There’s no shortage of professional wrestling action figures inspired by WWF Hasbros and other beloved figures of decades past, but Zombie Sailor, creator of the Wrestling’s Heels and Faces line of professional wrestling action figures, “promises to deliver fully-licensed, amazingly-intricate figures that pay homage to the 1990s like you have not seen since.”

Zombie Sailor claims they combine “the vintage size, look, and feel of wrestling figures from yesteryear with a modern twist, such as improved sculpts, along with signing many professional wrestlers who were never given the credit they deserve,” as well as modern talent who weren’t active in the 1980s and ’90s (such as Danhausen and Nick Gage). In addition to this, Zombie Sailor takes a “small batch” approach to their hand sculpted figures, starting at about 2,500-3,000 figures per character, and they do sell out, which creates more of a collector’s premium on many of their figures. 

Zombie Sailor has released two series of Heels and Faces figures, so far, and they are all sold out, so the only way you can buy them now is from the secondary market, but Zombie Sailor recently started to share images from their third series of Heels and Faces, and other soon to be released figures, and they’re nothing short of spectacular.

Zombie Sailor announced the headliner of Heels and Faces series 3 would be none other than the One Man Gang (George Gray). This figure will include a removable denim vest with trademark logo, loose strings, tears, and cuts and will also feature his skull tattoos. This is the first officially licensed One Man Gang figure in nearly 20 years. 

Shortly after this, Zombie Sailor announced a special two-pack of Nick Gage and “The Deathmatch King” Matt Cardona, sporting a light tube and the bloody gear he wore when he defeated Gage at GCW Homecoming. 

The next Heels and Faces series 3 announcement included the tag team of Hercules Hernandez and Paul Roma, otherwise known by fans as Power and Glory. This release will mark the first Hernandez figure in over three decades and the very first licensed action figure of Roma. 

Most recently, Zombie Sailor made an announcement that’s sure to light the wrestling figure world on fire, when they shared images of their hand painted, officially licensed prototype of Brian Pillman, which will be sold as part of their upcoming Heels and Faces 6” modern scale action figure line. The Pillman figure will include multiple head sculpts, as well as accessories such as eye glasses, a removable vest, a cane, and even a handgun, for those wishing to recreate the infamous Pillman/Austin home invasion confrontation.

Zombie Sailor is creating top of the line action figures that border on works of art, and every wrestler featured gets paid a percentage of their figure sales, so if you want to get your hands on these or any of their other future releases, keep your eyes on their website and Instagram (@zombiesailorstoys).