Typical. We were suppose to start the night with a match between Warner and Rickey Shane Page, unfortunately, it’s being delayed by Real1’s presence, rolling in on his wheelchair.

He’s still pissed that Mance Warner hit him with a car. Ha! He says he’ll call the cops on anyone if he gets hit by a vehicle again. While all this is happening, Warner comes out countering that he doesn’t care if Real1 is in a wheelchair, he’ll beat him up regardless.

However, this little altercation also gets interrupted by Mance’s opponent tonight. One of the gas mask men, Rickey Shane Page. For a moment, I promise you, I forgot that was today. Ha!

Mance Warner vs. Rickey Shane Page – Hardcore match

As soon as Page concludes that he’s found the light with the Raven, he’s seen marching his way to the ring, grabs something metallic from a strangely shaped table his friend brought with him and pounds away at Mance, while Real1 retreats to the side for a better seat.

Once the match starts, Page slams Warner on his back with a chair for maximum carnage. He made the challenge last week, after all.

Rickey inexcusably drops the chair on top of Mance’s skull after he was already hit in the face with that very steel. Page removes the turnbuckle covering with a knife his friends hands him.

This man is beyond frightening.

Warner does manage to dodge an elbow drop by Page, twice, as his face bleeds out like crazy. Reminds me of his match against Mads Krugger. Yikes.

Warner uses a kendo stick to whack Page’s head with. Mance starts gathering weaponry and has them scattered within the ring.

Mance hits the back of Page’s head against the chair then spears him into a wooden table setup. Damn. Even more amazing is how effortless Rickey vertical suplexes Mance into his own trap. This man is bleeding out way too much.

Warner struggles, but gets up eventually and whacks Rickey with the shard of a broken table and a chair to the back as well. What was even more shocking was how well Mance was able to capitalize by reversing a suplex on Page as he lands back first against multiple chairs. Mance goes for a cover that fails surprisingly. Wow.

Even a DDT on the table to Page on the outside, which was meant for Mance was astonishing.

Real1 is a massive liar. He spontaneously got up from his wheelchair, so he could swing a hit at Mance with his crutch. Page uses that opening to choke slam Mance with the addition of a kick to the back of his head for a victory.

After that, Page lays a calling card on Mance’s bloody forehead as he makes his exit.

Winner: Rickey Shane Page

Everyone who’s questioning Taya Valkyrie’s mean girl streak are right. She’s seen backstage making fun of Billie Starkz for not bringing her own hair and makeup team along with Sam Adonis and her husband, John Hennigan. Has it really come to this petty squabble? It’s ugly…

Starkz is confused by their actions, but she still comes up to Taya to inform her she wants the gold around her waist. Valkyrie counters by saying that gold isn’t nice for her complexion. Eek. They’re seen as bullies now.

At some point, Taya grants Billie’s wish by allowing her an opportunity. “Trick or Treat, b*tch!”

La Estrella vs. Lince Dorado (c) – World Middleweight Championship match

Estrella and Dorado used to be tag partners, but ever since Estrella abandoned Lince for Azteca Lucha with Cesar Duran, the tension has been cracking between these two wrestlers.

Most of the start of this match up has been them avoiding physical contact that can result in severely putting the other one down with acrobatics you’d see in a circus.

La Estrella turns a suicide dive into a form of tornado as he collides with Dorado on the main floor. Lince couldn’t find the time to counter that given how quickly it sent him on his ass.

Dorado rallies with a German suplex to Estrella after flawlessly bouncing off the ropes. He delivers a beautiful neck breaker to his opponent for a failed cover, unfortunately.

Dorado performs two Moonsaults in a row as he looks at Cesar Duran, who’s watching at ringside. The third one, however, La Estrella’s legs were up, so Lince lands face first into his feet.

All that momentum goes down the toilet as La Estrella delivers a make chief suplex to the back of Lince. He amazes us further by dropping Lince on the temple of his head in the center of the ring for a near win. Very near, guys. I was at the edge of my seat for this one.

