Why must someone have to fall in line in order for the group to have some misguided sense of harmony? Since when does that kind of ass-tight organization mean that you’re doing good by whomever you stand with?

If having a mind of your own, your own perspectives, ideas, means that you’re somehow disrespecting everyone else, then Jey is doing a great job.

Reigns, Sikoa and Heyman have arrived at the stadium. Kayla Braxton wanted to know from Reigns where does Jey Uso stand, but the brute walked away leaving Heyman to simply sigh in the microphone…

Undisputed Tag Team Championship No* 1 Contenders’ Gauntlet match

The teams involved in this match are The Street Profits, Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro of LWO, The O.C., Sheamus and Ridge Holland, Pretty Deadly and Hit Row.

Sheamus and Montez Ford start this fight off as the Irish warrior swings Ford into a headlock right out of the gate. Followed by a shoulder tackle. Montez builds momentum with a drop kick.

Ford attempts to cause pain with a chop to Sheamus’ chest, but to no avail since the Brute retaliates with an Irish Curse Back Breaker before tagging Holland in.

Ford manages to create some distance with a Step-Up Enzugiri and tags Dawkins. He was doing fine for the most part with his spinning corkscrew elbow hits, yet all that washed away once Holland made a tag Dawkins wasn’t aware of and meets with a Bro Kick by Sheamus that awards them the win in the first round. Oof.

Now that The Street Profits have been eliminated, Sheamus and Holland have to face Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows of The O.C.

Anderson and Gallows play a double team on Sheamus, but it wasn’t enough to get them out. And thank God for that.

Karl had Sheamus in his weak spots, pounding him with numerous blows to the head that almost knocked Sheamus out.

Sheamus does muster enough power to slam Gallows on his backside, so it would give him the time he needs to tag Holland. Unfortunately, Sheamus was too warn out by the onslaught that he couldn’t reach Ridge in time as Anderson rushes in, kicks him in the ribs then delivers a cheap shot to Holland.

But… since Karl got too overzealous and distracted, he receives a Bro Kick by Sheamus resulting in The O.C. getting eliminated. Nice.

Wilde and Del Toro were next, and they didn’t waste time crashing into the Brutes from the get-go.

The Brutes do pick up the pace as Sheamus tags Holland without the LWO’s knowledge then Bro Kicks Del Toro. Wilde tries to get involved, but Ridge quickly disposes of him with a belly-to-belly throw.

Holland surprises us with a new move he’s been working on in order to claim victory over the LWO.

The moment LWO exits, Hit Row enters. Holland sends Ashante onto the outside while Sheamus deliver an electrifying Bro Kick to Top Dolla. Holland covers him and Hit Row is eliminated. “Thanks for coming, Flop Dolla!” said Michael Cole

Pretty Deadly is the last team left. They were frightened, and rightfully so.

Kit Wilson performs a beautiful neck breaker to Ridge before entering into a failed cover. As the fight rages on, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are backstage looking on.

Elton Prince harshly whips Holland into the corner. Mega ouch. Prince places Ridge in a sweat worth headlock that almost defeats the big man as he attempts to power through regardless. The efforts are sullied with a fast hit in the back of Holland’s knee.

Pretty Deadly venture to perform a double team against Holland, but their opponent muscles through and throws them both on the spines.

Sheamus rushes in and delivers double Irish Curse Back Breakers to Pretty Deadly. Sheamus almost had Wilson beat with an Alabama Slam, but Prince saves the match up. Because of that, Holland drives Prince into the ropes as he falls onto the main floor.

30 Beats of the Bodhran to Pretty Deadly was intense. A little 2-for-1 action we got.

What irked me was that the Brutes had their opponents drained for a moment, but Sheamus thought he was performing a winning Celtic Cross, instead Prince made a tag to Wilson and stole the victory with a leg drop.

…… I’m mad. All that effort… gone. I think Owens and Zayn recognize that as well when Sami displays how shocked he is that Pretty Deadly won. But the celebrations should be over, so why are they still here?

Running nonsensical words such as beating all five teams. False information.

They kept insulting the Undisputed Champions, yet they seem unphased by their attacks. Owens and Zayn were simply standing there disturbed rather intimidated.

Their face expressions were hilarious every time the camera filmed them. Ha! Ha! Owens was so excited to punch Pretty Deadly’s faces that he ran to the ring so fast like I usually would when I see a candy store. Ha!

Wilson and Prince escaped though.

