Double or Nothing is this Sunday; Dynamite is in Las Vegas. Let’s light this torch! The card is set, so there shouldn’t be much table setting in Sin City tonight. Let’s get right to the action.

Orange Cassidy (champion) vs. Kyle Fletcher (challenger) – AEW International Title Match

Fletcher nearly ends the match before it starts, but Orange kicks out of the pin. A drop kick sends the champ to the floor and Fletcher takes him down with a suicide dive. The challenger rolls Cassidy back into the ring an covers, but only gets a two count. Fletcher poses too long o the top turnbuckle and gets shoved off to the apron. Orange with a DDT on the apron and follows with Beach Break on the floor. Cassidy rolls into the ring looking for a count out. The two trade near falls. Orange misses the Orange Punch. The champ ducks a kick, but can’t avoid a thrust kick. Fletcher takes Orange for a ride with a delayed vertical suplex.

After a commercial break, Cassidy hits Stun Dog Millionaire. Orange covers, but Fletcher kicks out. Kyle literally pulls Cassidy up to the top turnbuckle. The champ fights him off, but gets caught on a cross body. Fletcher hits a Michinoku driver, but only gets a two count. Fletcher counters the Beach Break and lands a hard right to the jaw. Fletcher with a big kick in the corner, but Cassidy responds with a suplex. Both men are down. Cassidy gets to his feet, feigns weak chops and then catches the challenger with thrust kick. Fletcher hits a tombstone piledriver and follows with a spinning tombstone. Orange kicks out. Fletcher takes the champ up top and hits a Michinoku Driver from the middle rope. Some how Cassidy kicks out. Fletcher with a running kick into a hammerlock. Orange counters into a DDT. Cassidy is fired up, but catches a thrust kick. Orange rolls through on a piledrive and is able to get the three count.

Winner…and still AEW International Champion…via pinfall: Orange Cassidy

Absolute Ricky Starks will be in the Blackjack Battle Royal. He lets Renee Paquette that last week he was in full control and he is sick of it. Juice Robinson jumps Ricky and Jay White joins the fight. The slam Starks into a road case and White grabs a chair. He crushes Starks with a chair shot and Robinson tells him they are not done.

Jungle Boy Jack Perry reminisces about the times he has driven into Vegas to wrestle. On thing has never changed, the feeling he gets standing in the ring.

The AEW Tag Team Champs, FTR, make their way to the ring. Cash Wheeler admits that Jay Lethal and company have out smarted them every step of the way to this match, but he does say they have been lucky and this Sunday luck runs out. Dax Harwood tells them they better make sure they have some job security.

Mark Briscoe joins FTR in the ring, as he will be the special guest referee for the title match on Sunday. Wheeler tells Briscoe that they will go to hell and back for him. Dax apologizes for piledriving Marc. Briscoe refuses to shake his hand and slaps him across the face. I smell a work. Marc makes his way up the ramp, shoving everyone in Jay Lethal’s crew. He tells Lethal that he is getting sick of this.

Sammy Guevara tells MJF that he will not lay down for him on Sunday. Sammy is not for sale.

The House of Black (champions) vs. AR Fox, Blake Christian, and Metalik (challengers) – AEW Trios Championship Match

The House of Black have introduced House Rules into their championship match. There will be 20 second count out, no rope escapes, the DQ rule will be enforced and their opponents can chose the last rule. And any three competitors can form a team, hence the mish mash above. The challengers have also introduced a one man in; one man out rule.

AR Fox wants to fly, but Brody King is one heck of a road block. King takes hi down, but gets caught by Christian and Metalik. The fight spills to the floor and Fox takes out everyone with a senton. Fox ducks clothesline, but gets stomped into the mat by Buddy Matthews. Fox grabs the ropes on a inverted cloverleaf, but there’s no rope break. Blake tries to break the hold with super kicks. Malakai locks Metalik in a figure four as King takes out Blake. Fox taps out to Matthews.

Winners…and still AEW Trios Champions…via submission: The House of Black

The Blackpool Combat Club has two objectives. Win the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship and defeat the Elite in the Anarchy in the Arena match.
The AEW champ, MJF, makes his way to the ring, but not before trying to intimidate Tony Schiavone. In the ring, he runs down each of his opponents he will face at Double or Nothing. The champ then rips into the fans for not respecting him. MJF once again talks about his contract situation and that’s why he is facing three men and won’t have to get pinned to lose the title. He threatens to take his ball and go home.
Darby Allin has heard enough and makes his way to the ring. MJF demands the music be cut. Allin talks of how he was told not to expect much in life. Now he knows his life is meant to be spent as a professional wrestler. AEW saved his sanity. And he tells MJF he will take his championship on Sunday and might do it with a head lock takeover. MJF decks Allin and Sammy runs out to make the save. The champ isn’t safe on the ramp as Jack Perry walks out. MJF tries to hit him with the belt, but Perry ducks it and hits the champ with a lariat. Jungle By stands on the ramp with the belt.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Lady Frost

Jade Cargill and crew walk to the top of the ramp. Frost connects with a round house kick and goes up top after a senton in the corner. Taya rolls through the move off the top rope and hits a spear. Taya stomps Frost into the mat but turns her attention to Jade. Frost connects with a kick. Taya hits the Road to Valhalla and gets the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Taya Valkyrie

Tony Khan announces that the first taping of AEW Collision will take place in Chicago at the United Center. CM Punk come on down!