Dorado performs a high risk maneuver off the top that could have retained his title, but Cesar pulls Estrella out of a count mid-way. Dorado and the rest of the fans were rightfully pissed.

Out of the goddamn blue, Microman shows up and crashes on top of Duran’s crony. He has a kendo stick in hand and aimed at Cesar as Duran tries to reason with him.

While Microman has Cesar at bay, that gives Dorado the chance to deliver the Shooting Star for a retaining win.

Winner: Lince Dorado

“I’m going to throw you from pillar to post, from coast to coast, all around the world.” said Alex Kane to Davey Boy Smith Jr. for winning his opportunity against Kane in two weeks time.

Elsewhere, Billie Starkz officially gets her chance against the Featherweight Champion next week. We’ll see how determined she is to challenge Valkyrie.

On more exciting news, the contract signing to issue a rematch between Hammerstone and Fatu is underway. I rarely see a signing go smoothly, but I know that’s a foolish dream because not only does the screen glitch due to the calling card guys, but Hammerstone stands up almost immediately after we ask him if they have anything to say. Ha!

Alex thinks that Cory has an obsession with Samoans and doesn’t want him to be champ anymore. This signing was a ploy to get rid of Hammerstone… oh my God. Ha! Ha!

As soon as Hammerstone mentions Jacob’s family, and how he doesn’t care where he comes from, Fatu takes that as fighting words. A brawl commences after that. Wow. Peace doesn’t exist here. Anyway, their match is happening next week. Yay!!

By the way, something weird happened. Cesar Duran randomly gets abducted by his own men. What’s going on?

EJ Nduka & Calvin Tankman (c) vs. Juicy Finau & Lance Anoa’i – World Tag Team Championship match

I don’t know why, but Tankman and Nduka couldn’t simply wait till after the SST make their entrance to start pouncing on them. No. They attack them this insist. They haven’t finished their runway walk yet.

Nduka and Tankman have a similar mindset to Hammerstone about the company being bias towards the inclusion on Samoans. That the system is rigged. But they’ve worked just as hard as anyone on any roaster. I’ve mostly seen the Usos, The Rock, Roman Reigns from WWE and the SST, but regardless. What are you talking about, boy?

This provoked brawl takes a comical turn. Tankman and Juicy LITERALLY take a sit on chairs and start punching one another. Sitting down. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! My face was twitching so far.

EJ breaks them up by summersaulting on Juicy. This hasn’t actually started, mind you. Lance charges as well and lands on Nduka. The bell rings at some point to finally start this match. Damn…

Lance has most of the upper hand here as he sets a table up, sends a few uppercuts then prepares to launch EJ into his trap. Regrettably for Lance, Nduka spin busters him into the table instead. “The Judge laid out his verdict.” said commentary. Ha! Ha!

Anoa’i tags Finau as he ploughs through both Tankman and Nduka, who tried to get in there to help Calvin. EJ manages to escape Juicy’s hip attack, but Tankman wasn’t so lucky. Nduka pretty much left him there. Ha!

Anoa’i frog splashes Tankman for a narrow win. Almost. Juicy tries his turn, unfortunately, he took too long, Nduka shoves him off the top, and he lands on his back.

Tankman and Nduka play a vicious double team on Lance, thinking it was over. Stupendously, Lance remains in this match.

“SST! SST! SST!” the crowd chants.

Finau gets rid of Tankman by throwing him against the barricades. Some sort of powder EJ gathered intercepts his vision as Lance Super Kicks him, Juicy Samoan Drops him, and for the victory, Lance finishes him from the top with a splash. YAY!!!! WOO HOO!

Anoa’i’s family are also here to celebrate the win. I guess all the gold is gone now, isn’t it, Nduka? Ha! Ha! Ha!

Winners: Lance Anoa’i & Juicy Finau


TOP PHOTO: Lance and Juicy holding their titles. Courtesy of MLW