It’s not easy to describe how thrilled I am for WrestleMania this weekend. This will be my second time watching the full event having last year be the first.

The Usos are here on the last day before their official match to defend their Undisputed Championship title belts against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Confidence is the probably the first word that comes to mind when analyzing the twins’ structure. I believe they believe they’ll win, and I hope they do. It just proves my point that they’re the best of the best, win or lose.

But as if Jimmy getting interrupted wasn’t surprising and funny enough, Zayn and Owens show up needing to respond. Tomorrow both teams will put an end to this feud once and for all. Tonight, however, Zayn wants there to be nothing left unsaid between them prior to their fight. “Let’s lay all out on the table then.” said Sami. I thought dinner was already on the table this whole time. Ha!

Anyway, Owens starts by saying that he recalls feeling welcomed by the twins when he first started out in this industry. Seeing his son play around with the Usos made it clear he can look up to them, and so did everyone in that locker room…. until they began doing Roman Reigns’ bidding. Whatever respect and love Kevin had for the twins left because of that. Haven’t I already said that Reigns was the problem?

The audience and I went “Ohh. Yikes.” when Owens asked the twins to look at him when he’s talking to them. My stomach went in knots because of laughter. “It ain’t paranoia, we’re taking those titles at WrestleMania!”

Jimmy admits that they showed Kevin love since that’s the kind of people they are, but right now, they have no love for either of them. Jimmy and Jey’s brotherhood, dedication, respect and love they have for each other is something that Owens and Zayn wish they had. You’re my friend, you’re not my friend. You’re my brother, you’re not my brother. Jimmy corrects that their opponents are the conflicted ones.

Sami counters and says that blood isn’t enough to make a family, loyalty should be part of that, so should mutual respect, consideration, the ability to listen and more. Jey questions what Sami knows about loyalty given he escaped. Ha! We must remind you, Jey Jey, Sami stuck by you since day one no matter how much you hated him.

The Usos chose blood over loyalty, they chose Roman over what Zayn genuinely gave them. More so when Reigns never showed loyalty to Jimmy, and especially never to Jey. True true. The pressure has always been on the Usos, so Zayn says they’ll put them out of their misery by taking those titles, like that the twins can go back to being themselves.

Regardless of the raw truth that’s been smacked in the Usos’ faces, Jey says that they’ll still be the Undisputed Tag Team Champions after their match. They’re going to keep doing what it is they’re doing while Owens will backstab Zayn due to the loss. It doesn’t matter how true Sami’s word were, the twins will come out on top. I like that while Jey Jey was talking, he didn’t mention Roman’s name once unless he was referring to the entire Bloodline, which doesn’t count. Ha! We’re heading to BloodlineMania.

I laughed when Michael Cole used the word “slay” to describe whether or not Owens and Zayn will obtain those titles for the first time in both their careers. Ha! Random.

Ricochet vs. Montez Ford vs. Chad Gable vs. Erik – Fatal 4-way match

Each of these men are in this match to build momentum for their Fatal 4-way Tag Team match at Mania Showcase with their respectable partners.

Gable goes after Ford while Erik takes on Ricochet. It doesn’t take long for Chad and Erik to be sent outside of the ring, leaving Rico and Montez alone.

Between these two it became a competition of who can avoid the best with acrobatics and roll throughs. I thought I was watching a circus. No complaints though.

While Montez and Ricochet were goofing off for a moment, once Gable comes back into the ring, everyone starts booing. Ha! As if an infection presented itself on stage. Chad arrogantly tries to join in, but gets a double drop to the chest. Bye sir.

After their little dance party, Montez gets caught by Erik while Chad gets a hold on Ricochet on the outside. A double body throw to both men. Ford takes a hit against the post as Ricochet crashes into the stairs.

Chad may have screwed with Ricochet’s leg, but Erik knocks Gable right off the top, and he lands somewhere… who cares?

Ricochet headbutts Chad three times before this man finally plummets to the mat. Oof. Ha!

After mega body impacts, all four men are down. This is when you have to muster whatever strength you have left to cover someone, no one was able to, unfortunately.

I love how quickly Montez’ fiery momentum was extinguished by Ricochet’s high flying punch to the throat of Ford. Ha! How sad. What’s even more hilarious was Chad manhandling Ricochet into a German suplex covered by a bridge. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You should have seen Rico’s legs spread wide open. He did not see that coming. I know I don’t want that happening to me. Ha!

