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After last week’s hectic turnover within The Bloodline, Jey Uso is left to make a difficult decision. Will he choose to stay with Jimmy, who’s been expelled from this family faction, or will he fall in line as Reigns expects him to?

Jimmy made the right choice seeing Roman for who he really is, the manipulative, self-righteous, overbearing, arrogant louse he is. It took a bit of time and convincing, but he finally saw what we’ve been seeing. Sikoa is in the ring with Paul Heyman. As Heyman goes to introduce himself, Jey bursts out into the stage, interrupting him. Ha! Thank you.

Jey Jey mentions how he’s let a lot of things slide, oh how I can relate, but stabbing Jimmy in the back was the last straw. Heyman counters by saying that it isn’t any of their faults, only Jimmy’s for coming to a conclusion without anyone else’s input. Maybe, but he made sense while doing so.

According to Heyman, Jimmy is resentful or advantageous over Roman’s possibility to crown Jey the next Tribal Chief. I was in shock. Here they are trying to pin the twins against each other, so one could eliminate the other. How uninventive.

Because of that, Heyman has arranged a match for Jey to bring back gold to The Bloodline… on his own. Meaning, he’ll fight Austin Theory for the US Championship. WOW.

You know what this is, don’t you? Bribery at its finest. You offer something big but empty to someone who’s both a loose canon and a formidable athlete, so they won’t have any reason to oppose you. Jey may have agreed to fight Theory for the Championship, but he remains undecided on who he stands with.

Santos Escobar vs. Mustafa Ali –  Money in the Bank Qualifying match

Given how neither of these men have won Championship gold, they both need that briefcase as they argue about it in the middle of the ring. LA Knight is also here at commentary, by the way. He gets annoyed that Cole didn’t introduce him correctly, which Barrett finds to be funny.

Ali quickly avoids an incoming attack by Escobar with a beautiful slingshot, sending Santos’ body crashing on his spine. Santos manages to shove Mustafa against the post since he wouldn’t let Escobar suplex him. Ha!

Mustafa does an impressive backflip and lands in front of commentary to avoid Santos’ punches to his head as they both stood on ropes near the turnbuckles. As Escobar leaps after him, he collides with a menacing drop kick in mid-air. My God.

Santos nearly decapitates Mustafa by throwing him face first against the turnbuckle then follows that up by flipping Ali on the back of his neck. That almost took him out.

Ali retaliates with an amazing tornado DDT for a near win. He put up a great fight, but Santos’ defense was too powerful with the victorious Phantom Driver.

Well, he was right about what he told Zelina last week, he and Vega will qualify. He now joins Ricochet, Shinsuke Nakamura, and LA Knight.

Winner: Santos Escobar

Jey is backstage with a surprise appearance from Sami Zayn. You know, regardless of the backstabbing, Zayn still encourages Jey. Still working hard to level in good terms with him. Making Jey laugh even when he doesn’t mean to.

Zayn understands Jey the most since they share similar dilemmas such trying to do everything they can to keep the family together, be loyal and respectful. No matter how hard they both tried, it was never enough for Roman. That’s when paranoia and manipulation starts to set in. A nasty version of Reigns emerges. He tried to separate Sami from Kevin Owens, just like he’s turning Jey from Jimmy.

Sami hopes that Jey listens to what’s in his heart rather than what’s being placed in his head. Cole calls this poison, but I think it’s illumination.

Elsewhere, NXT Women’s Champions Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn are here, but their entrance is cut short by Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey’s sudden descent. They’ve been reeking havoc since pairing themselves up. Wrestling’s more brutal and unfiltered nature has come to the forefront much vulgarly with Baszler and Rousey in the game.

The only reason why the NXT Women’s Championships are relevant is because of Baszler. “Technically, those Shayna Baszler commemorative Tag titles are mine!”

Rousey and Baszler challenge Fyre and Dawn for a chance to unify their titles. They accept and enter into brawl. Shayna was looking to break Alba’s nose, but Isla intercepts with a kick to the abdomen. Oof.

I like the idea of a unification match. YES!!

It’s sad to say, but we lost a legend this week known as The Iron Sheik. He died at 81 years-old. What’s weird is that he died on my older brother’s birthday. Something I never thought I’d say nor realize. Rest in peace Iron Sheik.

Bayley vs. Michin – Money in the Bank Qualifying match

The second the bell rings, Bayley goes after Michin. Gaining a small upper hand. Bayley even poorly imitates AJ Styles’ theme entrance as he sits at commentary. Bayley’s immatureness distracts her from an incoming suicide dive by Michin.

Michin sends Bayley flying across the ring as she gains some momentum. I really want her to win because I believe she deserves an opportunity right now.

She performs a great DDT that has Styles at the edge of his seat with anticipation. Bayley has Michin by her hair and drives her into the second turnbuckle. Ouch, damn.

It gets even worse once Bayley Rose Plants Michin against the mat in order to advance. Yay… I spoke too soon.

Even more so when Scarlett blows some orange dust in AJ’s face, he backs up and lands in Karrion Kross’ arms for the Krossjacket. He did say Styles was the next target. We just didn’t know when…

Winner: Bayley

Since Belair is still enraged by the games Asuka has been playing, Bianca wants her title back and get her hands on the current champ. Adam Pearce is busy sorting the Tag Team unification match and awarding Asuka with a new Women’s Championship to have Belair attacking her again. However, Belair doesn’t give a damn. Ha! But she does get a rematch and won’t intervene later tonight.

