Greetings and Salutations! It’s an early start with NXT Stand and Deliver as the afternoon matinee before the Main feature of WrestleMania later tonight. NXT has a stacked card with many multi person matches. The matches I am really looking forward to is the North American 5-man match featuring the debut of Dragon Lee, along with the Hayes/Breakker match. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

NXT Stand and Deliver – Pre-Show

Chase U and Tyler Bate vs. The Schism

We get a surprise match on the kickoff show which I, by luck caught. Chase and Fowler to start the match and we get a fast tag to Reid and Bate. Bate with a diving uppercut. Hudson tags in while arguing with Bate. Hail is in but Raine tags out. Gacy was in and hits Chase from behind. Gacy wth a Lariat and we get a S-C-H-I-S-M stomps but Chase gets up and stops that inits tracks. Bate was back in the match and has a flurry of offense on Gacy that included a whip across to the corner, corner forearm, scoop and a slam, standing shooting star press but Gacy stopped the last move

Hail gets in and so does Raine. Hail with a Senton and gets a 2-count as Reid comes in and is greeted by Bate. Reid with a Waistlock then a back elbow. Fowler with a blind tag and we get a double Hot Shot! Chase end up back in the match and all of Schism is in for the attack who end up taking out all of Chase U. Hudson has seen enough and punches all of Schism. Hail clears the ring. Gacy and Bate continue to clash until Chase comes back in. The rest of Schism make their way in the ring and lays out all of Chase U.

Schism lines up in front of a fallen Chase U. Hudson comes into the ring , and is caught in the middle of both groups. Gacy hands Hudson a Schism shirt and puts in on much to the dismayof  Chase U.  The Schism all hug Hudson. Chase U stand up and are ready to take everyone on then Duke Hudson rips his new shirt off as and we get a quadruple Bop and Bang. Hudson and Chase hit a Flatliner and Hudson got the pinfall win after a Gory Special.

Winners: Chase U in 11:12

NXT Stand and Deliver – Main Show

We get the intro for the show and its straight to the action.

NXT Women’s Title Ladder Match: Roxanne Perez VS Zoey Stark VS Gigi Dolin VS Tiffany Stratton VS Lyra Valkyria VS Indi Hartwell

The match starts fast and furious as Stark and Dolin fight. At the same time, Perez and Stratton were going at it. Hartwell and Valkyria dashed outside of the ring and each picked up a ladder and tried to hit each other with them. Perez was quick and hit a Lou Thesz Press on Valkyria then got up and went for a Splash onto Hartwell who was on the outside. Perez went to the outside to grab a ladder with the intent to throw into the ring but was dropkicked for her efforts by Hartwell. Hartwell then smashed a ladder on Stark but Valkyria dropkicks the ladder that Hartwell was holding and takes her out along with it. Valkyria focuses on Perez and Dolin and ends up suplexing Dolin onto a ladder. We put our attention to the outside of the ring and Hartwell pinned Stark against a guardrail with a ladder but Stratton interfered and as her and Hartwell were fighting, Stark jumps from the ring apron and does a Sliced Bread onto the women outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Valkyria sets up a ladder and went for the belt but Stark pulled her down and threw her into the another ladder that was laid out in the ring. Stratton comes back in and trades blows with Valkyria on the ladder until Stark interjects and kicks Valkyria, who fell off the ladder and hit the mat hard.

Hartwell wanted to take advantage of the situation and ran in the ring and climbed the ladder but Stratton and Perez followed her. Stratton went for the belt but Perez stops her. Hartwell is back in and tips the ladder over sending Stratton and Perez crashing to the ropes. Dolin was back in the ring and whipped Hartwell into a ladder. Dolin grabbed the ladder and put it around her neck then twisted around taking everyone around her out. Dolin slammed Valkyria on a ladder and Stark splashes Valkyria.

Dolin sets up a ladder, but Stratton is back in the picture and slams her on another ladder. Perez  with the idea of a Russian Leg Sweep onto the ladder, but Stratton blocked it. Perez and Stratton go back and forth then Perez and Stratton climb to the top of the ladder and eventually both slammed each other down on the mat. Stratton climbed the ladder, but Hartwell cuts her off and Stark kicked Hartwell and eventually landed her finisher on Hartwell. Hartwell rolled outside of the ring and Stark climbs the ladder as she is alone in the ring. Perez makes the last ditch effort to stop Stark by grabbing her foot. Perez hit Film Study on Stark and climbed the ladder, but was grabbed by Dolin who rammed Perez into a ladder a few times. Dolin then with a crucifix bomb on Perez and climbed the ladder but was met by Valkyria and the two women go back and forth a bit with punches.

