How’s does a wrestling promotion counter program WrestleMania week? Well, you start by announces the return of one of your stars in Adam Cole. Then follow that up with the debut of a new reality show featuring behind the scenes footage. AEW isn’t messing around and neither am I. Let’s get right to action.

Jungle Boy Jack Perry vs. Matt Hardy w/Ethan Page

The two lock up and Hardy forces Perry into the corner. Both men exchange holds. Hardy with a shoulder block; Perry answers with a drop kick. Hardy rolls to the floor, but Page is able to throw up a stop sign, prevented JB from taking flight. Jungle Boy wants the suicide dive anyway, but Hardy counters and drives him into the floor. Matt distracts the ref, allowing Page to slams Perry into the barricade. Jungle Boy is tossed into the crowd. He climbs the barricade and drops a double sledge hammer fist on Matt.  Back in the ring, well on the apron, the two trade shots.

After a commercial break, Perry unloads at Hardy, but runs into a forearm shot. Jack goes up top, but Ethan Page runs interference. Hardy meets him on top and delivers a superplex. Perry kicks out of the pin. Hook’s music hits and the FTW champ makes his way to the ring to take out Page. Hardy grabs Hook from behind; Page takes a swing, but Hook ducks and Hardy eats the punch. Perry rolls Matt back into the ring, btu gets caught coming off the turnbuckle. Perry counters the Side Effect with an arm drag. Jungle Boy with a Flatliner and then follows with an elbow strike to the back of the head. Perry covers and gets the win.

Winner via pinfall: Jungle Boy Jack Perry

Perry has no time to celebrate as AEW World Champion MJF makes his way to the ring. The champ didn’t appreciate Jungle Boy interrupting his re-bar mitzva. The crowd kindly tells MJF to be quiet. He knows his job is a joke. He acknowledges he barely breaks a sweat every week. He calls Jungle Boy’s career kind of mid. Years ago MJF told Perry to stop being a nice guy and ditch his friends. Jungle Boy isn’t willing to stab his friends in the back and when he wins the AEW title, at least he will be able to look at himself in the mirror. MJF calls Perry weak and brings up his girl, Ana Jay. Well, that’s the final straw. Perry lunges at the champ and stomps him down into the corner. Perry finishes MJF off with a lariat, but the champ rolls out of the ring before Jack can deliver the final blow. \

Don Callis says he will apologize to Hangman Adam Page. He tries to put on the onus on Kenny Omega for reacting to Callis hitting the mat.

The Jericho Appreciation Society took the Acclaimed out on the town in an effort to get them to join forces. The Acclaimed tell them that they will make a decision next week.

Dalton Castle and the Boys vs. The Blackpool Combat Club

The BCC isn’t messing around. They attack Dalton and the Boys on the ramp. The bell ring and Claudio tosses Brandon Tate around the ring. Claudio pins him to get the ring as Mox and Yuta keep the rest of the team at bay.

Winners via pinfall: The Blackpool Combat Club

Adam Page tells Alex Marvez says the Young Bucks are doing well and he knows the BCC is behind the attack. Don Callis apologizes to Page and shakes his hand. The Blackpool Combat Club blindsides Page and also take out Callis.

Jeff Cobb (challenger) vs. Kenny Omega (champion) – IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Match

Right before Omega walks out, Tony Schiavone tells Kenny of the attack on Callis. Omega charges Cobb, but the shoulder block does noting. A hurricanrana sends Cobb to the floor and Omega flies over the top rope to take out the challenger. Omega tries to pick up Cobb, but he collapses under the weight. Cobb hits a running brain buster. The champ is whipped hard into the corner and crashes to the mat. Kenny escapes to the floor. The two trade chops, until Cobb picks Kenny up and slams him into the ring post.

After a commercial break, Kenny is landing kicks in the ring. Omega can’t pick Cobb up and the challenger takes advantage slamming the champ to the mat. Cobb with a corner splash. Kenny gets caught and tossed, but the champ lands on his feet. Cobb stuns Kenny with a chop. Omega with a backslide; Cobb rolls through but Omega catches him with a knee strike. Kenny shoots off the ropes, right into a drop kick. Omega hits two dragon suplexes in a row. Kenny with a knee strike and follows with snap dragon. Cobb answers with a massive lariat and both men are down. The two trade shots  in the middle of the ring. Cobb hits Kenny in chest and crushes him in the corner. He sets the champ up on the turnbuckle. Omega with a head butt, but Cobb delivers on of his own. Cobb with a delayed vertical suplex from the middle rope. Omega kicks out of the pin. Cobb hits a standing moonsault, but still can’t get the three count.

Cobb delivers a V Trigger to Kenny and looks for the One Winged Angel, but Omega drops down. Kenny hits the rip cord and follows with the V Trigger. Kenny gets Cobb up on the shoulders and delivers the One Winged Angel. Omega covers and retains.

