Tonight could get even worst after Real1 felt like soiling my screen a little early because why not? He has the tendency to do whatever the hell he wants regardless of how it makes me and the rest of the crowd feel. The booing coming from the fans hasn’t phased him at all.

You know when I mentioned how messy Real1’s way of dressing was last week? Surprisingly, it’s like he heard me and dressed up. He’s not in a match currently, but I like to believe my words had some barring to his appearance. Ha!

While Real1 has he’s own beliefs. He thinks it’s because of him that MLW Underground is on TV. That’s stretching it a bit… Anyway, after his loss against Microman last week, Real1 isn’t finished with him yet. He calls Micro a dwarf. Name-calling… nice. As he kept on insulting both Warner and Microman, Mance decides he’s had enough and makes an entrance.

Warner is out here with a literal CHAINSAW. What is this?? He does leave Real1 on the run. Matthew Justice also joins in with a steel chair. Real1 was momentarily trapped, unfortunately, he managed to escape… at least until we find Microman hiding in a bin of weapons Real1 tried to grab. He has no choice but to scurry away as Warner, Justice and Microman are having beers.

The 1 Called Manders vs. Rickey Shane Page – Hardcore match

Given Hammerstone’s declaration of war, he and The Second Gear Crew will team up to take down The Calling. Manders and Page’s match is just a sneak peak at the inevitable carnage we will see at War Chamber in two weeks time.

As soon as Rickey picks a weapon from the frightening selections his friend displayed, he didn’t waste any time going after Manders with it.

Manders manages to counter with a DDT as a defense mechanism, but it wasn’t enough to put Page away… obviously. According to commentary, Page chose a bloody spike from the table. Oof. They sound disgusted too. “You look into those eyes, there is no soul,” in The Calling.

While Page is down inside the ring, Manders takes that opportunity to grab some artillery of his own. A table and chairs. He had it set up between the ropes, but Rickey pushes him into his own trap.

For a moment, Manders was on the receiving end of Rickey’s onslaught, luckily, he pulls himself through with a chop to his opponent’s chest. Alas, lady luck stopped smiling on Manders because he came face down against the chair that Rickey was sitting on, standing him up like an exclamation point. Ouch. Manders is bleeding on the forehead.

Whatever is in the white bag Page is holding, it doesn’t ward Manders off. Instead, he goes right on the offence, Rickey’s head. Manders decides to spread the thumbtacks in the middle of the ring just to show how being sadistic really looks like when it’s coming your way. He performs a tremendously painful Spin Buster to Page onto the tacks that latch themselves into his skin.

Manders goes even further by planting Page against the table, breaking it in the process. After the break, Rickey plummets Manders on his back as payback with a body splash. Commentary could have sworn Manders spat a bit of blood on impact… gross.

Both parties are now covered in their own blood. Now nice.

What came as the biggest heart-stopper was when Manders found himself under the table Page had in his control, only to be crashed upon by Rickey’s mass domineer. The Raven was enjoying every minute of it. If you’re searching for a sadistic bastard, look no further than Raven. This man is something else…

Once Page made the cover, it was over. The fight may have officially concluded, but when Page tried to leave The Calling’s card, Manders snapped back to his feet and pursued Rickey.

Winners: Rickey Shane Page

The FBI vs. Natural Vibes (c) – Open The Twin Gate Championship match 

While Natural Vibes were hyping up the fans, The FBI decide to end their… well, natural vibes.

Kzy and Rey Jazz are starting this match up. Jazz enlists Guido’s help, so they can play a double team for a failed cover. Kzy delivers an uppercut to Guido before tagging in Big Boss Shimizu.

Guido almost had Shimizu when he caught him mid-air and twisted his arm around. Fortunately for Big Boos, he rolls through it. The FBI attempt another double team, yet Shimizu shoulder tackles them both.

Whatever Kzy was planning on doing, Jazz stopped him by yanking his leg, causing Guido to knock him onto the outside, which also resulted in Kzy ploughing against the barricades at the hands of Jazz.

The FBI were smart enough to keep Kzy in their corner, so he couldn’t make a tag. Jazz plants him on his back hard, but it wasn’t sufficient to put him away. It was too close.

Once Shimizu and Rey are tagged in, Big Boss ploughs his opponent down with multiple shoulder tackles followed by a body block. Guido tries to get involved, but Shimizu takes care of him.

Later on, Shimizu catches Jazz with a choke slam, then Kzy goes up high with a strong frog splash that grants them the retaining win.

Winners: Natural Vibes

The Calling send a message saying that Hammerstone and The Second Gear Crew aren’t ready for how unfiltered and brutal they can be. War Chamber won’t be large enough to contain all the chaos they will inflict on their opponents. Trust in Raven. It’s a cult.

The Bomaye Fight Club’s Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas are backstage wanting to call out the numbers for the upcoming Battle Riot event. For some reason, they were being secretive about it, however, they seemed deflated in whatever they got. Ha! Ha!

Lince Dorado (c) vs. Delirious – Middleweight Championship match

We were meant to see Dorado come out of the gate after Delirious made his entrance, shockingly, Lio Rush comes out instead. I’m not complaining, but I am confused.

He’s here to remind the audience, in case you forgot, that he’s the best Middleweight Champion of all time. No one comes close to The Bad Child, of course. We weren’t prepared for Rush to make his way to commentary to watch this match, but okay. As I said, I’m not complaining. Delirious is though…

“Come on, man.” said Lio. Everyone seems to enjoy jumping their opponent seconds after the bell or moments before. Wow. Delirious put the champ through two failed roll ups as he pounds the mat in frustration. Dorado comes back with a vertical suplex to the challenger.

Lince had this fight in his favor with a beautiful arm drag, a slingshot and drop kick.

Lio was impressed by the match so far, but he wonders how they measure up to him since he’s the best Middleweight Champion. Lio telling Lince to stretch distracts him a bit, long enough for Delirious to plant the champ on his spine against the apron.

It felt like a game watching Dorado and Delirious switching places as they try to suplex the other, but they continue to avoid it. It made Rush and I dizzy.

Lio snickers when Lince accidently kicks the referee in the chest, not too hard though. It was still funny hearing Lio’s deep laughter in the headpiece microphone. Ha! Priceless.

Lince attempts to win over Delirious with a headspring Stunner, which came close, just not enough. So here comes the Powerbomb followed by the Shooting Star for a retaining victory.

Towards the end, Lio felt like awarding Lince his belt as the rest of us have an unsettling feeling in our guts. He doesn’t let go of the belt once Dorado has a hold of it too. Whatever words they were sharing did prompt Rush to release the gold, but not without making Lince pay for it first with a GTH. What came after that was evident, Lio kept pounding away at Lince.

Rush even uses the Middleweight belt as a weapon against Dorado’s head. At some point, he leaves having made a statement along with the title belt.

Winner: Lince Dorado

Backstage, there’s a commotion between Kane, Mr. Thomas and Davey Boy Smith Jr. because they knocked Thomas Billington’s teeth out and fled the scene after getting caught. Now there’s blood on the floor… The animosity they feel for each other is far from done. Next week, Smith Jr. gets to have Kane in a no rope match. Nothing to tether you down.


TOP PHOTO: Lio Rush walking away with Dorado’s belt. Courtesy of MLW