Best of the Super Jr. 30 continued this morning and five days in there is only one undefeated superstar remaining, Lio Rush. In today’s main event, it was El Desperado who has 6 points up against Yoh who is sitting at 4 points.

Desperado started aggressively by throwing Yoh outside of the ring and then launching him into all the stairs at the ringside. However, as they tried to get back into the ring Yoh caught Desperado with a dropkick to the outside and then a springboard splash. Yoh then threw Desperado into the steel post sternum first and then drove his knee into the floor.

Yoh was looking much different than usual, he was not being the nice guy we’re used to and he was much more vicious. His sneakiness began to backfire and Desperado caught him with a back-body drop followed by a suplex. Desperado then began to attack Yoh’s knee, and he was making him feel the pain he already felt.

Yoh did come right back hitting a German suplex and Falcon arrow, but he was then hit with a spine buster from Desperado. He then locked Yoh into his over-the-head knee bar, and after Yoh got to the ropes Desperado attempted a frog splash. Yoh was able to roll out of the way and then lock Desperado into a calf crusher.

As soon as Desperado broke the hold, he was hit by a dragon screw and then a brainbuster onto the knee of Yoh. That was quickly followed by a snap dragon suplex, and both men then began trading strikes. Yoh hit a brutal ripcord knee on Desperado and then finished the match off with a Direct Drive to get to 6 points in the tournament!

Block A Standings

Block B Standings

Best of the Super Jr. 30-Night Five Results

Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Hiromu Takahashi

Despite Taguchi being in control for the majority of the match, it would be Takahashi stealing a win with the unnamed Hiromu roll.

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi

Kevin Knight vs. Bushi

The young Kevin Knight continued to impress today and he seemed to be a step ahead of Bushi the entire match. Knight secured his second win of the tournament after hitting the Spike DDT.

Winner: Kevin Knight

TJP vs. Sho

House of Torture was cheating again today, with Evil at ringside continuing to attack TJP. Even at a disadvantage, TJP did not give up and he hit the Mamba Splash to get the victory.

Winner: TJP

Francesco Akira vs. Clark Connors

Connors was on a violent mission during this match, he threw Akira into the announce table and then threw him into the stands burying him in chairs. He would then finish the job by spearing Akira and hitting No Chaser.

Winner: Clark Connors

Lio Rush vs. Douki

Douki securing the win. Credit: NJPW

Lio Rush has yet to be defeated in this tournament and he was hoping for that to continue today. Unfortunately for Rush, Douki had other plans and he would counter a roll-up into the Italian Stretch and Rush had no choice but to submit. Rush has finally been beaten!

Winner: Douki

Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs. Robbie Eagles

Eagles soaring to the win. Credit: NJPW

Kanemaru was after the knee of Eagles and he was working to set up his figure-four. Eagles had to use his quickness and strength to get back into the match, but he had to do it on one good leg. He was lucky to connect with a trigger and knock Kanemaru out to get another win.

Winner: Robbie Eagles

Titán vs. Mike Bailey

Bailey and Titan showing respect. Credit: NJPW

Bailey was the man to beat through the first three days of BOSJ, but he was handed his first loss yesterday and today he was looking to bounce back. Bailey really got his momentum back, he hit his moonsault double knee drop, his spinning kick and then a Flamingo Driver to get the win.

Winner: Mike Bailey

Master Wato vs. Dan Moloney

Moloney had full control over Wato and it looked like he was on his way to an easy victory. He hit a Gore, but Wato managed to reverse the Driller Killer and get himself back into the match. Wato hit a high kick and then the Tsutenkaku German to get a victory.

Winner: Master Wato

Kushida vs. Taiji Ishimori

Bloody Cross. Credit: NJPW

Kushida is coming off of his first win of the tournament and Ishimori is coming off his first loss. It would end up being Ishimori regaining his momentum and not Kushida continuing his momentum, he hit Bloody Cross and got the win.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori

El Desperado vs. Yoh

Winner: Yoh