Hangman Adam Page tells Alex Marvez that his relationship with the Elite is more than friends; they are family.

Adam Cole, with Roddy Strong at his side, are in the ring waiting for Chris Jericho for the contract signing. The Jericho Appreciation Society follows Chris to ring. The match will be unsanctioned, meaning AEW will not be liable for anything that happens on Sunday. Cole immediately signs the contract. Cole is ready to beat on Jericho and is ready for the blood to be on his hands. Cole lists off how he is going to break Jericho on Sunday. Both sides agreed to no physicality, but that is being put to the test. Jericho wants to remind Cole about the beating Brit Baker took and shows the video from weeks ago. Jericho tries to goad Cole into hitting him. He calls him a coward. Jericho points out that Cole is outnumbered 5 to 2. Cole has made a call though. He called SABU!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!! SABU IS IN THE RING!!!!!! Sabu knocks down Matt Menard and the JAS scurries out of the ring.

Roderick Strong vs. Daniel Garcia

The JAS has been banned from ringside. Strong hits a back breaker. Shocking, I know.

After the break, Garcia stomps Roddy’s face into the mat and does a little dance. Strong with a a lariat and follows with a drop kick. Roddy hits a running knee, but only gets a two count on the pin. Strong with another back breaker, but it’s no enough to put Garcia away. Daniel with over hand chops and locks in the Dragon Tamer. Strong is able to power out. He hits a gut buster and follows with End of Heartache. He covers for the win.

Winner via pinfall: Roderick Strong

The Lucha Bros (champions) vs. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta (challengers) – Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship Match

Bryan Danielson joins the commentary team for the match. All four men brawl in the middle of the ring to start the match. The Lucha Bros connect on thrust kicks and then fly over the top ropes to take out Claudio and Wheeler. Fenix springboards himself off the top rope onto Claudio. Penta covers Yuta in the ring, but Castagnoli breaks the pin. A flying uppercut takes out Rey on the top turnbuckle. Fenix with a running kick on the ropes. Yuta stops Fenix from hitting the piledriver.
After a commercial break, Yuta has Fenix in a head lock. He kicks Penta off the apron. Claudio tags in, prevents him from making a tag and takes him for a swing. Wheeler then hits Fenix with a drop kick. Fenix counters the Ricola bomb and gets the tag to Penta, who takes down Wheeler with a flying cross body. Penta with a powerbomb of Yuta onto his knees. Wheeler barely kicks out. Penta with an arm bar, but Claudio kicks his partner free. Fenix hits Yuta with a rolling elbow in the corner. The Lucha Brothers tag team Wheeler with a kick to the head. Penta hits Claudio with a Destroyer after saving Fenix. Wheeler takes a piledriver, but kicks out of the pin. Penta goes up top, only to get shoved to the floor by Castagnoli. Yuta goes up top, connecting on a splash with an assists from Claudio. Fenix kicks out. Wheeler distracts the ref, allowing Claudio to uppercut Fenix. Rey connects on a kick and tags in Penta. Alex Abrahantes distracts the ref. Matt and Nick Jackson emerge from under the ring, and hold Castagnoli as the Rey and Penta combine on the piledriver/foot stomp. Penta covers to get the three count.

Winners…and still ROH World Tag Team Champions…via pinfall: The Lucha Bros

While the pin is being made, the Young Bucks hold a super kick part. Jon Moxley runs in too late to help his team. Mox grabs a microphone and threatens the Bucks that he will plaster them all over Las Vegas Boulevard this Sunday. He promises this will be the most violent match in AEW history. Mox tells us to buckle up. See you Sunday!

AEW Dynamite 5/24/2023

MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada

Tonight was a good go home show for Dynamite. Orange Cassidy always brings it and his match with Kyle Fletcher did not disappoint. Speaking of bringing it, the Lucha Bros always deliver. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta are great dance partners and there was a believable chance that the BCC would pick up the ROH gold, but the Bucks interfered add more gas to the fire for the match on Sunday,  The House of Blacks House Rules title defense was interesting, but we all knew they weren’t losing. I am sorry to see that the women got the short end of the stick tonight. Taya Valkyrie in what was essentially a squash match. Do better AEW.