As is ritual in this series, Booker T chats with the wrestler of focus to discuss what their most sought after memorabilia might be. Well, my guess last week that there wasn’t much for Bret Hart to miss but a jacket and glasses turned out to be wrong, and it turns out that it’s Goldberg’s who’s a little short on ideas.

Booker T asks him for three things he’d list as important items, and Goldberg lists his boots, gloves, and trunks, plus all of the pieces of forehead he left in arenas after performing his door/wall/locker headbutting ritual before heading to the ring. Gross.

A quick look back at Godlberg’s career begins with his debut victory against Hugh Morris all the way to consecutive win number 173 before Kevin Nash defeated him. Booker T and Goldberg agree they’d love to find a pair of his gloves (valued at $7K-$10K) from the days of The Streak.

They chat some more about his WWE debut, facing off against The Rock on Raw. Next up, then, is The Harley Davidson jacket that Goldberg wore to the ring on that night, estimated at a value of $4K-$6K. Finally, the boots he wore at WrestleMania XX are added to their wish list, with a value of $4K-$7K.

Somewhere in Texas, Lita knocks on Goldberg’s door and meets up with Bill and his son Gage, who fans have seen in the ring a couple of times as he has grown up during his father’s return to wrestling. The hunt for the Harley jacket actually begins in Goldberg’s house, starting in a box with an early football letterman jacket. In a super easy find, the jacket is there, and Bill donates it to the cause – on loan.

In Boston, Mick Foley is meeting with collector Rich Rosenberg, who has a basement chock-a-block with wrestling merch – including the boots that Foley is looking for. Rosenberg, though, rejects Mick’s first offer of $4K, saying he paid quite a bit more for them. Rich returns with $14K, and they settle on $13K. Not great negotiating by Mick.

Foley then meets Goldberg in Kansas, and first things first: Bill authenticates the boots that Foley just bought. They reminisce about how instrumental Diamond Dallas Page was to Goldberg’s early career. They then arrive at the house of collectors Jamar and Anna Crable, who have a relatively modest collection that includes Goldberg’s gloves on prominent display.

Foley and Goldberg start the negotiations with WrestleMania tickets, tickets to the Undertaker’s 1 Deadman Show, and floor chairs from 2016’s Survivor Series in Toronto featuring Goldberg and Brock Lesnar.

Hold up, though – Bill takes Mick aside and tells him he never wore these gloves in the ring! He can tell because he always cuts off the knuckles, and he only noticed towards the end that Jamar and Anna’s collectible still has them.

Well, that does it for the big sale, but they do still offer them the Survivor Series chairs, and Jamar proves he’s got a good heart when he reveals to Goldberg that he had found another pair of the type of gloves he used, since Bill didn’t have any left for himself, and gifted them to him.

For an episode that felt a bit stretched because, as advertised, Goldberg is basically a trunks, boots, gloves kind of guy, there were some nice moments to be sure.

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