Baron Corbin opens the episode looking more important than his entire seven-year main roster run, eyeing down miscellaneous developmental guys before entering the ring to continuous boos. He slanders entitled NXT wrestlers as soft and weak before polar opposite Ilja Dragunov interrupts and issues a challenge. In comes Trick Williams to heroically blindside Corbin and prove himself the best sidekick of all sidekicks for NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes.

Following a tough session with Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak, Thea Hail learns how to stretch people, although Chase University substitute professor Duke Hudson isn’t confident in her battle-royal chances.

After the first commercial, cameras catch Bron Breakker taking objection to Dragunov’s claims of being the “most intense guy around,” and since he’s evidently remaining in NXT, the former champion is in contention.

Schism vs Diamond Mine

The Dyad and Creed Brothers exchange momentum before Ava Raine makes a tag – her first match in recent memory before ultimately retreating untouched. Diamond Mine showcases tag team chemistry by weaponizing Ivy Nile before break, but Jagger Reed and Rip Fowler cut the ring in half. Habitual highlight Julius makes an impressive comeback until the women finally square off, but Raine is unfortunately, noticeably not in-ring ready. Distraction allows her to connect with a loaded masked headbutt, giving Schism the win in a padded showing.

Winners: Schism


Cinema-style footage captures Channing Lorenzo’s meeting with imprisoned Tony D’Angelo. “The Don” insists that Gallus were rats and instructs “The Underboss” to figure it out.

On the opposite spectrum of reform, Mr. Stone takes Von Wagner to therapy – with flashbacks of previously failed anger management sessions. “Maybe I’ll give it a shot,” says Wagner after eyeing his attractive therapist.

Dani Palmer vs Blair Davenport

Davenport returns as NXT’s mystery attacker – taking out names like Nikkita Lyons, Wendy Choo, and Sol Ruca. A knee strike and Falcon Arrow give Davenport the expected victory, putting “the entire NXT women’s division on notice” as stated into the camera. “On notice, man!” Booker T helpfully repeats.

Winner: Blair Davenport


Monday Night Raw’s Dana Brooke enters the building for tonight’s number-one contendership battle royal, although commentary claims she’s a free agent. Either Vic Joseph or the official WWE website is lying.

NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton is unfazed by the meteoric game changer in Brooke and thinks Lyra Valkyria may pull it off.

Baron Corbin vs Trick Williams 

Corbin debuts another unpleasant in-ring get-up, gym shorts and a sleeveless, while jacked rookie Williams appears “bout it bout it” as per usual. The WWE free agent validates his “bumass Corbin” moniker by uninspiringly working down Williams, eventually targeting his injured left knee. Deep Six and End of Days gives Corbin the victory, but Williams is improving by the week.

Winner: Baron Corbin 


“Hard Hitting Home Truths” with Nathan Frazer recaps an eventful last week for NXT. He introduces new “senior international correspondent” Dragon Lee with five name suggestions for Noam Dar’s new group: Two Awful Chat Show Hosts (plus two), The Oro Mensah Experience, The Jakara Jackson Five (minus one), The Long Lost Legend of Lash Legend, and Noam’s Rent-A-Friends. 

Mustafa Ali vs Joe Gacy

Ali is interviewed backstage before North American Champion Wes Lee offers a title shot, but the free agent wants to earn his opportunity. Solid back-and-forth sways towards Ali with a sunset-flip powerbomb and 450 Splash for victory, but The Dyad attacks immediately after. Lee and Tyler Bate even the odds, returning the favor for Ali last week.

Winner: Mustafa Ali


Edris Enofe and Malik Blade approach Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs, who started the trend of tag teams wrestling each other. Tank Ledger and Hank Walker offer a “brewski” run while NXT Tag Team Champions Gallus insult Enofe and Malik.

NXT Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar gives a formal introduction to his crew of Oro Mensah, Jakara Jackson, and Lash Legend. He however avoids Nathan Frazer’s call-out for the championship. 

Eddy Thorpe vs Damon Kemp

The rematch of a months-long feud encapsulates a large lower mid-card with unforeseen upwards mobility. Thorpe wins off a German suplex with Kemp’s foot clearly on the ropes, although a silent Orlando is unbothered.

Winner: Eddy Thorpe


Kiana James insults Gigi Dolin by bringing up her upbringing, but the presence alone of Dabba-Kato halts the argument.

Dabba-Kato vs Scrypts

Scrypts is unmasked and unquestionably Reggie, but Dabba-Kato manhandles him regardless. Axiom provides a distraction while Reggie flips in and rolls up Kato for the baffling victory, but the two opposition are laid out thereafter. Nothing ever goes right for Dabba-Kato apparently. 

Winner: Dabba-Kato


Joe Gacy belittles himself and vows to “rectify” his losses, while Mustafa Ali, Wes Lee, and Tyler Bate prepare to face Schism next week.

Number-one Contendership Battle Royal

The winner of tonight’s main event faces Tiffany Stratton for the NXT Women’s Championship as Dana Brooke makes the final entrance. Kiana James eliminates Gigi Dolin for the first noteworthy fall, while Oro Mensah provides short-lived assistance to Jakara Jackson – taken out by Thea Hail. Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz are eliminated by sore losers Jackson and Lash Legend heading into picture-in-picture.

Tatum Paxley sacrifices herself to attack Roxanne Perez, forming a pact with outsider Blair Davenport while Lyra Valkyria and Jacy Jayne are eliminated. Fallon Henley stands tall against the final three, taking out rival James before Brooke capitalizes to unanimous boos, sending the former over. Hail appears from the floor to “Chase U” chants, eliminating both Brooke and Cora Jade as members of Chase University storm the ring in celebration.

Winner: Thea Hail


Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey stoically applaud while Duke Hudson looks befuddled. The Cavinder Twins hold Hail up high, potentially new recruits to the prestigious university.

Bron Breakker is interviewed in the parking lot about attacking Ilja Dragunov but directs his attention to WWE World Champion Seth Rollins. Breakker won’t be moving to RAW, however, and instead challenges Rollins to defend his championship in NXT.


NXT 6/6/23

Orlando, FL

A celebratory and shocking last few minutes made an otherwise mid epsiode of NXT pretty noteworthy. Dana Brooke and Baron Corbin didn’t add much, but Seth Rollins surely will.