Phil Star Global is reporting that a woman in the Philippines has taken to the public airwaves claiming that she and Roman Reigns are in a relationship.

The claims were made by Isabel Mayam-o who on the #ipaBITAGmo show that Curier Eagles Delivery Services Corp treated her poorly when they demanded thousands of dollars from her before they would deliver a package from Reigns to her. A package that was never received.

Isabel Mayam-o alleges that the package contained items sent to her by Reigns.

“I am complaining about them because they are holding my package. It contains an invitation letter, SIM card from the [United States], a VIP I.D. card and money amounting to US$20,000 in cash. They are asking me money, P15,000 [since the package was expensive]. I sent it through GCash. Up to this day, they haven’t delivered it. It was sent to me by my boyfriend from Florida, US. I came to know him after [my cousin] forwarded my number to him,” she said.

Mayam-o hopes that the company will release the package and its contents to her.

Mayam-o said that the WWE is heavily monitoring their communications which is why Reigns sent her the SIM card. She says she and Reigns have been communicating via Google.

“Bad grammar was also noticeable in their communication though Roman Reigns claimed to be born in Pensacola, Florida,” reported PhilStar Global.

PhilStar Global also stated in their piece that “The Bureau of CustomsĀ andĀ Bureau of Immigration have long warned single Filipinos against “online love scams” designed to extort money from unsuspecting people searching for romance”.

Roman Reigns is married to Galina Becker and they have five children.

PhilStar Global states they have received no comment from Reigns or his representatives.

TOP PHOTO: Roman Reigns at the WWE Road to WrestleMania show at the Coca-Cola Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario, on Saturday, March 4, 2023. Photo by Steve Argintaru, Twitter: @stevetsn.