Following last week’s double turn enters the new NXT Champion and new top babyface of the white-and-yellow brand Carmelo Hayes, alongside the cold-looking Trick Williams, to open tonight’s episode. “They don’t want you to be their number one anymore, Bron. They want Melo!” says Hayes.

“The A Champ” demands that Bron Breakker enter the number-one contendership match later on, which involves Dragon Lee, JD McDonagh, and jeer-magnet Grayson Waller who interrupt consecutively. “I see a whole lot of thems, but there can only be one him,” mic drops Hayes – the top player steering NXT towards Spring Breakkin’ and an evidently much fresher main-event scene.

Fallon Henley and Kiana James vs Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre (c) – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships 

The challengers are backed by Josh Briggs, who broke up a backstage argument between the duo before commercial. Split-screen shows Brooks Jensen arriving in his truck after accusations of James cheating on their “non-exclusive” relationship stirred up team turmoil. Formulaically, the champions recuperate through picture-in-picture until Henley makes the comeback and refuses the dirty tactics offered by Jensen, who pushes down his friend Briggs. Fyre capitalizes with a sick Swanton that potentially hurts her more than Henley, but the Unholy Union retains nevertheless.

Winners: Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre


A vignette for Noam Dar is simultaneously a vignette for bringing NXT UK’s Heritage Cup rules match to the United States: two falls to a finish, six rounds of three minutes, and 20 seconds in between. 

Celebrating Duke Hudson’s creation of chicken salad – or in reality his victory at Stand & Deliver – is an MVP trophy presentation from Chase University. “It’s not about Chase me, it’s about Chase U,” spits philosophical Hudson. But interrupting is a contrastingly black-clad, serious-looking Bron Breakker who calls the Orlando audience “scumbags” and the NXT Championship a “curse.” He offers Hudson his spot in tonight’s four-way match before absolutely decimating Andre Chase with a spear and ripping the institution’s flag. Hudson shows smarts again, protecting his trophy and retreating ringside. 

Rare character exposition is shown in a vignette for Gigi Dolin that highlights her tough upbringing and betrayal from Toxic Attraction partner Jacy Jayne. NXT likes cinematic productions, and this is the correct way to utilize it.

NXT Anonymous on Twitter caught The Family running a drive-by on Pretty Deadly and kidnapping Kit Wilson, once again adding to the NXT parking lot danger.

Eddy Thorpe vs Javier Bernal 

The former Karl Fredericks is equipped with a cool entrance and odd new name, but the in-ring remains solid. Damon Kemp watches ringside as “Big Body Javi” gains control, but Thorpe captures the pinfall victory shortly after. 

Winner: Eddy Thorpe


NXT Tag Team Champions Gallus approach Tank Ledger during a photoshoot and goad him into moving his debut to tonight. In comes Schism, still employed, who are “not asking” but “telling” the boys to grant them a title match.

Nobody takes Scrypts seriously, but the dark vignette against Axiom attempts to sway opinions of the gullible. It’s time, and has been time, to regroup.

Tiffany Stratton vs Sol Ruca

Stratton and Ruca are rookies that many predict will be the future of WWE’s women’s division, or “pillars” as Booker T adds on commentary. The athleticism on display is one, but the quick learning of the game through WWE’s Performance Center is another exhibit. Ruca retains majority offense until Stratton turns the tide for her corner springboard Moonsault for the three count.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton


Duke Hudson slyly thanks Andre Chase for “taking one for the team” and allowing him the opportunity to bring gold to Chase University. Hudson is an amazing villain, even when cosplaying as the peppy, heroic foreign exchange student.

Diamond Mine is interviewed backstage and issues a challenge to Gallus for the NXT Tag Team Championships next week. Tiffany Stratton appears next, calling Indi Hartwell the “most beatable champion ever,” and she’s not wrong. 

The returning Cora Jade – “NXT’s resident mean girl” as commentary continues to reiterate – takes the mic and runs down the women’s roster: Zoey Stark, Roxanne Perez, Gigi Dolin, Tiffany Stratton, Lyra Valkyria, and Indi Hartwell. Awkward “boring” chants reverberate in the background while Jade is thrown into the deep end in a minutes-long monologue until Valkyria throws in the life preserver. They commence in an even more awkward brawl, but Valkyria stands tall. 

North American Champion Wes Lee is indeed having a great run, but the interview is cut short by Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey. The latter talks about torn ligaments and what have you, but the champion is unfazed.

Von Wagner vs Ilja Dragunov

If Wagner loses, Mr. Stone will finally disband from the walking meme. Wagner starts hot with a big boot and counters a comeback attempt, but the Torpedo Moskau eventually gives Dragunov the victory. Mr. Stone walks away without fanfare, but from behind, Dijak chooses his next victim in Dragunov – or partner for an inevitable barn burner.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov


Joe Coffey vs Tank Ledger 

The first WWE NIL athlete ever signed makes his NXT debut, proceeding a quick pep talk from Hank Walker before commercial. Ledger sports the returning one-legged tights, but meanwhile Coffey throws heavy hands while Gallus supports ringside. A mean lariat gives Coffey the win, and for Ledger, the inevitable Tank and Hank connection arc will begin. The Creed Brothers and Schism storm the ring, and the segment fades from a mass pull-apart.

Winner: Joe Coffey


The Family speaks with Roxanne Perez about providing backup before Zoey Stark steps in. But from behind attacks Pretty Deadly showing more aggression than ever before, with their motivation being kidnapped to parts unknown.

Grayson Waller vs Duke Hudson vs Dragon Lee vs JD McDonagh

The winner of tonight’s main event faces Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Championship at Spring Breakkin’, and the pace is nonstop from the get-go. Waller has the biggest aura of the four, destined for the main roster imminently although a program with Hayes would be stellar. Dragon Lee impresses but looks to add yet another multi-man loss to his short NXT resume, but meanwhile slyly heroic Hudson makes a Chase-U comeback with Orlando behind him. McDonagh efficiently utilizes his short bursts of offense, but Lee cuts them off with intense aerial maneuvers. He connects with a huge powerbomb on Hudson, but stealing the victory is Waller with his rolling stunner, remaining on top of NXT to the complaint of nobody rational in the midst of a feud with Hayes.

Winner: Grayson Waller

NXT 4/11/23

Orlando, FL

NXT has an amazingly talented top section of the roster who are capable of putting on the best wrestling out there. Focusing the show on talents like Hayes and Waller, which NXT is correctly doing, is a massive benefit to the white-and-yellow brand.