That German suplex was beautifully amusing to witness.

Montez misses with a step up kick and gets a knee to the jaw by Erik. The Viking has Chad in the air and plants him on top of Ford.

Later on, Montez’ speed after he flew and landed on his opponents on the outside, he frog splashed Gable. Unluckily for him, he didn’t cover Chad in time, so Ricochet performs the 450 for the win that Ford attempted to stop, but couldn’t.

Winner: Ricochet

Backstage, Roman Reigns has arrived, so he could have his final confrontation with Cody Rhodes before their match on Sunday. However, given the discussion the Usos, Sami and Kevin had earlier, I reckon Reigns wants to have a chat about that.

Also here is Bobby Lashley as he’s making last minute preparations before the Andre the Gian Battle Royal that’s coming up next. Yay!!!

Andre the Giant Battle Royal

This is going to be messy and pleasant. A great combination. Michael Cole’s pick of who’s going to win is Top Dolla. His response, “Because he can’t go over the top rope,” Aren’t any of you ashamed? Ha! Ha! Ha!

I’m pleased to say that our first elimination is Baron Corbin by Rick Boogs. We’re not even a minute into this match, Corbin. How–? Ha! Just as funny as Chelsea Green’s elimination at the Rumble.

While everyone else was fighting for their lives, Dexter Lumis simply stood there. Watching. I suppose the best strategy is letting the others remove the obstacles for you.

Ha! I guess Cole was wrong. Top Dolla went over the ropes second at the hands of Lashley. Gasp. He can go over the ropes… with help. Ashante Thee Adonis follows soon after.

Joaquin Wilde got eliminated as well. By who? A ghost maybe. No, it was Strowman. Ha! Both Ivar and Angelo Dawkins were also taken out.

While the Maximum Male Models attempt to flip Otis out, Lumis finally gets involved by taking Ma.cé out of the picture. The Models were strangely bonding with Otis for a moment. Barrett and Cole were hinting that Otis wants to be part of the Models.

Johnny Gargano Super Kicks Mansoor as he swings onto the floor. The O.C. guys also meet the floor soon after.

While Dolph Ziggler almost gets his ass eliminated, Otis, on the other hand, does. Rick Boogs is ticked off when Elias gets pushed by Los Lotharios, so he goes after them.

Like a smack to the face, Lumis gets his ass eliminated as well by Madcap Moss, last year’s winner. Xavier Woods is gone too.

Oh, damn it. Mustafa Ali gets kicked out by LA Knight. Great….

Ha! Ha! The squirming that Ziggler does when he’s put into the Hurt Lock by Lashley is hilarious. Elsewhere, LA Knight is fading at the hands of Kross. Karrion and Bobby were showing each other off. Naturally, they pounce.

Moss, Boogs and Ziggler have a meeting with the floor too.

Bronson Reed, Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman were going after the other’s throat as brutal as they come.

Butch was about to put Gargano in his place, but Johnny swiftly and beautifully turns his downfall into his salvation. A magnificent DDT to Butch.

It was a mess. Ha! LA Knight plants Gargano. Kross attacks Knight. Escobar slingshots Karrion. Johnny spears Santos. And Lashley puts Gargano out for good. Ridge Holland follows too. Butch almost gets removed, but Holland saves him… until he fell again.

We are down to four men… that is until Reed takes care of Knight. I say, yes, while the fans say boo. Ha!

Strowman is gone too, guys. Sniff. He’s gone. It’s now Lashley and Reed left.

Bronson thought he had it won, but Bobby held on, climbed back in to throw Reed out and take the win. This was important for Lashley, especially when he got eliminated so quickly at the Rumble just like Brock Lesnar. That remains a major disappointment.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Raquel Rodriguez vs. Natalya vs. Sonya Deville vs. Shayna Baszler – Fatal 4-way match

Just like the men’s match from earlier, this is to build momentum for their upcoming Fatal 4-way Tag Team match at Mania.

The minute the bell rings, Deville manipulates the others to take Baszler out because of how she got here in the first place. She and Rousey didn’t participate in a qualifying match in order to get the last Showcase spot, so it’s only natural to question her appearance. “You can’t sit with us,” is the impression I’m getting using the iconic words of Karen Smith from Mean Girls.

Nattie practically had Rodriguez pegged until Sonya takes her down with a Running Bulldog for a failed cover. Deville even tries to cover Raquel after knowing she momentarily knocked her out, but she failed. Deville is an opportunist, one of the biggest and most self-indulged ones I’ve ever meant.

