Greetings and Salutations! Its Thursday so that means its time for ROH. Robbie Eagles will make his ROH debut this week against ROH champion, Claudio Castagnoli. We will also be getting an ROH TV title match as the champion, Samoa Joe is facing ROH Legend, Christopher Daniels. Also in action this week is Willow Nightingale, Steph De Lander (F.K.A Persia Pirotta), Sky Blue, Komander and so much more so without further ado, let’s get to it.

Pure Rules Match: Rocky Romero VS Lee Moriarty (w/Big Bill)

After last weeks loss, Romero is ready for revenge and he takes the match straight to Moriarty as he catches him in an armbar right away. This forces Moriarty to use his first rope break. Moriarty escapes to the outside and Romero follows him via a tope. Moriarty is looking for space between him and Romero but Romero is stalking him. Back in the ring, Romero hits a Huricanrana for a 2-count. Romero is looking to not give Moriarty a break and locks in a Hammerlock. Moriarty is able to escape by grabbing the ropes and reversing the hold. The ref called for a second rope break! Moriarty now only has one rope break left in this match. Moriarty did not agree with the ref and was complaining as he had Romero in a Hammerlock of his own. Romero escapes the hold and Moriarty is still complaining about the second rope break being assessed to him. As the ref and Moriarty bicker, Romero is swiped by Big Bill.

Romero punches Moriarty causing him to get his one official warning. A second closed fist punch will result in a DQ for Romero. Romero continues his attack on Moriarty and hits a Tornado DDT for yet another 2-count. With both men going back and forth with one another, Romero locked in a Diablo Armbar. Moriarty had no way out so he was forced to use his last rope break. Shortly after that, Romero hits a Sliced Bread for another close pin attempt. Moriarty was back up and both men trade palm strikes and as Romero went for a second Sliced Bread,  Moriarty countered that into a Tiger Driver ’18 for a damn near close pin attempt. Moriarty with a kick but Romero ducks it and knees Moriarty. Romero then dragged Moriarty to the top rope and hits a Diablo Armbar and Moriarty, without rope breaks is forced to tap out.

Winner: Rocky Romero

ROH Women’s World Title Proving Ground Match: Athena VS Angelica Risk

Good gal Athena shook the hand of Risk to adhere to the code of honor but she hits a bicycle Kick right away. Risk got a kick and boot but Athena countered the 619 and slammed her down on the mat. Athena with a Superkick on a Risk on her knees. Risk with a sneaky roll up pin attempt but Athena escaped and landed a Dropkick on Risk for her efforts. Athena started to yell at the ref and Risk hits a boot to Athena. Risk gets Athena down by the hair and hits a 619. Risk with a Crossbody attempt but Athena catches her and hits 3 Wastleland Slams on Risk. Athena with a Gory Bomb on her knees and locks in a Crossface to make Risk tap.

Winner: Athena

After the match, Athena continues to tease Sky Blue by hitting a Skyfall on Risk onto the belt.

ROH World Television Title Match: Samoa Joe VS Christopher Daniels

The match is even at first but Joe takes the advantage as he hits a Back Elbow on Daniels. Joe now throws Daniels to the corner and unloads a series of punches on him. Daniels fights his way out but Joe grabs him and tosses him back to the corner. Joe with a splash and followed that up with a Enzuigiri. Joe with a Snapmare on Daniels. Daniels knows that he has to do something so he hits punches on Joe to get some separation from Joe. This plan didn’t last long as Joe hits a Powerslam on Daniels and then followed that up with a Coquina Clutch. Daniels squirmed his way out and locked a pin but Joe escaped before 3. Daniels with an STO but Joe comes right back with a Complete Shot. Later, with both men on their feet Daniels got the advantage and called for an Angel’s Wing but Joe uses his brute strength and sent Daniels over the ropes with a Suplex and hits a Muscle Buster for the win to retain his ROH title.

Winner:  AND STILL ROH TV Champion; Samoa Joe

ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli VS Robbie Eagles to retain

This match was Castagnoli using his strength versus Eagles using his speed. This was evident right away. Eagles with a Hurricanrana on Castagnoli. This angered Castagnoli who slapped the taste out of Eagles mouth and follows that up with a series of Uppercuts to Eagles in the corner. Castagnoli continues to put his strength on display as he hoists Eagles up with a Gorilla Press and slams him for the first close pin of the match after hitting a Leg Drop. Eagles eventually fights back and focuses his offense on Castagnoli’s knees. Castagnoli ended up outside and Eagles with a dive onto him to say “what’s up”.

Back in the ring, Castagnoli Eagles connects with some running Knees on the champ. Castagnoli comes right back and went for the Big Swing, but Eagles ends up finding a way out and hitting a Ron Miller Special, locking it in real good. Castagnoli makes his way to the ropes for the break. Eagles keeps the momentum going as he hits a standing Sliced Bread and then a 450 Splash but Castagnoli moved out of the way and ends up hitting a Michinoku Driver on Eagles for a 2-count. Castagnoli went for a huge uppercut but Eagles moved out of the way and went for a series of pins but Castagnoli got up from each of them and eventually hits Eagles with a HUGE LARIAT for another close pin attempt. Eagles went for another Sliced Bread but Castagnoli uses that strength I’ve been talking about all match to counter and hit a Ricola Bomb for the eventual win.

