Greetings and salutations! Its Thursday and that means it’s time for a new episode of ROH TV. This week on the show we have not one but two Championship matches. In the first championship match, ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe will square off against Blake Christian. The other championship match will have ROH Women’s champion Athena taking on Sky Blue. Also on the show we will see The Embassy, Kyle Fletcher on Aussie Open, Mark Briscoe and so many more. Wihtout further ado, let’s get to the action.

Mark Briscoe VS Shane Taylor

As the match started, Taylor would mock Briscoe which fired Mark up. Taylor gets the early advantage and ties Briscoe up on the ropes leaving him hanging in order to hit a Hanging Stunner. A short time later, Briscoe got some offense in and ended up smashing Taylor to the outside. Briscoe finds Taylor at ringside as he hits a running Blockbuster on him. Briscoe is now fired up and grabbed a chair and goes for a chair assisted dive but Taylor runs back into the ring and lands a Lariat on Briscoe. Taylor maintained offense for quite sometime and anytime Briscoe tried a comeback, Taylor had an answer for him. Taylor hits some more moves on Briscoe until Briscoe hit a huge boot to Taylor sending him to the corner. Briscoe immediately followed that up with a Pele Kick that sent Taylor to ringside again. Briscoe finally hit the Chair-assisted dive this time around.

Briscoe then hit a Missile Dropkick on Taylor from the middle rope. Taylor starts fighting Briscoe as Briscoe made his way to the top rope. The two men fight back and forth and Briscoe hit a Spoicoli Driver. Briscoe with a Froggy Bow but Taylor moved out of the way and hit a Welcome to the Land for a 2-count. Taylor with a Splash but Briscoe moved out of the way. Both men were back to their feet and traded blows. Briscoe with an Uranage for a nearfall. Taylor saw Briscoe’s Uranage and raised him one of his own for a nearfall. Taylor sets up Briscoe for a Package Piledriver but Briscoe escaped and off ensued a back and forth strike fest. Briscoe with a Lariat on Taylor and followed that up with a Jay Driller for the win.

Winner: Mark Briscoe

Rhett Titus & Tracy Williams VS Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta

The announcers talked about Claudio Castagnoli beating Rey Fenix on Dynamite giving him a Tag Team Title shot with a partner of his choosing. The match started with Williams and Yuta. Williams gets the early advantage of Yuta. Williams with a rolling pin attempt but Catagnoli breaks it up and gets the tag to come into the match. Castagnoli with the advantage over Williams but Williams comes back and does a rollup which Castagnoli got out of. Titus was tagged in by Williams. Castagnoli blocked an armdrag and tagged out to Yuta. Yuta was quickly isolated from Catagnoli as Williams and Titus split the ring in half. Williams with a submission on Yuta. Castagnoli and Titus were locked up but Yuta escaped and chop blocked Williams bringing him down hard.

Williams was cut off from Titus as both BCC members lay the boots to him. Catagnoli with an Uppercut and Leg drop for a 2-count. Williams was slow to get up and Castagnoli charges him but Williams moves out of the way. Williams is inching closer and closer to make the tag to Titus but Yuta was tagged first and he runs to break up the tag attempt. Yuta drags Williams back to his side of the ring but Williams escapes and hits a DDT finally giving him the window to tag Titus in. Titus with the hot tag and runs down both BCC members. Titus with a Belly-to-Belly on Yuta for a nearfall. Castagnoli has seen enough and comes in to help his tag team partner but Titus hits a Dropkick followed up by a Lariat. Yuta tagged out and Castagnoli hits Titus with a huge Uppercut sending him to ringside. Yuta and Williams are in the ring and Yuta tosses Williams to the referee and pokes the eyes of Williams. Castagnoli with a running European Uppercut, Yuta with a Rocket Launcher, a pin and the win for the BCC.

Winners: Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta

ROH World Television Title: Samoa Joe(c) VS Blake Christian

Christian knows he needs to use his speed against a formidable opponent like Joe. Christian with a Handspring Kick and a 619 to get Joe on Dream Street. Christian with a DDT and gets a Figure-Four but Joe very quickly gets the rope break. Christian wants to keep the momentum going and goes for a Low Dropkick but Joe avoids it then hits a Senton. Joe with some stomps and an elbow for a 2-count. Joe sets Christian up for a Powerbomb but Christian escapes and hits Joe on his knees. Christian hits the ropes and on his return, Joe hits a Powerslam for another 2-count.

Joe is now looking to put the match away as he goes for a Coquina Clutch but Christian brilliantly just dives down stuning Joe. Joe comes back with a Uranage but Christian avoids it and runs to the top rope but Joe stalks his prey and greets Christian at the top rope and hits a Muscle Buster for the win.