Valkyria won the round and climbed the ladder, but Dolin slammed the back of Valkyria’s head onto a ladder. Moments later,  Dolin and Valkyria fought at the top of the ladder and Dolin threw Valkyria off. This was it. This was Dolin’s moment to shine as she is alone. Dolin climbs the ladder and reaches for the belt but JACY JAYNE shows up and knocked Dolin onto a ladder that was bridged on the rope. The crowd chanted “You suck!” to Jayne as she leaves very happy with herself. Stratton rolls into the ring and climbed the ladder, but Hartwell stopped her and pushed the ladder so Stratton fell to the outside of the ring crashing into everyone else.

Hartwell looked up at the title and tries to climb the ladder but is too injured to make it up. This happens a few times until Dexter Lumis appeared and lifted Hartwell to the top of the ladder. Hartwell grabbed the title and won the match to become the NEW NXT Women’s Champion.

Winner: AND NEW NXT Women’s Champion; Indi Hartwell in 17:05

After the match, Hartwell gave everyone a thumbs up from the top of the ladder while Lumis blew her a kiss

Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes are shown walking backstage separately in their own locker rooms.

Daniel Cormier is shown in the front row.

NXT Tag Team Titles: “Gallus” Mark Coffey and Wolfgang VS Julius Creed and Brutus Creed VS Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo

This match will be contested under triple threat rules and three men will be in the ring at once with tags in play. First to score a pin or submission wins. Things started very chaotic and it was Julius Creed who stood tall early on. D’Angelo and Stacks took everyone out and used some very good double team moves in the process. The match ended up outside of the ring and the Creed’s take everyone out and celebrate with Daniel Cormier, who was sitting front row. As Brutus comes back in the ring, Mark Coffey greets him with a knee to the head.

Gallus use their strength and Slam Brutus then Wolfgang slammed D’Angelo for a 1-count. Julius is tagged in and hits a few Belly-to-Belly Suplexes on his opponents. Stacks comes back in and gets the upper hand. The match spills outside of the ring again and then Brutus and Julius went for what was could only described as a double Doomsday Device as they had one member from each team on their shoulders but they didn’t connect with the clothesline.  Vic Joseph did the best job he could to describe and justify what happened. Back to the action in the ring, and D’Angelo and Stacks controlled the match and had a Gallus member down and out. Stacks with the cover and right before the ref could count to 3, Joe Coffey showed up and pulled Stacks off him. Joe went for a Lariat but D’Angelo pushes Stacks off and takes the Lariat. Joe then throws Stacks in the ring and Gallus do their Boot of Doom for the win.

Winners: AND STILL NXT Tag Team Champions; “Gallus” Mark Coffey and Wolfgang in 8:10

After the match all 3 members of Gallus pose

We see Johnny Gargano getting ready backstage for his match against Grayson Waller.

Pretty Deadly are outside of Bron Breakker’s locker room and argue over who should go into the locker room before deciding to give the champ some space.

NXT North American Championship 5-Way: Wes Lee vs. Dragon Lee vs. JD McDonagh vs. Ilja Dragunov vs. Axiom

Dragon Lee took Dragunov and McDonagh out then Dragon Lee and Wes Lee trade blows with Axiom but Dragunov came back  and threw Axiom to the corner who went ham with chops on him. Dragunov and McDonagh were going face-to-face, but Dragon Lee attacked them both. Dragon Lee dropkicked Dragunov. Axiom came off the top rope but Dragon Lee moved out of the way. shortly after, Dargunov and Dragon Lee ran the ropes and went for Dropkicks but they both had the same idea and crash into one another. Dragon Lee gets up and lands a tope con hiro on Wes Lee and Axiom on the outside.

The Lee’s are in the middle of the ring and go at it. Dragunov is back and tried to suplex Wes Lee but Wes Lee escapes and hits a running knee on Dragunov. Wes Lee went for a dive onto McDonagh outside of the ring but  McDonagh pulled a Samoa Joe and calmly moved but Wes Lee landed on his feet and ends up knocking McDonagh down on the floor.

After a bit of time Wes Lee and McDonagh were in the ring and McDonagh had the advantage but Dragon Lee comes back and knocks McDonagh around a bit before McDonagh slams him down. Axiom went for McDonagh, but McDonagh once again gets the advantage until Wes Lee threw McDonagh into a corner.  Moments later, McDonagh with a nasty Spanish Fly on Dragon Lee, who landed straight on his shoulder. McDonagh goes for the pin on Wes Lee but Dragunov grabbed the ref’s arm right before the three to stop the count. Dragunov and McDonagh yelled at each other after the pin was stopped. McDonagh gets up and was surrounded by Dragon Lee, Dargunov, and Axiom. McDonagh knew this would not end well and it didn’t as he ate a triple dropkick from the three.

