Greetings and Salutations. It is the busiest weekend of the year for wrestling and we are on the eve of WrestleMania Night 1. Tonight we will travel to the USC campus arena, the Galen Center where Tony Khan’s second brand, Ring of Honor continues its yearly tradition of having its SuperCard of Honor on WrestleMania weekend. This card is stacked. After last night’s great Impact and NJPW card it will be hard to top it but ROH could easily do it. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

ROH Supercard of Honor Zero Hour Pre-Show

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman were on commentary with Bobby Cruise was the ring announcer. Things got started right away.

Jeff Cobb VS Tracy Williams

The code of honor was adhered to as the match started. Cobb got things started right away and dominated the early part of the match using his brute strength. Williams blocked a standing Moonsault attempt from Cobb and went for a submission hold but Cobb used his muscle to break out of it. Cobb went for a Saito Suplex and followed it with a DDT and went for a pin but it was only good for a 2-count. Cobb went for a Piledriver and Williams was able to hook him and went for the pin but it wasn’t enough to end the match. Cobb went back on the attack and suplexed Williams then hit a vicious Lariat. This set up Cobb to hit the Tour of the Islands on Williams for the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

After the match, both men shake hands.

A video package aired promoting Wheeler Yuta vs. Katsuyori Shibata for the ROH Pure Championship

Bobby Cruise then introduced Nigel McGuinness to ROH who took a seat at the announce table to make it a 3-person team for the show.

Konosuke Takeshita VS Willie Mack

The Code of Honor was adhered to and as the match started Mack ended up outside of the ring and Takeshita went for a dive, but he landed on his feet when Mack rolled out of the way. Mack hit Takeshita with a clothesline and both men ended up back in the ring. Takeshita attacked Mack who ended up outside of the ring again and Takeshita landed a flip dive. Takeshita threw Mack back in the ring and played to the crowd which gave Mack enough time to hit  Takeshita with a Flip Dive. Mack hit the mat hard and favored his lower back once more. Mack finally hit his standing Moonsault for a 2-count. Takeshita came back up and started a rally as he punched Mack with some quick strikes but Mack stops things cold as he hit a Dropkick but Takeshita hits Mack with a Lariat for another 2-count.

The two battled back and forth and Mack hit the Pounce on Takeshita and followed that up with a Stunner which Takeshita didn’t sell at all who hit a Stunner of his own on Mack who didn’t come down and Takeshita puts him out with a knee straight to the head. The two continued to impress and give it their all. Mack finally gets Takeshita sown and climbs the ropes for a Forg Splash attempt but Takeshita moved out of the way and hits Mack with another Knee to the head and got the 3-count for the win.

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita

After the match, Takeshita went to check on Mack and pulled him up. Both men hug it out and Mack raises Takeshita’s arm. Takeshita bows.

Willow Nightingale VS Miranda Alize

Nightingale went for the handshake but Alize slapped Willow’s hand away and the Code of Honor was not adhered to. Alize got things started quickly as she hit a Huracanrana on Nightingale. Alize maintained control for much of the match after that. Nightingale was in the corner seated and Alize Dropkicked her hard in the corner. Nightingale tried a comeback and hit a Spinebuster on Alize which was good for a 2-count. Nightingale lifted Alize but she battled her way out with some well aimed Elbows and hit a Neckbreaker on Nightingale for another 2-count. Alize is now showing signs of frustration as she can’t seem to end Nightingale.

With Nightingale still down, Alize locked an Armbar on her but Nightingale rolled through it and ended up pinning Alize who was forced to break the submission. Nightingale dodged a Superkick and hit Alize with a Death Valley Driver. After the pin attempt, Nightingale went for a Somersault Splash but Alize moved out of the way. Alize with a Cutter now and went for a Drive By but Nightingale moved out of the way and hit a Spear on Alize. Nightingale means business now as she lowered her straps and hits a furious looking Sit-Out Powerbomb for the 3-count and win!