Winner: AND STILL ROH TV Champion; Samoa Joe

In the back Dasha is with the Varsity Athletes and the Truthbusters. Mark Sterling did all the talking and said The Dark Order are disrupting his groups. Daivari poked fun at the Dark Order.

The Righteous (Dutch & Vincent) VS The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean)

Stu Grayson watches this match from the top of the stage. The Infantry got things started off fast. Dutch hits a clothesline from the apron onto Dean. The Righteous work over Dean but eventually Dean moves out of an Autumn Sunshine to get the hot tag. Bravo is all ready and taking out both members of The Righteous until Dutch his a Bossman Slam on him. Eventually, and soon after that, Vincent with an autumn Sunshine on Dean for the win.

Winners: The Righteous (Dutch & Vincent)

After the match, Vincent confronts Grayson and tells him he was one of them.

We get a hype package or net weeks Fight Without Honor Match between The Kingdom taking on Action Andreiit and Darius Martin.

Robyn Renegade (w/Charlette Renegade) VS Vertvixen

Vertvixen gets things started fast and hits a Facebuster on Renegade for a 2-count. The ref was distracted by Robyn allowing Charlette to get a cheap shot on Vertvixen. Robyn with a Shotgun Dropkick. Vertvixen tries a comeback and hits some kicks, a rolling stunner, boot and finishes this combo up with a Flatliner for a near fall. Vertvixen keeps the momentum going and goes for a Fireman’s Carry but Robyn fights out and locks a Ground Cobra making Vertvixen tap out.

Winner: Robyn Renegade

Dasha is with the Gates of Agony. Prince Nana had some choice words for The Boys until Dalton Castle shows up and accuses The Gates of Agony for attacking one of his Boys. Prince Nana acted shocked until Catle leaves and pulls out the mask of The Boy.

Ninja Mack VS Willie Mack

Willie with a take down and an armdrag early off in this match. Ninja tried to use his speed but Willie cuts him off with a Headscissors sending Ninja outside to ringside. Willie with a suicide Dive onto Ninja. Back in the ring, Ninja tries a comeback but Willi hits Ninja with a Palm Strike sendig Ninja down to the mat. Willie goes for a Moonsault but Ninja moves out of the way. Ninja has the opening he needed and he unloads some heavy kicks on Willie. Willie is angry now and charges Ninja who was in the corner but Ninja moves out of the way and hits WIllie with an Uppercut, followed by a Twisting Tornado Splash for a 2-count.

Willie gets up and the two men are in the middle of the ring exchanging Superkicks. Willie with a Samoan Drop on Ninja. Willie with a standing Moonsault on Ninja for a close call at 2. The two Mack’s trade pins and Willie hits Ninja with a Powerbomb to get the revenge of the Mack, on a Mack….

Winner: Willie Mack

The Embassy (Brian Cage, Kaun & Toa Liona) (w/Prince Nana) VS Adam Priest, Lucky Ali & Victor Benjamin

Big Bis squash match with The Embassy just taking out Priest, Ali, and Benjamin. Kaun and Liona sent Priest into Benjamin with a reverse bodyslam.

Winners: The Embassy (Brian Cage, Kaun & Toa Liona) (w/Prince Nana)

Kyle Fletcher (w/Mark Davis) VS Tony Deppen

Fletcher has the opportunity to show us what he is made out of in prep for his match next week on Dynamite against International Champion, Orange Cassidy. Fletcher with a Suplex on Deppen, then a Mafia kick for a 2-count. Deppen makes a brief comeback as he hits a Stunner on Fletcher as he was dangling over the ropes. Deppen followed that Stunner up with a flying Elbow Drop for a 2-count of his own. Deppen continued hitting Fletcher with elbows and found a package rollup for a close call but Fletcher got up at 2. Deppen with a Jumping Knee and Runnig Knees to a Fletcher on the corner. Deppen continues this attack with a stomp off the top rope. Fletcher is in dire straights as Deppen goes for a knee but Fletcher thinks on the spot and turns that into a Michinoku Driver for the win.

Winner: Kyle Fletcher

AR Fox VS Anthony Henry (w/JD Drake)

Fox took a beathing throughout this match. Henry with some planchas on Fox as he was outside of the ring. Fox found some offense with an Anarchist Suplex after avoiding a clothesline. Henry found his groove again as he sends Fox to the post and hits a Piledriver on Fox sending him to ringside. Fox barely makes the 20-count back to the ring.