Winner…and still IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion…via pinfall: Kenny Omega

After the match, Mox, Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli surround the ring. Bryan Danielson hits the ramp and runs into the ring to join Omega. He orders his BCC buddies to get off the apron. Danielson offers a hand to help Omega up. Omega chases Yuta off the apron, only for Bryan to hit him with the Pshyco Knee. Danielson slaps on the Lebell Lock as the BCC keeps any help from reaching the ring.

The AEW World Tag Team champions, The Gunns, talk all sorts of trash on FTR. Next week, we have titles versus careers.

The Butcher (challenger) w/the Blade vs. Orange Cassidy (champion) – AEW International Championship Match

The Butcher and Blade beat down Cassidy before the match. The ref kicks the Blade out as he has a crow bar, but the Butcher is pummeling Orange during all of the this. Cassidy says he can go and the bell rings.

Cassidy with the kicks and Butcher is not playing. Butcher is bounced off the turnbuckle, but catches Orange coming off the top. He slams the champ into the turnbuckle. Cassidy spills to the floor. Butcher rag dolls Cassidy, slamming him into the ringside barrier.

After a commercial break, Cassidy is knocked to the mat by a lariat. Orange kicks out. Butch locks in a Texas cloverleaf in the middle of the ring. Orange rolls through and  breaks free with an eye rake. Cassidy whiffs on the Orange punch. Butcher with a back breaker. Orange hits the Stundog Millionaire and follows with a DDT. Cassidy goes up top and hits a diving DDT. Orange only gets a two count. Butcher distracts the ref, allowing Blade to hit Cassidy with a crow bar. Butcher can’t get the pin as the Best Friends run down to take out the Blade. Trent catches Butcher on the floor with the crow bar and sends him back into the ring. Cassidy hits the Beach Break and covers to get the three count.

Winner…and still AEW International Champion…via pinfall: Orange Cassidy

After the match, GROUP HUG!

Jade Cargill is still gunning for Taya Valkyrie through legal means. If she uses the Jaded this Friday they will sue her.

Juice Robinson is coming for Ricky Starks, but first he is going to make an example out of Action Andretti.

Willow Nightingale vs. Ruby Soho w/Toni Storm and Saraya

Ruby immediately bails out of the ring to join Toni and Saraya. Willow stands in the ring conflicted facing her former partner. Willow finally brings Ruby into the ring by her hair. Willow catches Ruby and drops her with a side slam. She follows with a splash. Nightingale with a hat trick of body slams. She chops away at Soho in the corner. Ruby distracts the ref, allowing Saraya to hit a cheap shot. Soho with a snap suplex, but can’t get the pin.

After a commercial break, Willow whips Soho into the corner and follows with a hip attack. Soho kicks out of a pin after a spinebuster. Ruby with a back elbow, but gets caught. Nightingale drops her with a Death Valley Driver. Soho hits the No Future twice in a row, but Willow kicks out. Willow with a back slide and follows with a huge pounce. The straps drop. Saraya distracts the ref again. Toni interferes, allowing Soho to roll her up with her feet on the ropes. Ruby gets the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Ruby Soho

After the match, all three women attack Willow. Ruby grabs a chair with bad intentions, but Riho and Sky Blue run down. Storm cracks her and Sky Blue is sent packing. Jamie Hayter runs down and makes the save. Storm ducks the Hayterade. Riho steps to the champ, giving her the belt motion.

Adam Cole vs. Daniel Garcia

After nine months, Adam Cole is finally back in an AEW ring and the crowd is loving him. The two lock up in the middle of the ring. Cole with wrist control, but Garcia reverses the hold. Garcia takes down Cole and mimes kicking dirt on him in a massive show of disrespect. A shoulder tackle takes Garcia down. Garcia with a cross chop and hits Cole with a piledriver. Cole rolls out to the floor.

After a commercial break, Cole is down in the middle of the ring. Cole fires off chops and takes Garcia down with a pump kick. Cole with a neck breaker, but only gets a two count. Cole runs into a big boot and Garcia hits a German suplex. Daniel warms up the band, but runs into a super kick. Cole wants to lower the boom, but Garcia ducks it and unloads hammer and anvil strikes. A kick to the knee drop Garcia. Cole hits the Panama Sunrise, but Garcia rolls through and locks in the Dragon Tamer. Cole gets to the ropes to break the hold. Garcia with another piledriver, but Cole kicks out of the pin. Garcia runs into a kick. Cole hits the Panama Sunrise and then lowers the boom with the knee strike. Cole cover and gets the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Adam Cole

After the match, Britt Baker celebrates in the ring with her man. Chris Jericho crashes the celebration and checks on Daniel Garcia. He pulls Daniel from the ring, barely acknowledging Cole in the ring. Jericho stops on the ramp before heading to the back. That’s the show; see you in seven!


AEW Dynamite 3/29/2023

Chaifetz Arena, St. Louis, Missouri

Adam Cole is back, BAY BAY! That’s all you really need to know. Oh, Bryan Danielson turned heel. Kenny Omega and Jeff Cobb put on a great match for the IWGP United States Heavyweight title, while Jungle Boy and MJF went toe to toe on the mic. Very solid show overall.