Winner: Willow Nightingale

We get a double promo video package as we see a hype video for Samoa Joe VS Mark Briscoe and the main event of Claudio Castagnoli vs. Eddie Kingston.

Stu Grayson (w/Evil Uno) vs. Slim J (w/Ari Daivari, Mark Sterling)

ROH SuperCard of Honor – Main Show

The Code of Honor was adhered to as Slim J shook Grayson’s hand but then kicked it away. Grayson did not like this at all and got to work on J. J was on the ropes and Sterling climbed up the apron and distracted the ref and Grayson. This opening gave J the chance to do a Spin Kick on Grayson. Grayson popped right back up and Grayson hit J with a Pop-Up Powerslam. Grayson lifts J and J hits elbows and ends up hitting a cutter on Grayson who went for a pin but Grayson got up at 2.  J went for a top rope Moonsault but Grayson moved out of the way causing J to crash on the mat.

Grayson lifts J up again but Sterling is back on the Apron distracting the ref yet again and J rakes the eyes of Grayson. Evil Uno comes out and takes Daivari and Sterling out with a clothesline. Back in the ring, Grayson hits a running knee and a Nightfall Backbreaker for the win over Slim J.

Winner: Stu Grayson

After the match, Vincent and Dutch made their entrance while Grayson and Uno were celebrating inside the ring. Vincent and Dutch stopped at the stage and smiled meanwhile Grayson and Uno didn’t seem happy to see them.
The commentators run through the final card as Zero Hour ends.

ROH Supercard of Honor Main Card

 The intro happens and we go straight to the action as Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman, and Nigel

El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Komander for the AAA Mega Championship

The wrestlers shook hands to honor the code of honor. The crows started a  “lucha” chant. The match started off with tons of back and forth between the two and Vikingo was holding Komander from the back and his shoulders went down and the ref started counting but stopped abruptly (woops). Komander was thrown outside of the ring and Vikingo did a corkscrewflip dive. Both men were back in the ring and Komander hit a dropkick on Vikingo that sent him outside. Komander with a Flip Dive onto Vikingo outside. Komander then pulles a table out from under the ring and set it up beside the ring. Komander with another casual Flip Dive onto Vikingo. After some more time they ended up back in the ring and Vikingo got the advantage and went to the top rope who just casually did a Shooting Star Huracanrana onto Komander. Vikingo with anotehr kick and running double knees sending both wrestlers outside.

Vikingo went for a shooting star press from the apron, but Komander put his knees up. Komander was now in control and he rolled Vikingo back in the ring. Komander walked the ropes and went for a dive, but Vikingo put his feet up. Shortly then, Vikingo stood on the ring post and then leapt to the ropes and dove at Komander, who caught him and powerbombed him for a 2-count.  Komander wanted to keep this momentum and went to the top rope but Vikingo caught up to him and pushed him outside of the ring. Vikingo then climbed on the ring post and jumped down to the middle rope and then bounced and did an inverted flip and landed on Komander on the floor on the outside. Back in the ring, Vikingo stood on the middle rope and did an inside out corkscrew 450 splash on Komander for a near fall.

Both wrestlers went back and forth some more and eventually fought on the apron. Komander went for a huracanrana, but Vikingo stopped it and Komander went for a Poisonrana and hit it. Komander ran the ropes and then springboarded from another rope onto Vikingo at ringside. Komander stalked Vikingo and threw him back in the ring and then did a Shooting Star Press on Vikingo. Vikingo came back and stood on the top rope and then Komander ran the ropes toward him but Vikingo took him down with a huracanrana.

The match spilled to the outside again and Vikingo slammed Komander on the table which was set up earlier and then did a Springboard from the middle rope into a 450 splash onto Komander but the table didn’t give in. Vikingo threw a lifeless Komander back in the ring and then climbed to the top rope and went for a 630 splash but Komander moved out of the way and then went to the opposite corner and hit his finisher and the pin but Vikingo grabbed the bottom rope in the last second to break the pin and save his title. Vikingo got Komander on the top rope and did an Uranage slam. Vikingo was looking to end things and he hit double knees in the corner and hit his 630 splash for the huge win!