Henry back on the offense as he hits a Neckbreaker. Fox with some weak strikes and Henry responds with a kick to the head of Fox followed by a not one, but two Brainbusters. Fox comes back like nothing happened and hits a Brainbuster of his own on Henry. Henry is trying to regain composure on the corner and Fox hits a boot on him followed by a Springboard Stunner for a 2-count. Fox takes down Henry and hits a Senton for another 2-count. Henry is back up and hits a Neckbreaker on Fox. Henry is now looking for a Dragon Sleeper but Fox vaults over and hits a boot, followed by a Lo Mein Pain but Henry stops him in his tracks and chokes him. Fox muscles his way out and hits a Cutter on Henry. JD Drake tries to interfere but Fox kicks him, then he avoids a charge, dives onto Drake on the outside. Back in the ring, Fox hits another Lo Mein Pain and a 450 splash for the win.

Winner: AR Fox

The Workhorsemen all attack Fox. Shane Taylor comes out and boots the boots to Fox. FTR come out and make the save. FTR and Fox hit a Shatter Machine on Henry after Eddie Kingston came out to ensure he doesn’t run off.

The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, Evil Uno, John Silver & Stu Grayson) VS Josh Woods & The Trustbusters (Jeeves Kay, Slim J & Sonny Kiss) (w/Ari Daivari & Mark Sterling)

Woods and Uno start the match. Uno tags out and its Silver who stays in the ring. Sterling distracts the ref allowing Woods to boot the boots to Silver, cutting the ring off from the rest of the Dark Order. Silver eventually hit a Suplex and got a hot tag in for Grayson to come into the match. Grayson hits all the suplexes and dives onto Kiss and Woods on the outside of the ring. Grayson with a reverse F-5 on Slim-J for a 2-count.

As the match continued it was Grayson who was getting the upperhand but he and Uno start bickering again which leads to an all out brawl from both teams. Grayson and Uno hit the Fatality before the legal man, Reynolds, pusheds Grayson for the win. While they won, Grayson looked annoyed. The issues with The Dark Order are ongoing…

ROH Women’s World Title: Athena VS Skye Blue

Athena hits Blue with a forearm to start the match. Blue using her speed as she cartwheels out of a Headscissors but Athena comes right back and puts the boots to Blue knocking her right into the corner. Athena is mocking the ref and Blue rolls up Athena for a 2-count. Athena is angry now and dropkicks Blue right into the corner, then tosses her around the ring sending her to ringside. Athena comes outside and re-arranges the furniture outside of the ring. Blue comes back and sends Athena to the newly re-arranged steps after reversing Athena’s throw.  Athena grabs Blue from the apron and hits a huge Forearm on her. The two women fight around ringside and end up by the stage. Athena with a Superkick sending Blue off the stage. Athena just grabs Blue and drags her back to the ring.

Athena with a Bow and Arrow on Blue but Blue fights back and gets a few rollup pins on Athena. Blue with a Rising Knee followed by a Crossbody for a nearfall. Athena comes right back and slams Blue down. Athena heads to the top rope but is met with Blue who after a few elbows, punches, and forearms, hits a Hurrcanrana off the top rope. Blue continues this flurry of offense with a Superkick and a Standing Sliced Bread for a very close 2-count that almost ended the match. Blue now with a Skyfall on Athena but Athena pushes Blue off and hits two Wasteland Slams.

Athena is now trash talking Blue and slaps her in the face. This amps up Blue who slaps Athena right back. Athena hits Blue with a Skyfall for a 2-count. Blue with some kicks on Athena followed by an O-Face for a 2.99 count. Blue followed that close call with a Skyfall of her own for another close call at 2 and a half. Both women end up on the apron and Blue slams Athena face first. Blue sets Athena up on the stairs and heads to the ropes but Athena lays out Blue on the stairs with a Powerbomb. Athena sends Blue back to the ring and hits a Facebuster. Athena is over Blue and Blue locks Athena up in a small package. Athena gets out of the small package and gets Blue in a Crossface. Blue with the rope break but Athena follows this up with a Camel Clutch making Blue Tap Out after she couldn’t fight her way to the ropes.

Winner: AND STILL ROH Women’s Champion; Athena

After the match, Athena and Blue adhere to the Code of Honor but Athena Clotheslines Blue and slams her face first on the title to end the show.




RIH TV: May 11, 2023

Another week, another very long episode of ROH TV. If the match card was halved, and only “meaningful” matches and angles were left on the card this would be a great show but this is just ROH and Dark all in one. I hope as Rampage transitions into a Dark like show, we can get shorter more focused episodes of ROH TV.