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The Mane Event vs. The FBI vs. Lance Anoa’i & Juicy Finau (c) – Triple Threat Tag Team Championship match

Both The Mane Event and The FBI each attack and isolate the champs by providing a little 2-on-1 action. Once The FBI were able to bruise Lance, they went to inflict some pain to Finau along with The Mane Event. Regrettably for them, Juicy flung them off like flies.

The FBI and The Mane Event do momentarily work together to get the champions out of the ring, so they can focus on each other. Rey Jazz delivers a beautiful German suplex to Midas Black while Jay Lyon plummets Little Guido as well.

Finau rams Guido into the railing just as Jazz wraps himself around Juicy from behind. Jay Lyon even flies and lands a massive suicide dive against Juicy on the outside.

The champs are dominating as they squish The Mane Event in the center of the ring like peanut butter and jam. I hate that combination.

After disposing of The Mane Event, The FBI make their way back into the main stage. Lance may have been flipped over, but Finau manages to stand his ground as he ploughs Guido on his ass for a cover that fails, but not completely.

Jazz was looking to delivers an elbow drop to prevent the SST from retaining, yet Juicy moves in time, and Guido is on the receiving end. Ha!

Anoa’i moves in quickly to save Juicy from Midas Black after that body splash delivered out of nowhere. Horribly, Jazz manages to flip both Lyon and Lance, while Jay was trying to flip Anoa’i.

Everyone was down at some point, which allowed Guido to attempt multiple covers. Even the accidental one on Jazz. That little mistake cost them immensely once Juicy was back on his feet and bulldozed The FBI.

It got worst when Guido fell on top of Jazz’ dick after that Juicy collision. Ha! Ha! Ha! “So much for Rey Jazz’ family legacy.”

Lyon takes that opportunity to attack Juicy, yet he had him scouted with a Samoan Drop followed by Lance’s retaining body splash from the top. Whoo!

Winners: Lance Anoa’i & Juicy Finau

The Calling leave a message for Jacob Fatu. His attempts at pursuing them is futile. Because they each trust in Raven, their talents have increased dramatically, and it shows in the past couple of weeks.

I’m still not entirely sure who’s the newest member aside from my previous guess, Brittany Blake, so I’ll have to wait for a clear enough confirmation.

Footage of Taya Valkyrie’s outburst of last week was shown to us. She was mega upset as she yells at the cameraman about how unfair it was that she lost to a “nobody”, that she needs time to reconstruct and have the camera get out of her personal space.

Maybe now this will give her the time she needs to rearrange herself as a whole. And speaking of reinventing oneself, Hennigan and Adonis have to pay a 2,500$ fine on their first offense for attacking Mance Warner last Thursday.

Warner says that he was almost at Death’s door because of how severely he was being choked out by Adonis. He was spitting up blood, seeing the white light taking him closer to the heavens. As punishment, Warner wants to be involved in a Leather Strap match against Adonis, so he could remove the bare flesh from his bones.

One of the most barbaric matches to exist. Knowing Warner, this is going to be one of those fights that will give you nightmares.

MicroMan vs. Beastman

The moment Beastman finally lays his eyes on MicroMan, he looms over him as if he’s looking at his chicken dinner. Ha! The bone he was carrying was alluded to be his last opponent. Oof.

And I kid you not when I tell you that Beastman was seen biting MicroMan’s sides. That was actually scary. Damn.

Kimchee, who accompanied Beastman, directs him to jump from the top. That would have ended MicroMan in an instance. Luckily, MicroMan dodged a HUGE bullet.

He uses a form of stick Kimchee slid in the ring to cut Beastman down to size before delivering a DDT for the win.

Winner: MicroMan

The 2023 Opera Cup tournament is coming soon. Its first contestant is the 2019 winner, Davey Boy Smith Jr. We are also glad to say that Alex Kane has been officially banned from participating in the tournament. Ha!

Kane is pissed that he’s been banned. He still believes that it’s a conspiracy on someone’s part to keep him from reaching the top like he desperately intends to. Kane didn’t steal the Opera Cup, he rebranded it according to him. Delusional nonsense.

The Big Apple Grapple ll will be taking place next Thursday.

At Never Say Never, the newly crowded World Featherweight Champion Delmi Exo will defend her title against Germany WXW Women’s Champion Ava Everett in a Title vs. Title match.

More matches will be revealed as we get closer to the main event.

John Hennigan (c) vs. Jacob Fatu – National Openweight Championship match

Jacob meets with Hennigan’s hands as they grapple each other, yet Hennigan had Fatu scouted as he twists his challenger’s arm around to his back. It was affective for a bit till Fatu delivers a massive shoulder tackle to the Champion, sending him backwards.

Valkyrie decides to strut into the ring to distract Fatu while Hennigan appears from behind and takes out Fatu’s left leg. Hennigan continues on the attack with kicks and blows to his challenger’s head before suffering a head slam against the apron courtesy of Fatu.

Jacob uses a water bottle as a weapon as he splashes the liquid on Hennigan’s face.

Hennigan does get things back in his control once they reentered the ring. He sends multiple harsh kicks to Fatu’s jaw, rocking him to one knee.

Fatu slaps Hennigan, and the champ sends a Step-Up Enziguri in return. The challenger makes a comeback with an impressive suicide dive.

Fatu scores several near falls from Hennigan, none of which have pinned the champ long enough for him to win. I thought the handspring Moonsault would be sufficient, alas, I was dreaming.

These three were so cheap that it hurt to watch. Adonis had Jacob’s attention as they shouted words to each other while Hennigan was grabbing a chair. The referee manages to remove it from the equation, then Fatu Super Kicks John.

He scales to the top for a Moonsault, but Valkyrie slams him in the face with the National Openweight Championship, so Hennigan could roll him up for a failed cover.

And the madness doesn’t stop there. Delmi Exo charges after Valkyrie by the ring while Warner seeks Adonis out near commentary. Yay! Chaos. The Calling and the SST Tag Team Champions also break out into a brawl backstage.

Fatu was so close to winning that title, but Taya removed the official during the three count. Exo sees that and chases after her. Luckily, Valkyrie gets caught by none other than Juicy Finau.

Both Fatu and Hennigan are down after those knockouts as they struggle to stand.

Fatu bravely kicks out of the Starship maneuver from Hennigan, performs the Aller Uce then finishes with a doublespring Moonsault for a victory.

You know, strangely I thought that once Valkyrie loses her Championship, so will Hennigan. As if this is a two-for-one deal. Ha! I’m proud of you, SST.

Winner: Jacob Fatu


TOP PHOTO: Fatu celebrating his win. Courtesy of MLW