I’m amazed.

Night of Champions was indeed a night to glorify till the end of the year. Asuka winning the RAW Women’s Championship off of Bianca Belair kind of saddens me. I’m not saying I don’t like Asuka, it’s not about liking anyone, it’s about endurance which Belair has. Possibly more than the Empress of Tomorrow, although, I don’t underestimate her.

But I am beyond proud of Jimmy Uso for finally standing up to Roman Reigns like he should have the moment Jey showed signs of self-thinking about what his surroundings actually meant. The toxicity that’s embedded within The Bloodline started because Reigns fancies himself above what’s right and what’s necessary. Just because someone says you’re family doesn’t mean they should abuse the clear authority they have, in this case, Reigns is the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion. You either be humble about it and still be the greatest, or be a dick. Guess which one Roman chose? It was inevitable that this faction was going to crumble due to such… manipulation masqueraded as love and protection.

Seth Rollins becoming the new Heavyweight Champion was obvious, but I’m still happy for him. I wanted him to win because I believed he deserved it more than AJ Styles, no offence to him. There was something of destiny when it came to Rollins being crowned the winner. It’s like it was meant to be him first before anyone else.

And speaking of fate, Rhea Ripley losing her Championship. Unlikely. Even with the distraction of her boy-toy Dom Dom, arg, she would have remained the champ. Sorry Nattie. Every time I look at her face, I can tell she won’t go down without fighting with every might she has in her. The gold has become the air she breaths. It’s oxygen now.

It’s a shame though. I believed in Mustafa Ali when he went against Gunther, the Intercontinental Champion, but I did have some doubts given how massively dominant the Ring General is. Something that Ali has yet to master. Maybe it wasn’t his time. At least not yet.

As we head into tonight, Roman Reigns celebrates his one thousandth day as the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion. I forgot I received a notification warning me about this. Ha! I’m just waiting for what the Usos will do. The festivities are a secondary thought of mine.

By the way, Austin Theory is here… for some reason. I hate the fact that Theory is still bragging about beating John Cena at WrestleMania 39. Cena is one of the greatest, and it’s understandable for a person to centralized themselves after successfully taking a legend down. But if that’s all Theory is going to run with to make himself feel relevant, that’s a boring choice.

The Brawling Brutes vs. Pretty Deadly & Austin Theory – 6-man Tag Team match

Starting this match off are Ridge Holland and Elton Prince. Holland turns him inside out with a beautiful clothesline followed by a headbutt. He and Butch play a double team with a drop kick plus suplex.

Pretty Deadly do make a comeback when they have Butch cornered on their side of the ring with a powerful uppercut.

Pretty Deadly, according to Michael Cole, refer to Friday Night SmackDown as Friday Night SnackDown. Wade Barrett exposes himself when he says it’s because of how “sexy” these two men are that you just want a nibble of them.

……..Okay. Moving on.

Butch takes out Kit Wilson with an impressive clothesline that flips him over like overdone pancakes.

Sheamus notices that Wilson was distracting the referee, so Prince could deliver a few backhanded cheap shots before getting caught. The Celtic warrior was able to save his teammate due to interference.

Butch tries to fight back against Prince, so he can make the tag to Sheamus. He plants Elton with a tornado DDT to create separation.

Ha! Ha! Once Prince tagged Theory in, Austin tripped on his way as he fails to go after Sheamus. Ha!

Sheamus delivers triple Irish Curse back breakers to his opponents as each ran towards him as if they knew doom was coming their way. Ha! The Brawling Brutes shock us with a triple White Noise in the middle of the ring.

I applaud you all.

Sheamus may have gotten the full extent of the Bro Kick, but when he went to cover Theory, Pretty Deadly quickly removes him from his fate. Ahhh..

Butch claps everybody with his Step Up Enziguri that it rings across the entire stadium.

Pretty Deadly do surprise me with a move that was both amazing and weirdly named. The Cry Martini to Sheamus.

Sheamus is able to block Theory with a big clothesline. Anarchy begins from here. Holland suplexes Prince. Wilson uppercuts Holland. Butch drop kicks Wilson. Austin flips Butch onto the outside. The US champ rolls back inside and meets with a knee to the jaw by Sheamus. It was LOUD. Ha! Ha!

Earlier we got triple White Noise. Now we’re getting triple Ten Beats of the Bodhran.

There was a little bit of some shenanigans orchestrated by Pretty Deadly to triumph over The Brawling Brutes by having Prince pretend he was the legal man only for Wilson to attack Holland from behind. They perform their Split Milk maneuver, so Theory could cover Ridge for a victory.

Winners: Pretty Deadly & Austin Theory

Paul Heyman is backstage trying to help Solo Sikoa align his focus on Reigns’ historic run as Champion. He’ll make sure that the Usos aren’t here after he speaks with Adam Pearce. The Usos are Roman’s secondary thoughts.

Earlier tonight, The O.C. celebrate AJ Styles’ birthday despite his loss on Saturday.

The O.C. vs. Hit Row – Tag Team match

Since Hit Row are still vining for attention, Ashante attacks Karl Anderson of The O.C. before the ringing of the bell. Hit Row have a slight upper hand on The O.C. because of how pissed they are for the lack of spotlight.