Winner: AND STILL ROH Champion; Claudio Castagnoli

In the back, Dasha Fuentes is with Sky Blue wanting. Dasha asks Blue about her recent issues with ROH Women’s champion, Athena. Blue said she has taken issue with Athena getting involved in everyone’s business and bullying the entire locker room. Sky Blue then officially challenges Athena to a title match!

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta), Action Andretti, Darius Martin & Stu Grayson (w/Alex Reynolds, Evil Uno & John Silver) VS The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) & The Varsity Athletes (Ari Daivari, Josh Woods & Tony Nese) (w/Maria Kanellis-Bennett & Mark Sterling)

This match was busy!  The Kingdom and Best Friends went at it and both Best Friends took down Taven. Nees stopped Baretta on the apron and tagged himself into the match, stopping all momentum Best Friends had. Neese with an Irish Whip on Baretta and after going for a second one, Taylor took the brunt of the whip giving Grayson the moment to tag himself into the match. Neese with a knee to Grayson. Cue Pandemonium 2023 as everyone comes in and brawls. The dust eventually settles and Grayson was left in the ring alone with Woods. Woods with a Suplex over the top rope sending Grayson crashing outside.

Andretti then randomly dives onto a group of wrestlers outside of the ring. Taven comes into the ring and went to the top rope but Baretta met him up there and hits a huge Superplex onto the oodles of wrestlers outside of the ring. Eventuallyo, Grayson and Daivari were back in the ring alone but The Righteous is out distracting Grayson causing him to run halfway up the ramp. While all this is happening, Andretti hits a Hanging Neckbreaker to get the win for his team.

Winners: Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta), Action Andretti, Darius Martin & Stu Grayson (w/Alex Reynolds, Evil Uno & John Silver)

After the match, Grayson came back and his team was a bit iffy with him but eventually he explained his beef with The Righteous and they all hugged and made up.

Athena mocks Dasha and accepts Sky Blue’s challenge

Preston Vance (w/Jose The Assistant) VS Rich Adonis

This match didn’t last long. Both men adhered to the Code of Honor. Vance with a clothesline. They end up outside of the ring and Vance tosses Adonis around like nothing Adonis maybe got two punches in before vance drops him with a Single Leg Dropkick. Adonis tried some more moves but Vance eventually locked a Full Nelson turning adonis around and hitting a Discus Lariat for the 3-count.

Winner: “El Perro Peligroso” Preston Vance

In the back, Action Andretti and Darius Martin were celebrating their win and The Kingdom attacks them.

Skye Blue VS Robyn Renegade

Another quick Dark like match. Renegade with a boot to Blue. Blue with an Arm Drag. Blue was dropped by Renegade hard to the mat after she swept her leg. Renegade whips Blue to the post on the outside of the ring. Blue comes back and gets to stomping on Renegade. Blue with a couple of Hurrcanranas and a Rising Knee followed by a Single-Leg Dropkick for a 2-count. Renegade hits Blue and goes for a quick pin but Blue gets out and hits the Skyfall. Blue with the pin and gets the 3.

Winner: Sly Blue

Brian Cage (w/Prince Nana) VS Brock Anderson

Cage with a dominant win here. Anderson moved out of the way from some moves and hit a DDT then eventually slams Cage with a Bodyslam. Cage had enough and put the boots to Anderson. Cage with a Sharpshooter but this was broken up via a rope break. Cage wasn’t phased and hit a Spinning Lariat followed by the Drillclaw.

Winner: Brian Cage

Willow Nightingale VS Steph De Lander

Nightingale with a shoulder block to take De Lander down. With De Lander back up, Nightingale hits an Enzuigiri. Nightingale in firm control went to the top rope but De Lander follows her up there and they end up on the floor where De Lander hits a Big Boot and Suplex. Nightingale was on the corner and De Lander took advantage of that by clobbering Nightingale with a Cannonball for a 2-count. De Lander runs towards Nightingale and Nightingale wins this round by knocking her own and hitting a Cannonball of her own followed by a Spinebuster for the win.

Winner: Willow Nightingale

Angelico (w/Serpentico) VS Komander

The Code of Honor was adhered to and Angelico uses that to attack Komander. Angelico with a submission but Komander gets out of it and hits a Tornado Armdrag on Angelico. Komander was in the corner after a whip from Komander. Angelico wants to capitalize on this and goes for a running knee but Komander dodges it sending Angelico to the outside. Komander with a Corkscrew Moonsault on Angelico on the outside. In the ring, Komander with a Sunset Flip. Angelico comes right back and goes for a Razor’s Edge but Komander with the reversal and hits  a huge Sunset Bomb on Angelico for the closest pin attempt to this point of the match.

Komander and Angelico are battling out and Komander hits a rndom Rise Up Rana for another 2-count. Angelico clearly had enough as he rolls to the outside of the ring. Komander stalks him and hits a Rope-Walk Plancha. Both men are back in the ring and Komander gets some more offense turning this into a Rope Walk Shooting Star Press.

Winner: Komander

After the match, Angelico looked like he was going for a Code of Honor handshake but Serpentico attacked Komander from behind. Orange Cassidy and Bandido make the save to end the show.

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ROH TV: May 4, 2023

ROH is an interesting show and with Dark officially cancelled, it feels like this is part Dark, part ROH. The longer matches were all very good and the Dark like matches were, well, Dark like. Overall a fun show with more ROH centric stories