Genesis Rivera, who wrestled as Chica Del Alto Voltaje — High Voltage Girl — has died after a long, public battle with cancer.

Anastasia Morningstar, a frequent opponent of Rivera’s in Puerto Rico, posted the news: “I just found out Genesis Rivera passed away. I can’t believe it. You were such a beautiful soul. It was a privilege to share a ring with you. You were always a fighter and fought hard for 2 years. My heart is shattered.”

Milagros Rivera Bulerin was born August 2, 1986. Rivera began wrestling at age 14, and carved out a good reputation, wrestling in WWL Mundial, Xtreme Wrestling Alliance, IWA Puerto Rico and WWC Lucha Libre.

“I am a professional fighter but above all humble. I struggled hard to meet my long and short term goals. I have represented my country PR in the US,” she wrote on her Twitter profile.

Chica Del Alto Voltaje

The website summed up her career in announcing her death: “Genesis was a four-time WWC Champion from 2006-2007. She then worked in the IWA where she was crowned a three-time WWC Champion from 2008-2010, and has the second-longest combined championship reign at 228 days.”

Over the past couple of years, Rivera was very public with her battle against cervical cancer, and colleagues rose to support her. There were numerous benefit shows, and even a fundraising softball game in Puerto Rico. She shared details of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on her Facebook page.

Savio Vega posted his condolences to Rivera and her family: “Descanse en Paz querida amiga Maria Génesis bulerín lamentable. Te extrañare siempre Bendiciones!!! Fortaleza para los niños y la Familia. Mis condolencias a nombre de mi familia y la Familia de la IWAPUERTORICO

“Although we had never met in person, I watched and saw the strength in which Genesis Rivera courageously continued her battle like the true warrior she is,” wrote veteran Mike Law on Facebook. “I think this one hurts for several reasons. I hope you realize how your battle inspired many and will continue to do so. I will have your family, friends, co-workers and loved ones in my prayers, as they celebrate your life. Descanse en paz.”

Away from the ring, Rivera attended high school at Escuela Superior Juan Ponce de Leon, Rio Piedras, and then secondary studies at NUC University. She worked as an administrative assistant at a hospital for a time.

She was also a mother to a son, Diego.

Further details of her death on June 11, 2023, are not known at this time.