With the calendars turning to May, AEW is less than a month away from Double or Nothing. Tonight, the AEW World Title match will be set as either a match between MJF and Sammy Guevara or a four way match, adding Jack Perry and Darby Allin. All Perry and Allin have to do is defeat MJF and Guevara to make that match. Let’s get right to the action.

Orange Cassidy, Bandito, Roderick Strong and Adam Cole vs. The Jericho Appreciation Society (Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, Jake Hagar and Daniel Garcia)

Chris Jericho joins the crew wearing a T-shirt with the image of a beaten Britt Baker. Cole is beside himself, but do you blame him? Jericho retreats to the commentary to run down Cole. The crowd wants Roddy and he delivers. Cole pumps kicks Parker in the face as Jericho continues to run his mouth. All eight men brawl in and outside the ring. Hagar has Cassidy beaten down in the corner. Orange counters into a DDT. Hagar goes to the floor and catches Cassidy and tosses him into the ring post. Bandito wipes out Hagar. Cole tries to make his way up the ramp to Jericho, but gets cut off by Parker.  Back in the ring, Menard saves Parker from the delayed suplex and then Parker returns the favor. Bandito takes down both men with a dual suplex.

After a commercial break, Garcia is taunting Bandito. Orange Cassidy gets caught alone in the ring after the JAS wipes out his corner. Menard with an atomic drop, but Orange hits Stun-dog Millionaire. Strong gets the hot tag, hitting back breakers on Parker and Garcia. He suplexes Hagar, but the JAS breaks the pin. Garcia puts Orange in the dragon slayer. Cole puts a stop to that with a well placed thrust kick. Cassidy connects with an Orange Punch to Hagar and hits Garcia with the Beach Break. Garcia kicks out at two. Strong with a jumping knee strike to Parker and Cole lowers the Boom. Cole covers and gets the three count.

Winners via pinfall: Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Bandito and Orange Cassidy

Cole doesn’t even celebrate. He sprints to commentary and launches himself into Jericho. The two spill through the curtain as Cole lands blow after blow. Security finally pulls Cole away.

Jack Perry and Darby Allin may not like each other, but they’ve been in AEW since day one and neither have main evented a PPV, but if they win tonight that will change.

Adam Cole is escorted out of the building as Jericho heckles him. Britt Baker runs up and slaps Chris.

Bryan Danielson says he is better than Bret Hart ever was and if he isn’t the best today its one of the other members of the Blackpool Combar Club. Next week, Mox will take on Kenny Omega in a steel cage.

Saraya w/Ruby Soho and Toni Storm vs. Willow Nightingale

Saraya ducks out of the ring at the sound of the bell. Willow gives chase until she runs into Ruby and Toni. Saraya catches Willow with a kick coming back into the ring. Storm grabs Nightingale’s boot and Saraya lands a knee strike. Willow gets beaten down on the floor as Saraya distracts the ref. Willow nearly gets a pin with an inside cradle. Saraya with the Night Cap, but only gets a two count. She is shocked that Willow kicked out. Nightingale with a Death Valley Driver and Storm immediately distracts the ref. Willow takes out Soho, but Saraya hits the Good Night and gets the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Saraya

After the match, the Outcasts beat down Willow in the middle of the ring. Hikaru Shida makes her return to the make the save, but instead hugs Saraya, Storm and Soho. Shida gets the paint as Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker hit the ring. It was a trap for the Outcasts! Shida goes to work with the kendo stick and paints Saraya and company.

The House of Black don’t care much for their trios titles. They are here to make change and offer an open challenge, but their are rules. No rope escapes, no count outs, DQ will be enforced, but it’s your choice. The House always wins.

Tres de Mayo Trios Battle Royal

All three team members need to be thrown over the top rope to be eliminated. The Varsity Athletes are the first team to be knocked out. Powerhouse Hobbs takes out the Lucha Bros after QTV gets eliminated. Vikingo tries to sucker Hobbs into making a mistake. Hobbs just tosses him out of the ring. The Acclaimed take out Hobbs and it’s time for a scissors party. The Butcher takes out Max Caster. John Silver is fighting the good fight for the Dark Order. He holds Blade up for an eternity before dropping him with a vertical suplex. Well, so much for the good fight. Silver gets tossed by Blade. Billy Gunn and Anthony Bowens are left against the full team of Kip Sabian, the Butcher and the Blade. All three pick up Billy Gunn and throw him over the top rope. Gunn lands on the apron. Bowens tosses Blade and chops away at Kip and Butcher. Bowens nearly gets eliminated, holding on with one arm. Gunn pulls him back in. Bowens and Gunn hits Sabian and Butcher with Famousers and toss them out of the ring to get the win.

Winner via elimination: The Acclaimed

MJF interrupts Sammy Guevara’s interview, but Sammy calls him out for abandoning him last week. MJF says his back flared up and he should have told Sammy the truth. Guevara kisses him on the forehead and is sorry he doubted him. MJF tells him that he had their entrance music mashed up for the main event.

