Not sure whether this is an angle or there is more to this story but Becky Lynch posted this today:

Lynch also replaced her cover photo with some kind of black, static banner and reverted from “Becky Lynch” to her real name. She has also deleted references in the WWE in her Twitter bio and her blue checkmark is gone as well since she changed her Twitter name.

In response, Trish Stratus posted this…


The news has confused fans especially since WWE superstars do miss weekly shows on occasion but usually don’t post notices on their personal social media about those absences.

Last week on Raw, Lynch teamed with Trish Stratus and lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships to Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan. Stratus turned on Lynch attacking her after the match. Stratus is scheduled to explain her decision tonight.

Lynch isn’t the only one to make changes to her social media accounts recently. Drew McIntyre deleted references to the WWE, changed his photo over the weekend. Many speculate that is because his contract negotiations with the WWE aren’t going very well.