Sarray (Sareee) is heading back to Japan.

The NXT regular has decided not to renew her contract with NXT/WWE and is leaving the promotion, this according to Tokyo Sports.

NXT/WWE made a big deal about signing her in 2020 but her initial debut in the company and move to the United States was delayed due to the COVID outbreak.

Sarray (Sari Fujimura) continued to wrestle in Japan until she could join NXT in the USA. She had a strong debut defeating Zoey Stark but then she just drifted around as NXT didn’t seem to know what to do with her.

After being off television, she returned with a redundant Japanese school girl gimmick but she promised to return to NXT with a “new passion and energy”. Despite this, she was bounced around, appeared on NXT Level UpĀ and NXT UK. She had a brief feud with Tiffany Stratton and other persona change. Shortly after that, she disappeared from television again.

She will be returning to Japan and resuming her career there on May 16 at the Shinjuku Face event.