BLK Jeez from the National Wrestling Alliance has a medical issue and needs the wrestling fans’ help to combat this form of cancer.

On a recent Twitter post by the National Wrestling Alliance, they announced there was a GoFundMe page to help BLK Jeez (Darnell Kittrell) to get the money needed to combat multiple myeloma.  Jeez has been seen on NWA programming in the corner of the NWA Heavyweight champion, and recently also in the corner of EC3.  In recent tapings of NWA Powerrr and NWA USA featuring Tyrus and EC3, Jeez has been conspicuously absent.

In the details of the fundraiser created by Dominique Torres and Paul Brown, it states the following.  “Over the past few months, Darnell began experiencing back strain. Something he assumed was minor and could be fixed with a visit to the Dr (sic). As time progressed the pain intensified and he needed to go to the ER. It was there through bloodwork that he was told he had multiple myeloma.”

Multiple myeloma is a cancer that targets plasma blood cells. According to the American Cancer Society’s web site, “In multiple myeloma, the overgrowth of plasma cells in the bone marrow can crowd out normal blood-forming cells, leading to low blood counts.”  Having multiple myeloma can cause individuals to experience anemia, which makes people feel weak or faint.  In other cases, the site explains, “Multiple myeloma can also cause the level of platelets in the blood to become low (called thrombocytopenia). This can lead to increased bleeding and bruising. Another condition that can develop is leukopenia (a shortage of normal white blood cells). This can lead to problems fighting infections.”

The GoFundMe had set a $20,000 USD goal, and as of this writing, they have raised $12,638 USD from 172 people that have donated.  The fundraiser goes on to say, “This cancer may be aggressive but Darnell is a fighter that looks at a challenge with steel in his eyes. He will fight this and we as a community need to not only cheer him on but show him that we stand with him and support him. Please consider donating to help not just with medical expenses but the loss of wages as he continues to get treatment.”

Even the talent of the NWA stepped up, reposting on Twitter.  Among the names are the NWA Women’s Champion, Kamille, who retweeted: “A great, sweet man that is part of the NWA family. Cancer affects so many people out of nowhere, and the financial stress is unfair to add on top. So along with donations please say a prayer and/or send healing vibrations his way.”

If any fans can help, go to the link and donate what you can to help BLK Jeez battle a bigger opponent outside the squared circle.


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