Dax Harwood is playing fantasy booker but with a purpose.

On his FTR with Dax podcast, Harwood has let it be known that Punk wants to continue wrestling in AEW. Harwood once again spoke about how CM Punk and FTR versus The Elite at All In at Wembley Stadium would be a massive draw and continued pitching the match.

“The reason I’m fantasy booking is because outside of Roman Reigns, and please correct me if I’m wrong, outside of Roman Reigns and maybe – this is not including like Brock Lesnar or Logan Paul or whatever – but outside of Roman Reigns and maybe Cody Rhodes, the biggest name in professional wrestling right now is CM Punk, right? Definitely the biggest name in AEW,” he said.

Hardwood wants AEW to move to the “next level” and thinks Punk is one of the people who can get them there.

“If we’re here to work for AEW, if we’re here to make professional wrestling better because of AEW, the way you do that is you take the biggest star that you have and one of the biggest stars in the world and you put them on the card and you make money with them,” he surmised.

Hardwood then conveyed Punk’s feelings at the present time.

“On top of that, I will say that I talk to Punk almost every day and Punk misses wrestling. That’s your headline: Punk misses wrestling and Punk wants to come back and he wants to give back to the fans. He wants to give back to wrestling. So, I’ll leave it at that,” he concluded.

AEW: All In London at Wembley Stadium will take place in London at the iconic Wembley Stadium on Sunday, August 27.

Tickets go on sale to the general public Friday, May 5 at 9 a.m. BST. Fans in the UK can pre-register for early access to event tickets at ticketmaster.co.uk/AEWWembley. Pre-registered access and priority presales will take place prior to the general on-sale date. Beginning May 5, tickets can be purchased at ticketmaster.co.uk/AEWWembley.