Winner: AND STILL AAA Mega Champion; Vikingo

After the match Vikingo and Komander adhered to the code of honor.

ROH 6-Man Tag Team Championship: The Embassy (Brian Cage, Kaun, and Toa Liona (w/Prince Nana) ) VS Blake Christian, Metalik, and AR Fox

The Code of honor was adhered to but things got intense fast as all 6 men threw down. The Embassy isolated Metalik in their corner to cut him off from making the tag. Fox tagged in and dove onto Kaun and then Cage. Fox threw Cage back in the ring and hit a Swanton for a 2-count. Fox climbed to the top rope and went for a dive onto Cage but was caught and Cage hit an F5. Christian and Toa tagged in and Christian went for a Fosbury Flip dive to the floor. Back in the ring, Metalik tagged in and hit a springboard from the ropes  performed a move from the ropes and went for the pin but it was only good for a 1-count. The Embassy worked over Christian and cut the ring in half.

Cage was setting up for a move in the corner ropes and Fox ran over and powerbombed him. This didn’t phase Cage much as he came right back and did a springboard dive onto Fox. Metalik followed up with a dive of his own onto Cage and he kicked out at 2. Metalik went for another dive but Cage stopped him in his tracks. This lead us to the usual everyone gets to show off sequence until everyone was down on the floor. Cage set up Metalik for a move until Christian ran over the backs of everyone and hit Cage with a helluva move. In short time, Cage hit Metalik with a clothesline and then quickly followed it up with a Drill Claw and got the win.

Winner: AND STILL 6-Man Tag Team Champions; Brian Cage, Kaun, and Toa Liona

After the match, Nana shook the hand of Metalik.

ROH Women’s Championship: Athena VS Yuka Sakazaki

Sakazaki went for a handshake but Athena shoved Sakazaki’s arm. The match got started and Sakazaki hit a cannonball dive from the middle rope onto Athena who ran outside to try to get away from Sakazaki. Sakazaki went for a Head-Scissors but Athena caught on and slammed Sakazaki down. Athena Powerbombed Sakazaki twice and ended up hitting a sit-out Powerbomb and went for a pin but it wasn’t enough. Athena stayed in full control of the match for a bit and went for a kick but Sakazaki moved out of the way and ended up slamming Athena down on the floor then tossed her to the ring steps. Sakazaki went to the stage and  did a running dive onto Athena. Sakazaki rolled Athena inside the ring and hit a Springboard Splash.

Athena came right back and hit Sakazaki with a forearm strike and went for the pin but Sakazaki got up at 2. Athena went striaght to the top rope but Sakazaki caught up to her and Superplexed Athena. Sakazaki with an airplane spin into a slam for another 2-count. Sakazaki was on the middle rope but Athena held the referee in front of her as a shield and then did an O-Face for the win.

Winner: AND STILL ROH Womens Champion; Athena

After the match, Athena shook the hand of Sakazaki as she was down and out and posed over her with her foot on her.

We got a hype video for the ROH TV Title match…

ROH TV Championship: Samoa Joe vs. Mark Briscoe

Joe and Mark shook hands as a “Dem Boys” chant happened. Joe rolled out of the ring to stall the start of the match. Once the match officially started, both men trade chops and this ended when Mark hit a Redneck Kung Fu chop. Mark struggled to get Joe up for a Death Valley Driver. Joe slowly rolled back to ringside and Mark followed him but Joe was waiting for him and Suplexed Mark on the floor. Joe hit Mark’s head on the ring post and threw him back in the ring. Joe continued his attack on Mark and punched him relentlessly. Mark was laying on the corner  ran Mark’s head into the ring post and then tossed him back inside the ring. Joe worked over Mark with punches until he was seated in the corner. Mark got up and hit some punches on Joe but Joe got the momentum back with an elbow. Joe tossed Mark back to the outside of the ring. Joe slammed Mark around and threw Mark back in the ring along with a chair. Joe slowly made his way back in the ring and got caught up with the boos from the crowd. This gave Mark the time to get back up and kick Joe back outside of the ring. Mark then dove onto Joe and stopped for a kiss from his daughter who was sitting at ringside.