Dragunov with a Lariat on Axiom then chopping Wes Lee. Dragunov climbed to the top and lands a Senton on Wes Lee.  Dragunov went back to the top, but was out of luck this time as McDonagh pushed him off. Axiom then kicked McDonagh off the top rope and then instantly hit a moonsault onto Dragunov and McDonagh on the outside of the ring. Dragon Lee went to the top, but Wes Lee meets him at the top. The Lee’s battle back and forth and Dragon Lee wins the round as he lands a double stomp onto Wes Lee, who fell and was dangling from the top turnbuckle. Axiom hits a double Northern Lights suplex on Dragunov and McDonagh to get the crowd riled up some more as they begin to chant a “This is Awesome” chant.

McDonagh kicked Dragunov in the head a bit then Axiom kicked McDonagh in the head but Axiom with an Arm-Bar on McDonagh. All men were down and the crowd cheered. Axiom got up and went after the Lee’s with kicks. Dragunov then with a knee to the head on Dargon Lee. Wes Less hit a flip double-stomp on Dragunov and went for the pin but it was only goof for a 2-count. Dragon Lee puts his attention on Wes Lee and hits a Sit-Down Power-Bomb and got a 2-count. McDonagh lands a Standing Moonsault on Axiom for a 2-count of his own. Axiom got right back up and hits a DDT on McDonagh for a 2-count for himself. Axiom and McDonagh are going back and forth with some more punches on the apron and Dragunov hits a suplex on McDonagh who right on Axiom for a pin, but Wes Lee broke it up. Dragunov taking out his opponents but The Lee’s come in and team up to take Dragunov out but Dragunov comes back and lands a clothesline on Dragon Lee. Out of nowhere, Wes Lee hits a Cardiac Kick on Dragunov to get the win while Dragon Lee was still out from the Lariat. Wes Lee retains!

Winner: AND STILL NXT North American Champion;Wes Lee in 19:15

Pretty Deadly are outside Carmelo Hayes’ locker room and they’re gonna get a scoop from him.  Trick Williams throws the door open and tells them to shut their double-breasted lips. WIlliams then says that the scoop is Hollywood, LA, and Bron Breaker ain’t ready for Carmelo tonight and they’re bringing something new tonight. Williams jokes that he’s going to wrestle an alligator and tussle with a whale.

Unsanctioned match: Grayson Waller VS Johnny Gargano

Gargano was still coming out to the ring as he charges Waller. The two end up fighting outside and Gargano pushes Waller into the commentary table and takes out Booker T while at it. The two keep fighting outside of the ring and Gargano grabbed a trash can, a kendo stick and a chair. Gargano hit a slingshot spear and used the trash can on Waller for some good measure. Gargano jumped through the ropes for a tope suicida, but Waller threw a trash can lid into Gargano’s face to stope the attack.  Waller set up a few chairs but Gargano comes right back after him and they continue to brawl all over the arena. Waller threw Gargano into a garbage can, but Gargano came back with a kick. Moments later, Gargano Suplexed Waller onto the chairs set up earlier by Waller.

Gargano went back under the ring and got a table, much to the crowds excitement. Gargano went for a suplex, but Waller blocked it and knees Gargano’s face. Waller teased Sweet Chin Music, but Gargano stopped him and hit an enziguri. Gargano now used the chair on Waller and landed a modified Destroyer. Waller draped over a table by Gargano and before Gargano could crash through him, Waller gets up and lands a Cutter on Gargano then followed it up with a Power-bomb through the table that was meant for him.

Waller throws Garagno inside the ring and went for a pin but Fargano got up at 2. Waller now on the offensive and hit Gargano with a chair and then hits a Back Breaker on the chair smashing in Gargano’s back. Waller grabbed a Kendo Stick and used it on Gargano while mocking Gargano’s wife, Candace LeRae. Gargano hulked up and grabbed the Kendo Stick from Waller and used it a bit then handed it to his wife who smacked Waller around with it. Gargano with One Final Beat for a 2-count. Gargano immediately followed it up with a Gargano Escape, but Waller gouged Gargano’s eyes to break it up.

Waller smacks Gargano’s head into the ground and got another trash can. Waller put Gargano’s head into the trash can and went to the top for a coast-to-coast. This was a very near fall. Waller put Gargano on the commentary table and went to the top rope but Gargano got up and smacks Waller with a chair and then Power Bombs him thorugh the commentary desk. Waller got up and hit Gargano with a Low Blow followed by a Stunner. Waller grabbed a chair and hit Gargano in the back a few times but Gargano with a low blow then he grabbed the chair and smacked Waller countless times with it.  Gargano put Waller’s head in a chair and hit him with another chair then locked in the Gargano Escape and Waller was forced to tap out to give Gargano the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano in 18:10

After the mach, the Garabo’s celebrated in the ring then walked up the ramp, and were greeted by Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis to get some more celebration in.