It’s like after their comeback last year, Hit Row have been going down. It’s like all of that was a fluke.

Adonis almost gets his team disqualified, but that was enough for B-Fab to slap Anderson while the official wasn’t looking. That’s why they have Michin.

Anderson is able to create some space with a spine buster then he tags Luke Gallows as he sends a huge boot to Adonis and a cheap shot to Top Dolla.

Gallows and Anderson play a double team with the Magic Killer for the victory. Yes, they won. But Dolla wasn’t happy about it as he delivers a boot to Anderson and Gallows. That provokes Styles to perform the Phenomenal Forearm as a comeuppance.

Winners: The O.C. 

While Adam Pearce has locked the Usos from making an entrance, Grayson Waller is here with his special guest, the new RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. It didn’t take long for Iyo Sky to show up and face Asuka, knowing she still wants that title.

For some reason, Bayley came too. Oh, and Shotzi. Plus Zelina Vega and Lacey Evans. The Grayson Waller Effect invited randoms. They want to become Miss Money in the Bank, so they can cash in at any Championships they desire.

But, who cares about that? Bianca Belair comes after Asuka from behind as the champ was making an exit.

Zelina Vega vs. Lacey Evans – Money in the Bank Qualifying match

While officials were cleaning to clear the stage of the Grayson Waller Effect, Evans takes the shuffling as an opportunity to deliver a Women’s Right to Vega.

Evans has the upper strength as she snuffs Vega out as antagonizing as it comes, Lacey is pissed. Whipping Zelina around like a rag doll. Evans is almost like Rhea Ripley. Both twisted body manipulators with power and tactic. And Vega bumped into both of them? Oops.

Zelina does manage to surprise Evans with a Cody Red out of nowhere to advance for the opportunity. She’s the first qualifier.

Winner: Zelina Vega

Montez Ford of The Street Profits vs. LA Knight – Money in the Bank Qualifying match

There was a game of constant rotations between these two men as if they were playing “Say Uncle”. Ha! Ford had a slight upper hand, but he briefly didn’t pay attention because Knight went right back at him.

They go at it as they exchange blows in the center of the ring. Ford does well as he picks up the pace and starts to gain momentum over Knight.

Knight attempts to perform a Moonsault only to meet the mat instead. Ha! He tried. But, both men enter a double clothesline collision. Brutal, yet funny.

Unfortunately, Montez had to roll through a miss body splash. He makes up for it with a roll up, but he ultimately loses as Knight flips him over with the assistance of the middle rope for the victory.

Winner: LA Knight

Triple H is in the ring to celebrate Roman Reigns’ dominance. Although, Pearce says that the Usos aren’t here, I beg to differ.

Anyway, in order to congratulate Roman, Triple H awards him with a new Undisputed Heavyweight Championship belt… that kind of looks the same as the black one around his waist. Oh well.

That’s all well and good for Roman, but the Usos are here just how I want them to be. “Where are the security?” asks Wade Barrett. They failed, as they usually do. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Since Reigns is a petty man, he orders Jey to kick Jimmy in the face the same way he did at Night of Champions. Wow. If anyone was going to create havoc between twin brothers, that would be Roman for sure.

Jimmy counters by saying that Roman is the one that needs fixing since he forced Jimmy to choose the harsher route to prove a point. He kicked Roman because he’s a brother. Someone who loves and cares for Jey. Not the same way Reigns isn’t capable of emoting towards them.

“You have gone crazy,” says Jimmy. That’s not a word I thought of, but it’s accurate. He finally notices what Reigns has actually been doing and that’s manipulation and abuse. That’s not how a family works and lives together. Jimmy wants Sikoa to wake up as well. Reigns isn’t finished spreading his toxin.

I laughed when Roman was looking at the camera, at me, when he said that the only reason why the fans were chanting “Uso” is because of him. He was staring into my soul for a moment. Damn. Ha! It actually startled me.

Reigns asks Solo who he runs with since Jimmy shouldn’t be talking for him. Sikoa acknowledges Roman, but the twins are his brothers. The champ got a bit too happy before Sikoa could finish his thoughts. That tends to happen when you’re arrogant.

I couldn’t be prouder of Sikoa. Jimmy looked like he was at the verge of warming tears. I know I was.

Jimmy gives Roman an ultimatum. Reigns can either run The Bloodline by himself knowing he can’t, or they all can lead with respect and decency. Reigns sidesteps by shouting at Jimmy to shut his mouth, but prior to attempting to complete his sentence, Jimmy shoves his face. Good!

Roman tested Jimmy’s patience and calmness with abuse. Jimmy is so wide-eyed now. Jey tries to advice him that it doesn’t have to end violently. Coming from someone who’s a hothead, wow.

I foolishly thought Roman understood how much pain he caused towards the twins, mostly Jey. Alas, even when it makes sense, it doesn’t. Reigns said no, and Sikoa Samoan Spiked Jimmy. He’s been released, to put it lightly, from The Bloodline.

Due to that, Roman believes Jey will fall in line soon.

And that, my friends, is the definition of how low people fall into a vat of poison and let it consume them in ways even they haven’t fully understood.


TOP PHOTO: Reigns hugging Jimmy. Courtesy of WWE