world premiere of “DEFY Your Nightmare” where DEFY World Champion Nick Wayne battled New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Kenta.

Next week, El Hijo Del Vikingo battles Komander during the premiere of DEFY Heathens on June 29 at 8 PM ET.