Backstage the D’Angelo Family seem upset over the loss. Stacks is upset that he let the family down but Tony reminds him that was not the case. Pretty Deadly show up and teases them a bit. Tony won’t make excuses, and says it just wasn’t their night, but they’re not quitters. Stacks is still upset at himself but D’Angelo won’t let him beat himself up. Pretty Deadly claim they’re the only team that can beat Gallus. All 4 men taunt and bicker then a brawl breaks out and refs & suits separate them.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships: Kiana James and Fallon Henley vs. Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre

Fyre  kicks things off right away as she went for a Senton to the outside knocking down James and Henley. In the ring, The Witchay Sisters pounded on Henley. Fyre and Dawn with double-team moves on Henley. Henley tried to mount some offense and her and Fyre knocked each other out. This caused Henley to slowly make her way to her corner and tagged James in. James comes in and takes care of both Witchay Sisters. James hit a moonsault onto both Dawn and Fyre then with a Belly-to-Back Suplex for a 2-count. James then continues her roll and hits a Spine-Buster on Dawn for another 2-count. Henley was back in the match and the Witchay Sisters got control of the match and they beat Henley down. Henley with a brief comeback as she hits a Blockbuster on Fyre.

Fyre and Dawn took control  of the match once more. Henley mounted some more offense and climbed to the top rope but before she jumped off, James tagger herself in and Power-Bombed Fyre for yet another 2-fall. Dawn back in the match and the Witchay Sisters with a Double Super-Kick. Moments later with everyone down, James asked for her bag, but before Jensen could hadn it over, Briggs stopped him and the Witchay sisters came back and hit  she didn’t get it and the heels took advantage.  James is down and Fyre hits a Senton Atomico for the win to win the belts!

Winner: AND NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions; Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre in 8:43

NXT Championship: Bron Breakker vs. Carmelo Hayes

We get the typical walk to the ring shot of both men. They have their entrances and we get the championship intros for the match. As the bell rings, the two locked up and it was Breakker who slammed Hayes and then barked from his knees. Hayes with a dropkick. Thw two slowly try to one up each the other as the pace goes to a crawl. Melo went for a springboard move, but slipped then did it again but Breakker no sells it and makes fun of Hayes. Breakker then with a Frankensteiner, followed by a suplex and a standing moonsault. All of that offense was only good for a 2-count.

Breakker locked Hayes in a Front headlock then Suplexed Melo. Melo with a trip on Breakker and start to stomp him down a bit. Hayes slowed downt he match again and locks a submission and stomps on Breakker’s arm. Hayes with a Springboard Clothesline. Hayes then with a chop and a kick but Breakker blocked a whip attempt and hits Hayes with a Hip Toss. Breakker hit a Belly-to-Back Suplex for a 2-count and then went for a Torture Rack near the ropes to which Trick Williams jumps on the apron and pulled Hayes down right in front of the ref who ends up tossing him out of the match.

Hayes and Williams are bickering about the ejection but Breakker hits a Senton on both of them on the outside of the ring. In the ring, Breakker hits a top rope bulldog for a damn near fall. Hayes comes right back and has a flurry of offense and ends it with a Cutter for a 2-count. Hayes continued his offense and kicked Breakker then suplexed. After a pin attempt, Hayes climbs to the top rope but Breakker ran up the ropes and hit a Frankensteiner from the top rope.

Both men are exhausted and hurt. So much so that they both had to use the ropes to get themselves back up. Hayes and Breakker traded blows but Breakker get the upperhand after he slammed Melo, but Melo came right back with a cross-face until Breakker rolled through for a pin ateempt.  Both men are back up and Breakker speared Melo who also knocked out the referee. Breakker with a Cobra Clutch which Hayes tapped on BUT there is no ref to end the match! Trick Williams makes his return and hit Breakker with the belt on the back of the head.  Williams runs out of the ring and wakes the ref up. The ref slowly makes his way to Hayes who is pnning Breakker and goes for the pin. We get a 2.9 count! Breakker is still alive. Hayes springboards off the rope but Breakker caught him in a Military Press but Hayes  reverses this and turns it into a Coebreaker. Hayes heads to the top rope and hits Nothing But Net. Hayes slowly covers Breakker. 1…2…3! new Champion in NXT!

Winner: AND NEW NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes in 16:09

After the match, Breakker grabbed the NXT title, fist-bumped Melo and gave Melo the belt. Breakker raised Melo’s hand. Breakker leaves the ring as Williams and Hayes celebrate the win with the show going to dark.



NXT Stand and Deliver 2023

The show was fun. Nothing was bad. We had a contender for match of the weekend with the 5-way for the North American Title. The Women’s ladder match was also a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Every other match was good enough. The Main event lacked intensity and was very slow paced as it felt as though it didn’t hit the pace they wanted. All in all, this was a very fun show and a great way to kick off WWE’s WrestleMania Saturday.