The WWE is arguably coming off the worst Raw after WrestleMania, and it seemed like Vince McMahon was back in control. We can only hope that tonight’s show is not more of the same and it will be a much more enjoyable three hours of sports entertainment. We now head to the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, Washington.

Rey Mysterio was kicking the show off tonight, he was talking about what a crazy year he’s had so far and how entering the WWE Hall of Fame last weekend should have been one of the best moments of his life. However, he said there was a damper on that weekend due to him having to face his own son and then the most hated man in wrestling, Dominik Mysterio, made his way to the ring. Dom said he is sick of listening to his father and that his father never cared for him.

He said his only real family is The Judgement Day and that Bad Bunny screwed him at ‘Mania by getting involved and helping Rey. The footage was then shown of Bad Bunny being thrown through the announce table last week by Damian Priest. Dom said he hopes Bad Bunny has learned his lesson and he will be out of his business from now on.

However, Rey spoke to Bad Bunny and he will be back, he said Judgement Day will regret ever putting their hands on him. He said Dom talks a lot about Judgement Day because he can’t man up and handle his own issues, so Rey challenged Dom to a ‘Mania rematch. Dom declined the offer and instead brought out Finn Balor to face Rey.

Rey Mysterio vs. Finn Balor

Balor started the match in full control, using his speed and dropping Rey with the elbow across the chest. He was then stomping into Rey’s chest and telling him that every shot was for his son Dominik. Rey got himself back into it with some elbows, a hurricanrana and then a sliding splash to the outside onto Balor.

As we returned from a commercial break, Mysterio was hitting Balor with a bulldog and he then jumped from the top with a seated senton before hitting a springboard crossbody. He attempted the 619, but Balor turned to hit him with a clothesline and then drop-kicked Rey into the corner. Balor went to the top for Coup de Grace, but Rey caught him on the top and instead hit an avalanche hurricanrana.

Rey then successfully hit the 619 and went to follow it with the Frog Splash, but Balor got his knees up at the last second. Balor then distracted the referee while Dom attempted to hit Rey with a steel chain, but Rey blocked it. He then hit both Balor and Dom with a suicide dive, but then Balor distracted the ref again and this time Dom was able to connect to Rey’s skull with the chain. Balor finished it off with the Coup de Grace to secure the win.

Winner: Finn Balor

We now got some footage from backstage earlier today, Otis was doing an interview but screams were heard in the distance. The screams were coming from Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez, they found Lita knocked out on the ground. Lita and Becky Lynch are scheduled to defend their Women’s Tag Titles against Morgan and Rodriguez tonight, but now we have to wonder if Lita will be able to compete. There is also no word on who it was that attacked Lita.

Becky Lynch was then interviewed by Byron Saxton, she had both tag titles with her and announced that Lita is in a local medical facility. Lynch said Lita is unable to compete, but she has found someone to fill in for her, Trish Stratus!

New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Becky Lynch & Trish Stratus (C) vs. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez — WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match

Lynch and Rodriguez started the match, and Rodriguez used her strength to get the early advantage for her team before tagging in Morgan. She hit Lynch with a running knee to the face, a dropkick and then a double foot stomp to her back. However, Lnch then got Stratus into the match and she hit Morgan with one of her signature handstand hurricanranas and then Lynch came back in to hit a leg drop from the top rope.

After a commercial break, Stratus and Morgan took each other out when they both went for a facebuster and they then both made the tag. Rodriguez was manhandling Lynch and hit a second rope spinning senton, but Lynch then got her with a missile dropkick from the top. Lynch and Stratus were then looking for a double superplex, but Rodriguez pushed Lynch down and Stratus got an avalanche hurricanrana.

Rodriguez was not easy to keep down, before you knew it she regained control and tagged in Morgan. But Lynch and Stratus got Morgan isolated and went for another double superplex, however Rodriguez came in to create a tower and power bombed Lynch and Startus while they superplexed Morgan. Lynch hit Morgan with a Manhandle slam, but Rodriguez broke up the pin. Lynch then tagged in Stratus and went after Rodriguez, however, Morgan quickly rolled Stratus up and we have new champions!

Winners: New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez

Despite Stratus losing Lynch and Lita the titles, Lynch was still showing love to Stratus after the match. Then to the shock of all Stratus attacked Lynch from behind and hit her with a Chick Kick! Stratus has taken out The Man and I think it is now very clear who took out Lita earlier today.

Byron Saxton tried to catch up with Trish to ask her why she did what she did, but she did not give a comment.

Paul Heyman was now backstage, he said Kevin Owens has a problem with Sami Zayn and Matt Riddle not being here tonight. Owens is scheduled to face Solo Sikoa tonight and now he has to do it without a single ally in the building. Solo will have Heyman with him and The Usos are there, so it seems The Bloodline will be using their numbers advantage.

Damage Ctrl was backstage and they are clearly having some issues because Bayley is getting an opportunity to earn a chance at the Raw Women’s title. Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai feel that opportunity should be theirs and that Bayley has already had enough opportunities.

Bobby Lashley vs. Bronson Reed

This was a heavyweight battle and they were throwing some big shots to get the match started, Reed was the first to lift Lashley up. He knocked Lashley to the outside of the ring and then jumped off the apron with a shoulder tackle. Reed was then laying into Lashley with some punches and he went for a splash, but Lashley moved out of the way.