Winners: Pretty Deadly

Backstage, Roman says that when he’s the Tribal Chief, he’s the one who should be approached, not the other way around. Here I ask myself how is Jey suppose to do that. Reigns isn’t approachable these past several months.

He orders Heyman to go speak to Jey once he finds him. The so called special council seems a bit nervous since last week. Ooh. Seeing him squirm is an entertainment of mine.

Iyo Sky vs. Zelina Vega

Interesting start as Sky shoves Vega off, which prompts Zelina to jump her while delivering multiple punches to the head.

The majority of this match, Iyo has the upper hand against Zelina, who’s still trying to get her foot in. She kept aiming her attacks on Vega’s right arm.

A quick roll up may have failed, but Zelina catches Iyo in the face with a big boot. Bayley had the referee distracted while Zelina tried to put Iyo down. A reversal occurs where Sky has Vega’s shoulders down. The official took too long to start the count that allowed Zelina to get out of it.

This prompts Iyo to start yelling at Bayley in Japanese wondering what she’s doing. Vega takes the opening to deliver the 619 to Sky, stacking her up for a win.

Winner: Zelina Vega 

Bianca Belair is getting impatient that her rematch will Asuka hasn’t happened yet because of Adam Pearce’s slow ass. He’s telling her to be patient since he can’t answer her tonight, yet Belair decides to deal with it in her own way.

Elsewhere, Shotzi is also pissed about not participating in the Money in the Bank Ladder match because of Bayley. Although, Bayley doesn’t give a damn, Shotzi challenges her for her spot in the match if she dares. Wow. I’ve never seen this, so I’m for it.

I was so happy to hear Sky accept the match for Bayley. A little payback never hurts. Ha! “I was just trying to help.” is what Iyo says in return given that’s exactly what Bayley said when she tried to assist Sky during her fight earlier.

The way Iyo grinned towards Bayley makes me believe that she wanted to push her off a cliff for a while now.

Anyway, onto the Grayson Waller Effect if we must as we welcome 14-time Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. Waller recognizes that Flair challenged Asuka for the Championship in two weeks last Friday.

Flair dethroned Asuka at WrestleMania, ending her streak. However, this Asuka isn’t the same as the one from the past. She’s faster, stronger, determined, focused, higher skilled, precise and sharp.

Flair almost seemed over-confident, but that’s suddenly interrupted by Bianca Belair. Flair got an opportunity the moment she arrived while Belair is still waiting for her answer. Why? Because the line starts and ends with Charlotte. Oof. Arrogant, aren’t we?

Charlotte may have won the Championship 14-times, but Bianca didn’t have to do that as many times as her co-worker since she became the longest Women’s Champion of this modern era. “Put some respect on my name!”

I can see this turn into a Triple Threat match for the Women’s Championship between Asuka, Belair and Flair at Money in the Bank. I love how this is Waller’s show, and he’s just sitting there watching these ladies engage in their beef. Ha! Ha!

Rather than the Triple Threat match I predicted, Belair carves it in stone that she will be waiting at ringside on the day Asuka and Flair battle for the Championship. Whoever wins, Bianca will step in the ring and call her shot. She’s done being patient.

If there’s one thing I don’t understand the most today is how much Heyman is trying to create separation between the twins. He wants Jey to believe that Jimmy meant to kick him in the face last week. But if Jey Jey knows his brother better than anyone, which I suspect he does, he’ll know that Jimmy isn’t one to stab his twin. Heyman is the embodiment of poison and deceit. Don’t listen to him. If Jey returns to The Bloodline, Heyman’s fate hasn’t changed.

Michin & AJ Styles vs. Scarlett & Karrion Kross – Mixed Tag Team match

Given last Friday’s orange mist, Kross and Styles start this fight off. AJ slams Karrion down with a running forearm before tagging Michin in, which forces Scarlett to enter as well.

Michin delivers an impressive tornado DDT to Kross prior to going after Scarlett, who thought that sneaking up on her opponent was a grand idea.

Scarlett surprises Michin with a nice takedown, but Michin gets right back on the attack with a kick to the face and German suplex.

Michin and AJ play a double team against Karrion. Styles looks to end this quickly with a Clash, but Scarlett yanks his hair. Just like a siren, he holds Styles’ attention on her while Karrion gathers his bearings.

Styles tells Scarlett he’s married. Michin drags Scarlett out of the ring as they each deliver double face plants to the other while Kross has Styles in the Krossjacket.

