Normally an announcement from Tony Khan on Dynamite would lead the night, but not this Wednesday. We need to know why Don Callis turned on Kenny Omega last week! Why, Don, why? Oh, there’s a new AEW starting in June. Let’s get right to the action.

The TNT champion, Wardlow, kicks off the show. More than likely, he has some words for Christian Cage. The champ immediately calls out Cage, wanting him to make good on his word to spit in his face. Cage walks to the ring with Luchasaurus at his side. Wardlow and Cage face off and Luchasaurus is starting to look froggy. Wardlow grabs Cage by the throat and Luchasaurus breaks it up. Wardlow fights off both men, until Cage fells him with a low blow. Luchasaurs grabs a ladder, sliding it into the ring. Cage drives the ladder into Wardlow’s head. Luchasaurus follows with a chokeslam through the ladder. Christian finishes him off with a Kill Switch on the ladder.

Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin vs. Lee Moriarty and Big Bill

Moriarty unloads on Orange with nasty uppercuts. The the two then trade near falls and we almost have a double pin. Cassidy leaps frogs Lee with his hands in his pockets. Big Bill tosses Darby across the ring. Allin drops Moriarty over the ropes onto Bill. Orange joins his partner in taking out both men with suicide dives.

After a commercial break, Cassidy tries unsuccessfully knee his way out of a delayed vertical suplex. The crowd gets on the ref. Bill misses a splash on Orange, but is able to prevent him from making a tag. Orange goes up and over on Lee, shoving him into Big Bill and Allin gets the hot tag.  A double back elbow takes out both men and Darby flies corner to corner to delivering strikes. Allin fights out of a chokeslam, but Bill hits the Boss Man slam. Allin kicks out. Cassidy with a DDT to Bill, but Moriarty is able to roll Orange up and nearly steal a win. Lee locks in a cross face, but Cassidy nearly gets the pin with a roll up. Big Bill destroys Orange and Darby with a dual clothesline. Cassidy sets up Allin, allowing him to hit Bill with the Code Red. Moriarty takes the Beach Break and Darby goes up top. The Orange Punch knocks Bill off the apron. Darby hits Lee with the Coffin Drop and then gets the pin after a side headlock takedown.

Winners via pinfall: Darby Allin and Orange Cassidy

The Young Bucks try to give Alex Marvez an update on Kenny Omega, but get jumped by the Blackpool Combat Club. Mox grabs the camera, saying they are the elite.

Renee Paquette tries to deliver a medical update on Wardlow. Arn Anderson is upset that he wasn’t out there with him. Arn wants to know what Wardlow is prepared to do. Wardlow is willing to give Christian a title shot in a ladder match.

Orange Cassidy tells Renee that he is willing to give anyone an International Title shot at Double or Nothing.

Sammy Guevara vs. Exodus Prime

JOBBER ALERT! Sammy hits the GTH right away and covers.

Winner via pinfall: Sammy Guevara

After the match, Sammy delivers a message to his home crowd. He is ready to shut up the naysayers. He listens to his heart and his heart is telling him he will be the new AEW World Champion at Double or Nothing.

Tony Schiavone introduces Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh to the ring. Dutt is carrying two guitars with Dax Harwood’s and Cash Wheeler’s name on them. Lethal stops on the stage to run down Schiavone, but FTR attacks from behind, shoving Satnam off the stage to the floor. Lethal takes a back drop as Wheeler pounds on Jarrett. Harwood and Lethal trade blows. Wheeler unloads on Jarrett. Lethal is sent flying over the time keeper’s table. Wheeler and Harwood size up Jarrett, only to have Karen Jarrett slip into the ring and hit Wheeler with a low blow. Jarrett takes out Dax. Satnam hits the ring and puts FTR down with a chokeslam.

Renee is making her money tonight; she grabs a word with Darby Allin. The head lock takeover was a direct message to MJF. Sammy Guevara crashes the interview, telling Darby that he respects him and he will not lay down for Max and he won’t make it easy for anyone. Sammy wants someone to take the belt off MJF.

Toni Storm and Ruby Soho w/Saraya vs. Hikaru Shida and Dr. Britt Baker, DMD

At the bell, Baker is tossed out of the ring and Shida is double teamed. Hikaru fights back with mounted strikes in the corner on Soho. Shida is slammed into the turnbuckle and Storm puts the boots to her. Baker gets the tag, throwing forearms into Storm. She follows with a swinging neck breaker. Saraya sweeps the legs of Baker with the ref distracted. Storm sends her from the ring with a hip attack and Saraya gets in more cheap shots.