Mark then grabbed a table and was going to set it up but Joe hit him and smiled at the table. This brief distraction with the table gave Mark the time to do a Blockbuster on Joe that broke the table. Mark threw Joe back in the ring and hit all the chops on Joe. Joe came right back and hit Mark with some chops of his own but Mark hits Joe with an elbow and headbutt to win this round. Mark then jumped from the middle rope and forearmed Joe to knock him down. Joe was back up and went for a punch but Mark dodged it and knocked Joe down again. Both men were up and Mark ran towards Joe who powerslammed him and went for the pin but Mark got back up at 2. Joe with a Powerbomb and another 2-count. Joe with a STF and Mark got to the ropes for the break.

Both men were back up and Mark hit Joe with more chops but Joe broke this up with a Suplex. Mark came back all fired up and Joe hits a huge Lariat. Joe sets up Mark on the ropes for his Muscle Buster but Mark fought his way out and hits Joe with a Big Boot straight to the head. Mark climbed to the top rope and pointed to the sky and hits the Froggy Bow Elbow Drop for a huge near fall. Mark went for a Jay Driller, but Joe stops him. Mark went for another move and Joe slips out and catches Mark in a Rear Naked Choke. Mark is almost out and as he starts fighting back, Joe Suplexes him only to re-apply the Choke Hold and the ref called for the bell.

Winner: AND STILL ROH TV Champion; Samoa Joe

After the match, we see Mark’s daughters at ringside. Joe grabbed Mark by the throat and pushes him in the corner. Joe shakes Marks hand. Mark grabbed Joe’s ROH title and handed it to Joe. Mark looked sad at the loss. Mark then goes straight to his family and hugged his mom, daughters, wife, and family. Mark went to the stage and pointed to the sky. Super emotional moment.

Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Daniel Garcia

The referee called for the Code of Honor, but both men weren’t intrested. Tanahashi with an early crossbody to Garcia. Tanahashi then played some air guitar. Garcia wanted nothing to do with this and went to the outside.  Tanahashi followed him and and ran towards Garcia who hit a drop toe hold onto the stairs. Garcia went to aim for the injured knee of Tanahashi and made fun of him by playing some air guitar of his own. Garcia then kneed the injured knee of Tanahashi. Tanahashi didn’t stay down for a loing time and knocked Garcia down with a forearm. Tanahashi with a Cannonball onto Garcia. Garcia kicked the bad knee. Garcia and Tanahashi go back and forth in the middle of the ring and this ended when Garcia swept the legs of Tanahashi. Garcia went for a Sharpshooter and Tanahashi got out of it. Garcia went back to work on the bad knee of Tanahashi. Tanahashi rolled Garcia up out of nowhere for a 2-count.

Tanahashi with his famous Dragon screw leg whip and locked in his high angle cloverleaf. Garcia made his way to the ropes to break the submission. Back up, Garcia got the momentum back and went for a piledriver, but Tanahashi stopped it and hit a Neckbreaker on Garcia. Tanahashi followed up with a sling blade, climbed to the top rope  clothesline. Tanahashi went up top and hit the High Fly Flow and scored the pin.

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi

A video package set up the Reach For The Sky ladder match which was up next.

