Monday Night Raw’s Seth Rollins continues to validate the rhetoric of being a workhorse champion, returning to NXT to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against future superstar Bron Breakker. The match main-events night one of NXT Gold Rush, continuing next week with the slightly less stellar present-future showdown between Carmelo Hayes and Baron Corbin.

Tyler Bate vs Wes Lee (c) – North American Championship

Free agent Mustafa Ali acts as special guest referee in tonight’s opener, beginning immediately with in-ring introductions. He slow-counts for both to turn the friendly contest feisty, where the competitors’ athleticism are on display. Lee is knocked outside until Ali slaps him up, connects with the Kardiac Kick and retains the title in a match where the referee’s story was central throughout.

Winner: Wes Lee


A vignette for Gigi Dolin broadens her backstory with a connection to art and self-expression as a release from her past. Kiana James responds dismissively saying that she instead “grew up.”

Substitute professor Duke Hudson celebrates Chase University’s “star pupil” Thea Hail in a pep rally with “U” signs on every fan. With egregiously peppy enthusiasm, Hail thanks Hudson, Charlie Dempsey, Drew Gulak and the absent Chase before NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton interrupts. “You will not tap me out,” she says before tapping out to a surprise Kimura Lock from the challenger.

Footage from last week shows The Dyad’s friction with a struggling Joe Gacy, but Ava Raine keeps them rooted as “one tree.” Diamond Mine reflects and vows to send them packing before teasing each other’s large foreheads and cauliflower ears.

The NXT Anonymous Twitter account caught Lyra Valkyria stepping up to Jacy Jayne after the latter’s insults last week.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen vs Hank Walker and Tank Ledger vs Malik Blade and Edris Enofe

With the number-one contendership up for grabs, the more experienced Briggs and Jensen dominate as NXT Tag Team Champions Gallus watch the monitors. Action breaks loose while Hank ‘n’ Tank break out with outside splashes, and the intense meat slapping is continuous. Briggs especially looks monstrous, but Blade and Enofe capitalize on his destruction with consecutive splashes for the opportunistic victory. After a nonstop demolition derby, the entire hard-cam opposite side of the building is left standing.

Winners: Malik Blade and Edris Enofe


Humberto and Angel are left hanging by Gallus, and meanwhile, Damon Kemp interrupts Eddy Thorpe’s DJ session. “I’m bringing RAW Underground to NXT,” Kemp reveals as his stipulation – a no ropes, knockout or submission only match. Cameras cut to Roxanne Perez taking out Blair Davenport to finally get some revenge.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is met by Heritage Cup Champion Nathan Frazer, his former trainee, and the mentor is proud of who he’s become. In comes NXT Champion Wes Lee and Trick Williams to pay respects and exchange good luck in their respective defenses.

Cora Jade vs Dana Brooke

Commentary argues over Jade slapping Brooke, who is put over as one of WWE’s hardest workers. Her knee gets caught in the ropes and collapses under her, leading into picture-in-picture where medical personnel bring out a stretcher. Jade comically taunts her fallen opponent, and Brooke fights out despite the supposed injury with no sympathy from Orlando. The referee stops the match amidst Jade’s single-leg Boston, and loser Brooke goes back onto the stretcher. 

Winner: Cora Jade


Cinema-style footage captures Von Wagner finally revealing his medical condition to Mr. Stone: trigonocephaly, requiring a 14-hour surgery and an ear-to-ear scar. Wagner recalls constant childhood bullying but leaves it there with his associate.

Gable Steveson makes his NXT debut offering to help Eddy Thorpe in training against Damon Kemp, his own brother. “Trying to wrap my head around that one,” says commentary.

NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes comes face-to-face with challenger Baron Corbin, but the former flames him with ease. Corbin tries flexing his bank account and his 1.8-million-dollar home, but Hayes built his own house of NXT white-and-gold. “I had to put a new roof up cause I tore that b- off so many times… you bring up money, you bring up accolades… but I’m still him.”

Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz are reunited and approached by Dragon Lee with support. Nathan Frazer sends a “gracias” and grants Lee the first shot at his Heritage Cup Championship.

Joe Coffey is informed that the Gallus bar is infested with “rats,” and Channing Lorenzo kidnaps him for putting Tony D’Angelo behind bars.

Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson vs Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz

Noam Dar has shown no resentment towards The Meta-Four for costing him his Heritage Cup Championship, so maybe the crutches weren’t a facade after all. Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice appear ringside for a “shucky ducky quack quack” from Booker T. Feroz takes put Oro Mensah with an outside dive, but Legend takes advantage for the pinfall victory. 

Winners: Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson


Bron Breakker vs Seth Rollins (c) – World Heavyweight Championship

“Welcome home” chants follow the monotonous song of Rollins, which continues after the first bell. The champion’s ribs are taped following Finn Balor’s attack on Monday Night Raw, but he takes control regardless preceding a very quick picture-in-picture. Breakker works Rollins down with power moves, but the latter makes a comeback with three consecutive outside dives. He superkicks Breakker onto the announce table and frog splashes him from the top turnbuckle right into the second break. The ribs are damaged again with a missed splash, and Breakker connects with the Steiner Recliner, Frankensteiner and finishing slam for a two count. Rollins comes back with a Pedigree, and Breakker delivers a spear, but the champion reverses with a superkick and two Curb Stomps for victory.

Winner: Seth Rollins 


The lower third appears, but from the crowd, Finn Balor blindsides the champion and takes out security. He attempts the Coup de Grace, but Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes make the save. 


NXT 6/20/23

Orlando, FL

Rollins versus Breakker was an expectedly solid main event, and the triple-threat tag team match was a sleeper pick for sure. Other than those highlights, the majority of tonight’s episode was buildup to next week’s show and onward.