Lashley hit some lariats and then a neck breaker, he then used his strength to suplex the massive Reed. He was now looking for the Hurt Lock, but Reed was too big and he then threw his weight onto Lashley’s chest. Reed jumped off the top rope hitting Lashley with a thesz press, but Lashley came right back and connected a spine buster.

The Hurt Lock was then put in, but Reed threw himself and Lashley through the ropes and then threw him into the ring post. The brawl was now on and both men were counted out, but these two behemoths could not be separated.

Winner: Draw (Double countout)

Cody Rhodes had the worst ‘Mania week out of anyone on the roster, he lost to Roman Reigns in the main event of night 2 and then got brutally beaten down by Brock Lesnar on Raw the next night. Tonight he was here to talk all about that, he said there is nobody to blame for his ‘Mania loss except himself. However, he said he will continue to fight to get back to the title and he then brought up Paul Heyman saying he needs to earn his next title shot. But, Cody said, “Earn it? I am it!”

He then changed his attention to Brock Lesnar, he said he gave up his innocence to the beast and he repaid him with destruction. He believes Lesnar is uncertain about his future because of the way Cody has changed the WWE since his return. But, Cody does not understand why he would be uncertain considering the accomplishments he has had during his career.

Cody then said to the surprise of all that he is scared of Lesnar, but even with the fear he still wants to fight him. He wants to turn Lesnar from predator to prey and he said he will make him a victim, and that fight can happen anywhere he wants. Rhodes put out the challenge, he wants Lesnar one on one at WrestleMania Backlash!

The Usos vs. Alpha Academy

Otis was up to his usual comedy to kick this match off, he was posing and dancing all over the ring. It was when Chad Gable got in the ring that the wrestling started, he got Jimmy Uso into a rope-assisted arm bar and then dove with a clothesline from the top rope. However, The Usos then got an assisted backbreaker on Gable and double-super-kicked Otis off the apron.

The Usos were in full control until Gable caught Jimmy with an exploder suplex and tagged in Otis who came in on a mission. Otis was using his size and strength to outpower The Usos and power slammed both of them. He then hit Jimmy with The Caterpillar and put him up on his shoulders for the assisted bulldog, but Jey broke up the count at two.

Both Usos then double super-kicked Otis on the outside, but when they turned around Gable flew from the top with a moonsault onto both of them. He then threw Jimmy back in the ring and hit him with a headbutt from the top rope. Gable was looking for the finish, but Jey sneakily tagged in and The Usos hit a double super-kick and then the 1D for the victory.

Winners: The Usos

Iyo Sky vs. Piper Niven vs. Michin — #1 Contender’s Match for the Raw Women’s Championship

Damage Ctrl.

This triple-threat match initially had Bayley in it, but after the issues with Damage Ctrl earlier Bayley got herself replaced with Iyo Sky to satisfy her teammates. The match began with a lot of high flying, Sky hit Niven with a missile dropkick, Michin dove through the ropes with a suicide dive to Niven and then Sky got both of her opponents with a springboard moonsault.

Later in the match, Niven launched Sky to the top rope and she got Michin with an avalanche hurricanrana. Sky then continued with a springboard missile dropkick to the face of Niven, but Michin was right there to hit Sky with a dragon suplex. Michin was on the attack and she hit Niven with a sunset bomb and then Eat Defeat. However, as she went for the pin Sky came from the top rope hitting both women with the Over the Moonsault to steal the win.

Winner: New #1 contender, Iyo Sky

Solo Sikoa vs. Kevin Owens

Right from the opening bell Sikoa went after the knee of Owens that he injured on Smackdown last week, and he was not letting up. Owens now basically on one leg had to deal with Solo and The Usos in his corner, but he managed to throw Solo into the steel steps and land a senton. That senton did not serve many purposes as Solo then kicked him in the back of his knee and hit him with a running hip attack in the corner.

After a commercial break, Solo was going for a Samoan drop, but Owens slipped out and hit Solo with a DDT. He then hit Solo with two super-kicks and then wanted a cannonball, but the injured knee gave out and Solo hit him with a super-kick of his own. Solo wanted a superplex, however, Owens was able to push Solo off the top rope and then dive with a frog splash.

He went for the stunner, which was reversed by Solo, he then hit a Samoan drop and went to the top rope. Owens met Solo on the top rope with a number of headbutts and he then threw him off the top onto his back. The Usos now attempted to get involved, but Owens took both of them out and hit Solo with a swanton bomb from the top.

Owens hit the Pop-up Powerbomb and went for the stunner, but Jimmy Uso grabbed the ref while Jey super-kicked Owens. Solo then hit Owens with a Samoan Spike and picked up the victory!

Winner: Solo Sikoa

After the match, The Bloodline was beating down Owens, but then to the surprise of all Sami Zayn and Matt Riddle arrived! They took out The Usos and were after Solo, The Bloodline had no choice but to retreat. Raw went off the air with Owens, Zayn and Riddle standing tall!


Raw, April 10th, 2023

This was actually a very entertaining episode of Raw, there was lots of great in-ring action and we saw a lot of stories develop. The last hour was spectacular in-ring wise and the match of the night was easily The Usos vs. Alpha Academy. If WWE can put out episodes of Raw like this more consistently, the three hours will be much more enjoyable.