Reach For The Sky ladder match for the vacant ROH Tag Team Championships: “The Kingdom” Matt Taven and Mike Bennett (w/Maria Kanellis) VS “Aussie Open” Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher vs. “LFI” Dralistico and Rush (w/Jose) vs. “Lucha Bros” Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix (w/Alex Abrahantes) vs. “Top Flight” Dante Martin and Darius Martin

Top Flight and the Lucha Bros showed a sign of respect to kick things off. The Kingdom and LFI teamed up and took everyone out of the ring and then Taven hit Rush. Bennet put Martin on his shoulders outside of the ring and Taven ran the ropes and dover over the top hitting Martin. The Kindgom then focused their attack on Aussie Open members Davis and Fletcher. Aussie Open brought a ladder into the ring and set it up. Fletcher went to grab the betls but Penta and Fenix stopped him form grabbing the belts. The Lucha Brothers went for the belts on their own and LFI stopped them. Rush and Dralistico took everyone out and went for the belts but Taven and a now bleeding Bennett came back in and stopped them. Bennett and Rush were climbing the ladders and began to trade chops on one another. Rush wiped some of Bennett’s blood on his own chest. Rush dropped Bennett and then Taven takes out Rush with a Springboard kick. Dralistico with a Suplex onto a ladder to Taven.

Dralistico went for the belts, but Top Flight showed up again and stopped them. Rush threw a chair to Darius and Darius retruned the favor. Dante with a Dropkick onto the chair which hits Rush in the face. The Martin’s went for the belts but Aussie Open stops them. Lucha Brothers and Aussie Open then go at it. Aussie Open double teamed Penta and whipped him to the corner onto a ladder that was positioned there. Davis and Fletcher then re-arrange the ladders and bridged one from the ring to the barricade. Fletcher went for the belts but Dante stops him with a springboard move from the ropes to the ladder and Darius with a Spanish Fly on Taven. Bennett saw the opening with everyone out cold and made a bee line for the belts but Dante stopped him at the top of the ladder and did a Sunset Bomb from the ladder onto the mat. Dante then went for the belt but Aussie Open pull him down and take him out. Darius with some kicks to Davis and Fletcher which takes them out of the equation for a bit. Fletcher and Darius are on the apron going back and forth with strikes. Davis and Fletcher slammed Darius onto the bridged ladder and Dralistico with an insane DDT on Davis and followed that up with a Huracanrana on Fletcher that sent him out of the ring. Bennett is back and slammed Dralistico on the ladder that was bridged. Taven with a splash on Dralistico that finally broke the ladder. Rush then quickly comes back in and hits a Suplex on Davis onto another ladder.

The Lucha Bros were going for the belts but Jose threw his jacket on them an this got Abrahantes red hot who attacked Jose. While all of this was happening they re-arranged the tables in the ring and there were a bunch set up along with a few bridged ladders from the ladder to the ropes. Dante sent Fenix onto a ladder that was bridged and then Penta climbed up the other side of the ladder and fought Dante who fell onto a ladder. Penta sets up Dante and does an insane looking Canadian Destroyer through a bunch of tables to the outside onto the hard floor. Dante’s foot was turned sideways and he was in apparent pain. This did not look good and I wish for a speedy recovery. Fenix climbed the ladder in the ring and The Kingdom interject but Fenix causes both men to crash through other ladders and climbs up to grab the tag team titles to win the match!

Winners: AND NEW ROH Tag Team Champions, Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix (w/Alex Abrahantes))

After the match, Mark Briscoe walked onto the stage and congratulated the Lucha Bros. “FTR” Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler walked out and congratulated them also. Mark went to ringside and had an emotional hug with Taven and Bennett to close out the segment.

ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta vs. Katsuyori Shibata

The judges for the match were Pat Buck, Madison Rayne, and Christopher Daniels. We also had a timer and counter for the rope breaks. The match was started fairly even and Shibata with an early Figure Four attempt to try to force Yuta to use a rope break. Yuta with some chops that did nothing to Shibata and he returned the favor with a massive chop that knocks Yuta down. Yuta then blocked the ref and low blow kicked Shibata but with the referee not seeing this, it wasn’t a foul. Yuta then went for a closed fist punch which gave him his one warning.