After the commercial break, Shida gets the tag and trade shots with Soho. Hikaru gains the upper hand, battering her to the mat. Shida fights off Storm and Saraya. Hikaru throws herself over the top rope to take out all three women. A jumping knee nearly gets the pin on Ruby. Shida connects with a question mark kick on Storm. Baker tags in as Shida goes up top. Britt with a butterfly suplex and Shida hits a meteora. Storm tries to help and inadvertently hits Ruby with a DDT as Baker drops her with a beck breaker.  Soho connects with No Future on Baker. Toni Storm takes an Air Raid Crash and Britt stomps her into the mat. Saraya distracts the ref and Storm is slipped the paint can. She decks Baker with the spray can and covers to get the win.

Winners via pinfall: Toni Storm and Ruby Soho

Well that didn’t take long; twenty people talked to Tony Khan about challenging Orange Cassidy for his title. Orange will take them all on in a Blackjack Battle Royal. If you haven’t heard, AEW will debut a new show. AEW Saturday Night Collision will debut Saturday June 17th on TNT.

Chris Jericho vs. Roderick Strong – Falls Count Anywhere Match

The Jericho Appreciation Society and Adam Cole are banned from ringside for this match. Strong jumps Jericho before the bell; he doesn’t even have time to take his jacket off. Strong batters Jericho with elbow strikes. Jericho strikes back with chops. Roddy answers with chops of his own. Jericho sends Strong to the floor. The two fight on the apron and Strong drops him. Strong fights off a Code Breaker. Jericho is able to lock in the Walls. Strong is able to get to the ropes to break the hold.

After the break, the fight has finally spilled into the crowd. It is falls count anywhere. The two fight onto the concourse and Strong is suplexed through a table. Strong blinds Jericho with hand sanitizer and suplexes him onto the concessions counter. Jericho hits Strong with a stanchion. The two fight into a stairwell. The two fight on a ledge, chopping away at each other.

Back on the concourse, Jericho grabs a chair, but Strong smashes Jericho into a pile of ice cream. The two make their way out of the arena. Adam Cole is waiting for Jericho, because, well they are outside now. Cole jumps Jericho and lowers the boom with the knee strike. Strong with a jumping knee and pins Jericho in a well landscaped area.

Winner via pinfall: Roddy Strong

Jungle Boy Jack Perry vs. Rush w/Jose the Assistant

Rush knocks Perry from the ring and tosses him into the security barrier. Jungle Boy can’t get a lick in as Rush keeps the pressure on, just pummeling him into the barrier.

After the break, Perry is now getting beat down in the ring. He hits a weak clothesline. JB chops away and Rush dares him for more. A drop kick sends Rush to the mat. Perry catches Rush on the top turnbuckle. Jungle Boy hits a hurricanrana off the top rope. Perry locks in the Snare Trap in the middle of the ring. Rush is able to get to the ropes to break the hold. The two trade chops on the apron. A snap suplex sends Perry to the floor from the apron. Rush makes a cocky cover and Perry kicks out. Rush has an issue with the ref and Perry rolls him up and grabs the tights to get the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Jungle Boy Jack Perry

After the match, Preston Vance attacks. Darby Allin runs down but gets taken down as well. Sammy Guevara runs down and he makes the save. Jose eats a Scorpion Death Drop and Vance is kicked out of the ring.

MJF gets his time with Renee. He smacks the microphone out of her hand and storms off.

Toni Storm has won 5 matches in 4 days and calls out Jamie Hayter. She wants her at Double or Nothing for the title.

Switchblade Jay White w/Juice Robinson vs. Absolute Ricky Starks

It was only a matter of time until Juice got himself involved, tripping Starks as he looked for a spear. White only gets a two count. Starks hit the spear. White distracts the ref, allowing Robinson to slip into the ring with a chair. Starks fends him off and steals the chair. Ricky hits White with a chair shot, get disqualified on the second strike.

Winner via disqualification: Jay White

White and Robinson scramble out of the ring as Ricky takes seat.

Don Callis walks to the ring among a chorus of boos. Tony Schiavone just asks why. Callis is going to tell us what Kenny did to him. Don paints himself as the victim. He takes credit for Omega’s accomplishments.

Omega hits the ramp and tries to fight through security. The Blackpool Combat Club runs out, taking Omega out. Jon Moxley tells Kenny the war is over. They can’t touch the BCC. He tells Omega to stay down. The Young Bucks join Kenny on stage and they have a trash can full of weapons. The Elite is still outnumbered, until Hangman Adam Page joins up. The Elite attack; dismantling the Blackpool Combat Club. Wheeler Yuta takes a Buckshot Lariat. Page says they are the Elite. The Hangman is back and they will take on the Blackpool Combat in Anarchy in the Arena! See you in seven.


AEW Dynamite 5/17/2023

The Moody Center, Austin, Texas

There wasn’t anything special about tonight’s Dynamite. The wrestling was solid as always. The Roddy Strong Chris Jericho Falls Count Anywhere match is worth a watch, other than that nothing stood out. Until, Adam Page returned.