Shayna is looking to take Nattie out as she climbs back into the fold while Natalya was in the middle of Sharpshooting Sonya.

The power of Raquel was evident, but that doesn’t matter to Deville when she takes out her joints. That’s quickly rectified when Shayna delivers a harsh kick to Sonya’s chest.

Nattie sends a clothesline to Baszler. Raquel with a big boot to Natalya. Deville comes in and attempts to fight Rodriguez. Raquel was sent into a post, but that doesn’t stop her. She kicks Shayna out then Tahana Bombs Sonya for the victory.

Winner: Raquel Rodriquez

Immediately when the camera shows Sikoa’s face, Michael Cole says “Solo Sikoa, not a happy man.” basically not sharing in his anger for his first loss on RAW against Cody Rhodes. Ha!

That’s not the only shock we got this past Monday. Dominik felt like attacking his dad, this time physically, during his match against Damian Priest. 2-on-1. Luckily, Legado del Fantasma arrived to help. Cole has been impatiently waiting for Rey to give Dom an ass whipping like I have because clearly, Dom didn’t take the calmness he did have while it lasted.

Pure and simple, he’s a dick.

Legado del Fantasma is backstage having a chat with Rey Mysterio, mainly about Dominik and them having Rey’s back, before his big moment as the first inductee of the class of 2023 Hall of Fame. Rey gifts Fantasma shirts he had made written LWO, Latino World Order. First formed by the late Eddie Guerrero.

Sheamus & Drew McIntyre vs. Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci of Imperium – Tag Team match

….Ha! Ha!

Y’all couldn’t even let the woman announcer finish introducing Sheamus before playing McIntyre’s theme music. Sheamus’ face… Ha! Barrett and Cole were asking the same question I was. How are Drew and Sheamus going to stand being partners for this fight when they’re opponents in a Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Championship, and they can’t even respect each other’s entrances?

It’s going to blow up.

Drew and Giovanni try to put the other down, but with no such luck. McIntyre does run into a kick by Kaiser as Imperium pound away at the Scottish warrior.

While McIntyre was busy with Ludwig, Sheamus tags himself in to battle it out instead, which confuses Drew. But he did the same thing earlier. Ha! And he does it again. This is going to be a back and forth kind of night, isn’t it?

And…. it imploded like I said it would. Drew and Sheamus were no longer concentrating on their opponents rather on each other, which distracts them from Gio and Ludwig’s incoming attack.

Both the Irish and Scottish warriors quickly dispose of Imperium’s attempts like swatting away a fly. Drew’s Klasgow Kiss rings in my ears. Ludwig hits his back on the apron on his way down to the main floor because of McIntyre. Ha!

Sheamus may have been tired, but he manages to deliver an Irish Curse Back Breaker to Kaiser before McIntyre tags himself in to take on Vinci.

Drew was about to ship Giovanni to Claymore Country, but just like he did to Sheamus, the Irish warrior interrupts him. This causes them to argue… again. Gio drives Sheamus into McIntyre then Imperium plays a double team with a high and low assault on the redhead.

A nice knee to Vinci by Sheamus, and down goes Gio. Sheamus connects a Bro Kick to Vinci for a victory while McIntyre takes out Kaiser.

Winners: Sheamus & Drew McIntyre

We have arrived at the conclusion of the night where Roman and Cody will chat for the last time.

Rhodes was spinning some Tupac. Laughing with the fans. Showing that was ready for Reigns. That he will attempt to do what many have failed to do since 2019. Pin Roman. I’m wondering why no one has tried to submit him instead. We all know that the hardest bodies who don’t quit need more push to make it happen. We can’t endure that kind of pain for too long, if that were the case, all creatures would get hit by trucks and walk away unharmed.

Submission is an option. Use it.

You could see that Cody was somewhat annoyed that Reigns’ theme music started playing while he was talking. The little pissed grin… followed by the scowl.

I don’t know what’s Reigns’ problem with us, but he said he doesn’t care about us. All that mattered was making sure Rhodes knew what he was in for when challenging him.

“You see, it’s not their turn. It’s yours. Cody Rhodes, acknowledge me!” There’s nothing left to be said. All we’re waiting for is the fighting.

See you at WrestleMania! Have fun.


TOP PHOTO: Bobby Lashley standing next to the Andre the Giant trophy. Courtesy of WWE