Shibata comes right back and kicks the heck out of Yuta. Shibata with a 2-count after some more offense. Shibabta with a submission that forced Yuta to use a second rope break, leaving him with only one. Yuta ends up back up and spit in Shibata’s face but then Shibata slapped the living hell out of him with an open hand which is legal. Shibata hits the PK and get the win.

Winner: AND NEW ROH Pure Champion; Katsuyori Shibata

Fans threw streamers to a celebrating Shibata. Shibata goes for a handshake but Yuta blows him off.

ROH Championship: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Eddie Kingston

To start things off, Kingston flipped off Castagnoli and ran at him and start to chop him up. Castagnoli with a European uppercut that knocked Kingston out of the ring. They battle outside for a bit and end up inside of the ring. Kingston with kicks on Castagnoli but another Uppercut stopped Kingston’s offense. Castagnoli pushes Kingston through the ropes and follows him outside only to deliver a Suplex onto the mats outside of the ring.

Both men back in the ring but Castagnoli with a double stomp on Kingston. Castagnoli climbed the ropes and went for a flying headbutt that landed square on Kingston. Castagnoli with a pin but it was only a 2-count. Castagnoli  slowly gets up and begins to limp around as his knee that Kingston aimed for earlier is now bothering him. Kingston got up and the two trade slaps until Castagnoli drops Kingston and does a Swing on him which did a number on his own knee. Castagnoli puts Kingston on the middle rope in the corner and hits punches and a dropkick on him. Castagnoli with a Superplex on Kingston for a 2-count.

Kingston starts a comeback and hits a Lariat on Castagnoli that sends him outside of the ring. Kingston hits a Tope Suicida on Castagnoli then hits a middle rope bulldog for a 2-count. Kingston now with a submission on Castagnoli but it was broken via rope break. Kingston still with the momentum and does a backdrop on the champion. Castagnoli, seeing his championship reign possibly ending digs deep and hits a German Suplex on Kingston and followed that up with a Clothesline. Castagnoli went for a Ricola Bomb, but Kingston  avoids it and hits a spinning back fist that lead us to the closest pinfall of the match. Castagnoli rolled outside of the ring to catch his breath and create space with Kingston. Kingston follows Castagnoli and went for a suplex, but Castagnoli blocked it and threw two knees to the head of Kingston before suplexing him onto the hard floor.

Castagnoli took part of a barricade and swung it onto Kingston. Castagnoli then tossed Kingston back in the ring and hits Kingston with another Uppercut for a 2-count. The crowd gets on the side of Kingston with an “Eddie” chant. Castagnoli throws Kingston down and tells him he won’t ever get his respect. Castagnoli with a choke swing and hit a Neutralizer. Kingston somehow gets up from the pin attempt. Castagnoli with some intense punches on Kingston and went for a Ricola Bomb, but Kingston countered into a huracanrana and then Castanoli rolled through got a pin and got the 3 for the win!

Winner: AND STILL ROH Champion; Claudio Castagnoli

Kingston looked super upset. Wheeler Yuta came out and celebrated with Castagnoli. As the champion left the ring he looked like he was going to shake the hand of Kingston but Yuta was prepping for a strike in the background. Katsuyori Shibata came out to even the numbers. Castagnoli backs off with his belt over his head. Shibata raises the hand of Kingston and the two celebrate. Kingston grabbed a mic and asked if the PPV was still on. Kingston said he doesn’t care and called Shibata a living legend and told the fans to cheer for him. Kingston told the fans to give it up for Tanahashi. Kingston yells at a producer at ringside and he looks straight into a camera and said he’s not going anywhere and vowed to beat Castagnoli’s ass as the show comes to an end.


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ROH: SuperCard of Honor 2023

This show was great on paper and it lived up to my expectations. Every match delivered. I really hope Dante Martin is okay but that injurt really took the steam out of the show for a bit. I was really thinking Eddie Kingston would win the title but I guess it’s not meant to be just yet. Overall, this show was great and was a must watch.