Karrion turns around with a Kross Hammer then a face plant for the win. Damn it. You ask for too much, and you won’t get it. Ha!

Winners: Scarlett & Karrion Kross

Heyman is back in The Bloodline locker room after speaking with Jey. He looks distraught. Ha! Him shaking his head towards Roman, and he understood, meant that Solo was about to jump him. However, Reigns stops him.

Cameron Grimes has made such an impact in the little time he’s been on SmackDown, but Baron Corbin doesn’t care. No. He grabs Grimes and continues to beat him for what I suspect is for one of the fastest loses in history. Corbin has been making headway on NXT as he becomes the No* 1 contender for the NXT Championship against Carmelo Hayes this coming week on Gold Rush.

On other news, Rey Mysterio’s accomplishment in creating LWO has been one of his proudest moments. He’s also just as happy that Santos Escobar will compete in the upcoming match and possibly become Mr. Money in the Bank.

Escobar loves Mysterio so much that he says he’s fighting for Rey, his family and everyone with a dream. It was sweet of him to say, but LA Knight felt like intercepting this heartwarming display of kindness to remind that he’ll be reigning victorious at the end of the night by jumping Rey then pursuing Santos.

Santos Escobar vs. LA Knight

The fight has already started given the spill of earlier. Knight has Santos in a headlock in the middle of the ring preventing him from moving.

Escobar ducks incoming chops from Knight then delivers great crossbodies than a back breaker. Santos was looking for a body slam after successfully delivering double knees to Knight’s jaw only to be flipped around and planted on his backside instead.

Escobar was on Knight’s shoulders, which Cole thought he might be in trouble with that sudden roll up Knight pulls on Santos. Luckily, he switches it around rolling Knight up and snatching the victory.

“Mega sore loser.” is what Cole called Knight since not too much later, he attacks Escobar from behind. Rey rushes over to make sure that Knight hasn’t caused long term damage.

Winner: Santos Escobar

Hope you’re ready for some incoming specials such the Women’s Tag Team Championship Unification match between Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler versus Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre. Cameron Grimes goes against Baron Corbin after that little tiff. Also, if Shotzi wins, she’ll replace Bayley in the Money in the Bank Ladder match. Thank you, Iyo.

As we return to more pressing matters, Jey asks Roman if he’ll choose him or Heyman. I was wondering to myself if Jey Jey will base his decision off of whether or not Reigns chooses him. That’s slightly… stupid.

Reigns kind of reconstructs his answer, so it doesn’t sound like he’s officially choosing Heyman over Jey. He says that Hyeman is his wise man, not The Bloodline’s. The twins were meant to keep this faction at the top of the mountain whereas Roman managed to get them there to begin with.

The grooming started three years ago, which shocked the fans. The problem, as Roman so bluntly pointed out, is Jimmy. But if we’re being honest since I have been mentioning this for months now, the issue is Reigns. He still won’t put his ego aside and apologize. Sincerely.

Of course, Jimmy shows up to my behest because he’s the scapegoat. He sees that Roman is the problem. “He’s [Jimmy] an anchor, I’m the wings. I lift you up, he drags you down.” says Reigns while Heyman giggles in the background probably thinking we don’t notice. Ha!

When Roman named Jey the right-hand man, apparently, Jimmy was the only one who had a problem with it. While Jey was questioning Jimmy, Roman was laughing in the background as well. He truly believes this to be funny. That’s what a prick does, my friends.

Jimmy was bothered by his brother becoming the right-hand man, creating doubts, which is something Jey expected from Roman. Ha! I can’t say I didn’t laugh at that.

Jey main evented so many SmackDown, paper-views and WrestleMania while Jimmy was hurt, carrying his ass for a bit, giving him the title of Main Event Jey Uso… all because of Reignsssss. I feel disgusted.

“You’re out! And I’m out, too!” is what Jey said before delivering a dumbfounded and long-awaited Super Kick to Roman. Sikoa was so lost that he tried to punish his brothers only to receive a double Super Kick.

Jey Jey was jumping around like a kid on acid. Ha! Ha! Ha! I’m so proud of my boys. If anything, Jey made it so big because of his own talents, Reigns only provided the foundation to stand on.

Roman was so pissy that he yelled that twins need him, but I think he’s the one who needs them. They Super Kick him a second time before strutting off.


TOP PHOTO: The Usos making a powerful exit. Courtesy of WWE