Don Callis looks at the scar Moxley gave him everyday and thinks about him. Mox is blind that Omega is just better than him.

Wardlow w/Arn Anderson vs. Local Enhancement Talent

Yup, Wardlow squashed him.

Winner via pinfall: Wardlow

After the match, Wardlow calls out Christian. He issues an open challenge to Luchasaurus. Christian brings out his monster and runs down the city of Baltimore. Christian could send Luchasaurus down to take that title, but that won’t happen here. Christian claims the title shot for himself.

Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh paid a visit to Mark Briscoe to help out on the farm. Papa Briscoe tells Mark to keep an eye on those jokers. Dutt tells Mark they got him a singles match and Jay Lethal calls out FTR for a title match.

“Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Juice Robinson

The two lock up and fight into the corner. Starks bounces out of the corner and delivers a clothesline. The fight spills to the floor; Starks whips Robinson into the barrier. Juice gauges the eyes and whips Ricky into the ring steps. Juice pulls out the ring steps. Starks slams Robinson into the ring post. He picks Juice up and slams him to the floor from atop the ring steps.

After a commercial break, Starks hits lariat in the ring. Ricky with a huge back drop and hits a back elbow in the corner and follows with a DDT. Juice kicks out at two. Starks with a brain buster and goes up top. Juice gets his knees up to block. Robinson connects on a cannonball and sets Starks atop the turnbuckle. Juice with a hurricanrana and throws a lariat, but Ricky kicks out. Starks counters a DDT into a roll up. Robinson with a throat chop. Starks shoots off the ropes and his the spear. Ricky hits Rochambeau and covers to get the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Ricky Starks

After the bell, Jay White jumps Ricky and beats him down in the ring. Starks fights back and Juice has to save White.

On Friday tune in for the Firm Deletion.

Backstage, Perry and Allin are ready. MJF grabs a word with Perry. He thinks the two of them could be on top of the company and Perry is twice the wrestler that Sammy is. All he has to do is double cross Allin. MJF tells Perry he isn’t World Champion material, but he could have a spot next to the thrown. Allin comes back in and MJF backs away. Perry tells Darby not to worry.

Darby Allin and Jungle Boy Jack Perry vs. MJF and Sammy Guevara – Four Pillars Tag Team Match

Perry and Guevara lock up to start. Sammy with a shoulder block and poses. Perry responds with a deep arm drag. MJF protects his partner in the corner as Allin tags in. The champ with head lock take overs. Allin with an arm drag and nearly gets a pin with a cradle. MJF retreats into the arms of Sammy. The two strategize outside the ring, as Perry tags in. MJF cries that his hair is being pulled. MJF almost hits his partner. Jungle Boy decks Sammy sending him off the apron instead. Allin and Perry team up on MJF. Guevara with a cheap shot from the apron and tags in. MJF chokes Allin with his scarf behind the ref’s back. Sammy nearly gets caught tossing the scarf out of the ring. With the ref distracted Sammy goes back to the scarf, but Allin fights back. He chokes Sammy and then MJF. On the floor MJF slams Perry into the security barrier.

After the commercial break, Sammy has Allin in an abdominal stretch. Darby breaks the hold and has to fight off MJF. He slides under MJF and Sammy to get the tag. Perry takes the fight to both men, but MJF shuts him down with a kick. Perry fires back with a dual lariat and then serves up suicided dives to MJF and Sammy on opposite side of the ring. Perry runs out of the gas, but Allin picks him up by throwing himself into Guevara. Perry hits a Tiger driver, but only gets a two count. Jungle Jak goes up top, only to have MJF grab his boot. Sammy hits a Spanish fly, but only gets a two count. Sammy goes up top. He gets an assist from MJF, but misses the senton. Allin tags in, kicking MJF in the face and hits Sammy with a destroyer. MJF counters the Code Red, but only gets a two count. Perry makes a blind tag. MJF covers Allin, only to have Perry lock in the snare trap. Sammy breaks the hold with a double stomp. Sammy flies over the ropes to take out Allin and Perry. He tosses Perry back into the ring and MJF drops him with a brain buster. Perry kicks out at two.

Sammy goes up top and hits a senton, but MJF makes a blind tag and makes the pin. Perry kicks out. Sammy is not pleased. MJF powerbombs Jack, as Sammy makes a blind tag. The two argue over who gets to make the pin. MJF slaps Guevara. Sammy with a thrust kick. Perry with an elbow to the back of the head, as Darby made a blind tag. Allin with a Coffin Drop and covers to get the three count.

Winners via pinfall: Darby Allin and Jack Perry

After the match, Allin and Perry stare each other down before turning their gaze to Sammy on the ramp. It starts to dawn on MJF that he is now in a four-way match at Double or Nothing. See you in seven!


AEW Dynamite 5/3/2023

CFG Arena, Baltimore, Maryland

Other than the Four Pillars main event match and the opening 8 man tag, tonight’s Dynamite didn’t have much to offer. Shida came back and teased joining the Outcasts before immediately turning on them. Just watch the 8 man tag and the main event and save yourself some time.