This NWA USA is full of tag team action as The Fixers face off on NWA Hall of Famer Bobby Fulton’s handpicked team, and the SVGS want to make a case of being the number one contenders for the NWA World Tag Team titles when they square off against The Ill-Begotten in the main event.  

Let’s jump to it, as we come to you from the PBS Studios in Tampa, FL. Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky have the call.  The Fixers are already in the ring, but Bobby Fulton is out from behind the curtain, and we see who’s in the First Match of the night.  It’s…

Chris Adonis and “The Professional” Rhett Titus (with Bobby Fulton) vs The Fixers (Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky)

The Fixers still have the old NWA US Tag Team titles they took from The Country Gentlemen a couple of weeks ago.  Galli informs us that the stipulation for this match is that if The Fixers lose, they must surrender the old belts to Fulton.

The Fixers attack straightaway and give double claws to Titus’ abdomen.  Titus is rocked and still hasn’t taken off his ring robe yet, and Bradley and Legursky keep him well isolated in their corner, making him a Professional in Peril.  Titus tries to drop Legursky but to no avail, and he continues to punch and soften his gut.  The Fixers utilize double-team corner splashes to Titus, and Bradley adds more pain with an abdominal stretch.  Now Legursky comes in and gives a bear hug, but Titus manages to fight out of the submission.  He tries to make it to his corner, but The Fixers pull Titus back, and they attempt another double-team move. Titus finally escapes and gets the hot tag to Adonis, and he is a Masterpiece en Fuego on The Fixers.  Adonis tries to bodyslam Legursky but he is too big and he easily overcomes the move and slams Adonis. He then attempts a diving head butt, and Adonis dodges.  He tries the Masterlock on Legursky, but he powers out before it can be locked in. Titus dropkicks Legursky back to Adonis, and he raises his arm to make it easier for him to cinch in The Masterlock, and Legursky passes out from the pain.

Your Winners via Submission:  Rhett Titus and Chris Adonis

After Adonis and Titus leave, Fulton gets in the ring and tells The Fixers to give him the belts. They agree and ask for the resident photographer Hiban Huerta for a photo-op with Fulton and the belts. 

Bobby Fulton and The Fixers pose for a photo-op

With that out of the way, The Fixers once again absconded with the US Tag Title belts again, leaving Fulton empty-handed.  Jerks.

We have our next match of the night and it’s another entrant for the…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

NWA World Women’s TV Title Qualifying Match: Max The Impaler (with “The Sinister Minister” Father James Mitchell) vs Natalia Markova

There is a lot of history between the two combatants, and the last time faced off in the ring was during the Voodoo Queen Casket Match at Hard Times 3.

Markova goes right at Max, who tosses her off with ease.  Then she tries to choke Max from behind and the Non-Binary Nightmare slams her into the corner and tosses her off again, Max drills her in the jaw, and then picks up The Crush and nails a gutbuster to Markova to cover for a two count.  Markova manages a drop toehold to the middle ropes and she chokes Max using the ring for assistance.  Max is just too powerful and manages to get out.  Max applies a sleeper hold to Markova and she attempts to fight her way out but gets planted hard to the mat.  Max charges into the corner and Markova gets a boot up to the face.  She kicks away at Max’s head and starts to run the ropes, but Mitchell trips her up, and that allows Max to nail a choke slam and a cover for one, two…ooh, so close.  Now Max curb stomps her to the bottom turnbuckle and covers again for one, two…another kick out.  Once again, Max charges and Markova evades the attack and lands a Beautiful Disaster and a high knee and another Beautiful Disaster to MAx’s face.  She is on a rampage and continues to choke Max, ignoring the ref’s orders.  Finally, the match is called and…

Your Winner via Disqualification, and Advancing in the NWA Women’s TV Title Tournament:  Max the Impaler

Markova is in disbelief as Max comes to and clotheslines her from behind. Then CJ comes out and poses over the lifeless Markova.  Is a message being sent, since Markova hangs out with Mercurio, and he and “Magic” Jake Dumas?

CJ poses over the lifeless Natalia Markova

We get a recap of the main event between Knox and Bully Ray and the fallout between Knox and Matt Cardona but read it here if you want to know what happened on this NWA POWERRR.

Speaking of which, May Valentine is backstage with Mike Knox about the fallout. He’s known Cardona for sixteen years and was there for him even when VSK and Brian Myers weren’t around. Knox mentions he claimed to have an Internet army behind him, but…Cardona has no army except Knox and no Internet army. Knox on the other hand actually builds an army by going to one bar at a time (which I can appreciate), and at the end of the day, he’s here to fight people. He gives the best of luck to Cardona and says “have fun with Bubba [Bully Ray].

Then turns to a Valentine and offers an apology of sorts.  He realizes the error of his ways 9through the wisdom of his wife) and congratulates her on her Playboy spread and wants to actually be friends.

Mike Knox saying ‘hi’ to the wife during a backstage segment with May Valentine

With that, he says hi to his spouse, and Knox hopes that is enough for him to come back home.  Awww!

We head back to the ring as Chris Silvio, Esq gives the introductions for the Main Event and it’s a…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Number One Contendership for the NWA World Tag Team Championship: The Ill Begotten (Alex Taylor & Jeremiah Plunkett, with Danny Dealz) vs. The SVGS (“The Dane Event” Jax Dane & Blake “Bulletproof” Troop, with Chris Silvio, Esq.)

As the bell rings Taylor and Dane are ready to start off, but The Dane Event tags in Troop instead.  Troop displays his MMA background as he shoots and takes down Taylor.  He attempts to return the receipt but Taylor realizes on that front that Troop is “Bulletproof.”

Taylor does get in a drop toehold to Troop but it’s short-lived as Troop continues the beatdown.  An elbow drop by Troop misses, and now Plunkett comes in and there’s double team action by the Ill-Begotten with a corner splash and a dropkick in the corner.  Plunkett uses his ring savvy and gets Troop with a waist lock and stomps his exposed feet.  Tag back to Taylor, and they land a double legsweep.  Now Taylor stays in and Dane distracts him long enough for Troop to nail him with a gutwrench suplex that drops him on his head.

Dane tags in and “The MegaloDane” goes to work, unzips his furry vest, and launches Taylor with a belly-to-belly suplex.  Troop tags back in and he and Dane are pure SVGS against Taylor, who is an Ill-Begotten in Peril.  Taylor fights out and attempts an enzugiri, but Dane dodges the move.  Dane goes for an elbow drop that misses the mark.  A hot tag to Plunkett and he is a Tater Peeler en Fuego.  He takes it to both Dane and Troop and then he and Taylor attempt a double-team move, but Dane powers out and shoulder-tackles both men.  Then Taylor dives at Troop on the outside in a somewhat botched move.  Now Plunkett has Dane dead to rights and attempts a piledriver, but The Dane Event escapes the finisher. The end comes with his Dane Event clothesline finisher, and Troop is tagged in and gets Plunkett in a Figure Four variation and he submits from the pain.

Your Winners via Submission:  The SVGS

Silvio comes back in and celebrates with Troop and Dane, and they look like true SVGS as the show rolls to the credits


NWA USA - 03/04/2023

Final Thoughts:

Dane and Troop mesh well as a tag team, and it’ll be interesting to see what challenge they will be against the current tag champions, La Rebelion.

The Fixers are definitely milking the NWA US tag titles for all it’s worth, and one can’t help but wonder if that will lead to a unification title match with The Country Gentlemen.  As for CJ’s Appearance after Markova’s loss…color me intgrigued.

For now, see ya next Saturday!