After his encounter with the orange mist of evil, AJ is seeking revenge against Kross. Michin reassures him that they will get him and “that ratty witch Scarlett”. Ha!

While Asuka is suppose to be basking in a moment of glory, CHARLOTTE FLAIR arrives to point the cameras towards her. We haven’t seen her since she lost her SmackDown Women’s Championship to Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 39. You said Bianca shouldn’t interrupt, but you said nothing about Flair.

Flair doesn’t wait in line because she created the line, so she challenges Asuka for the title. I bet Belair is watching flabbergasted. Nevertheless, Asuka accepts with a misty surprise that fails once Flair knows exactly what’s going on with a big boot. In heels no less.

Elsewhere, Heyman applauds Jey for leaving the audience with a cliffhanger. They’re fine if you manage to continue the story and get to the point.

He mentions that the suit measurements and the passport is so Jey could use Roman’s private jet and the upcoming triple celebration next week. Reigns will be here, the spoiler of the new US Champion being Jey and a public acknowledgement for the Tribal Chief. Eee….

That may be well and good, but this leaves Jey confused about why is Heyman happy? Once Jey reenters The Bloodline, Heyman is gone. Ha!

Butch vs. Baron Corbin – Money in the Bank Qualifying match

Corbin has been making his intentions very clear by showing on NXT to beat Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams as a free agent. He’s so sure that he’ll reign victorious against Butch for this match. His overconfidence is something I gladly throw out the window.

Butch explodes out of the gate with a drop kick followed by a Step Up Enziguri to Corbin while Williams and Hayes are looking on with smiles on their faces.

Corbin retaliates with a beautifully painful back breaker. Butch comes back with his signature joint manipulation… then he receives an uppercut.

Baron attempts to choke slam Butch, he rolls Corbin up and wins. Due to such a sad lose, Corbin has to blame someone, so he punches Williams. That antagonizes Hayes to engage as well. A slight brawl brakes out that alerts officials and security to separate them.

It goes even worst for Baron when Cameron Grimes sneaks up on him from behind.

Winner: Butch

Shotzi vs. Iyo Sky – Money in the Bank Qualifying match

Bayley right at the start tries to provide interference, which allows Sky to drop kick Shotzi and enter into a quick cover that fails.

Iyo launches herself from the top only to miss due to Shotzi’s dodging skills. Ha! The way Sky crashed on the mat. Priceless.

But everything turns upside down once the referee is distracted by Iyo, allowing Bayley to trip Shotzi off the rope resulting in her head hitting the turnbuckle and Sky capitalizes with a winning Moonsault.

Winner: Iyo Sky

Now that Sami had his chance to talk to Jey like he wanted, he and Owens can focus on their Championships. Pretty Deadly sees an opportunity and has a chat with the champs.

They’re not the only ones. The Street Profits, Sheamus and Ridge Holland, The O.C., and LWO were materializing themselves like demons. Ha! All four of these teams will enter a Gauntlet Match starting next week to determine who will face Owens and Zayn for the Undisputed belts. There, is everyone happy?

And speaking of next Friday, on The Grayson Waller Effect, we welcome Charlotte Flair.

In three weeks time, Flair will be fighting against Asuka for the WWE Women’s Championship. The Tag Team titles between NXT and WWE are going to be unified in a confirmed match with Rousey and Baszler versus Dawn and Fyre in two weeks. Also, mixed Tag Team match between Michin and AJ Styles versus Karrion Kross and Scarlett is happening next Friday.

Jey Uso vs. Austin Theory (c) – US Championship match

Ever since I got back to watching wrestling and started covering SmackDown, I’ve noticed that despite the clear bribery indications to persuade Jey into remaining in The Bloodline, he has the most talent just by observing him. You can see it in Jey’s wrestling abilities. The comment section on YouTube. Being called Main Event Jey Uso.

Now, in case someone thinks I don’t like Jimmy, that’s not true. I love him, but I can tell that he’s sorely lacking a little bit. Hate to say that truth. But it’s very apparent, and I kept wondering why isn’t Jimmy like that?

Anyway, Theory has Jey in a headlock in the center of the ring. The Uso twin retaliates with a massive shoulder tackle. Then he sends the champ across the commentary table.

An exchange of fists inside the ring erupts until Jey concludes it with a nice neck breaker. The entire stadium are backing Jey up with encouraging chants.

Theory is looking for A-Town Down, Jey slips through and delivers a Super Kick and an uppercut before receiving a boot to the face.

Jey Super Kicks Theory so hard that he falls on the referee. Ha! Ha! Ha! He follows that up with a Uso Splash. He had this won, but the official was out. Damn it.

As if things can’t get any more annoying, Pretty Deadly attack Jey. Their upper hand was only for a few moments until Jimmy Uso arrived and made them scatter. It was electric. But hold the festivities. Solo shoulder tackles Jimmy.

Sikoa was about to Samoan Spike Jimmy till Jey reaches out to stop him. That causes a bit of confusion where Jimmy accidently Super Kicks Jey, again! Sikoa grabs onto Jimmy, yet the Uso twin throws his little brother against the rope then ploughs through him on the main floor.

My goodness….

Theory crawls back into the fold, covers Jey and retains his Championship. Oof. Due to this misstep, Jey slightly shoves Jimmy to the side and leaves.

Winner: Austin Theory


TOP PHOTO: The Uso twins fuming. Courtesy of WWE