Well, hello there.

Elimination Chamber is looming ever so closely, and I’m here for all the carnage. I’ve never seen the Chamber event matches in my life watching wrestling, so this will be my first experience. And with the amazing battles we have coming, I can’t wait. Less than 24 hours to go, folks.

If anything prompted my return in viewing wrestling again would have to be the Usos. My all time favorites growing up. Now given that they’re in The Bloodline, a faction of their own, the intrigue grew even higher. Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman’s presence made sure of that. Ha! I kind of feel guilty. Ha!

Oh, by the way, I just figure out why Paul delivered Roman’s message to the Usos about staying home tomorrow in an ominous tone. When he said “Sometimes you see things on tv that you don’t see when you hear live.” alluded to his sneaking around when he pretended to act surprise when he saw Jey last week only to listen in the conversation about the twin’s uncertainty about remaining in The Bloodline to probably knowing about Sami fist bumping Jey near the trucks.

Heyman still believes that Sami is the problem by also manipulating Jimmy into succumbing to that notion, although, the man he grovels at has just as much a hand in this affair than Roman is willing to admit.

Natalya & Shotzi vs. Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler – Tag Team match

The second Rousey’s theme music started playing, the entire stadium growled in upset. Regardless, Baszler and Rousey didn’t care as they march their way to the ring. Nattie and Baszler start this match off. Natalya had to the most time to bounce around Shayna’s view, so she could catch her at an opportune moment to roll her up, attempting a quick win.

Baszler wasted a bit of time trying to dislocate Nattie’s arm, which gave her opponent the leverage to take her down by grabbing onto Shayna’s head and throwing her forward then a nice kick to the nose soon after.

Rousey tags herself in to take on Nattie, given her comment about Shayna being a knockoff version of the Baddest Woman on the Planet, which resulted in this fight. Natalya was looking for the Sharpshooter, but Ronda squeezes herself out then brings Shayna back into the fold, while Natalya tags Shotzi.

The Ballsy Badass had the upper hand for a few minutes, but Shayna quickly turns it around by twisting her hand and pushing her into their corner, so Ronda could come in.

Shotzi pulled out amazing stops by tying Rousey’s arms while in a bridge position in the center of the ring after a massively painful throw. That was new, yet short lasting.

Shotzi felt like giving Ronda the suicide dive right in front of the announce table. Shayna was about to jump in until Natalya gave her one hell of a clothesline.

Baszler was able to gain back control of the match by playing with Shotzi’s arm and taking out Nattie with a cheap shot to the face.

The second time Shotzi surprised me was with an incredible DDT on the arpon using the top rope. Ronda landed on her head.

Rousey went flying off for a crossbody to Nattie, yet misses as she lands on her knee. Natalya sees that as an opportunity to perform the Sharpshooter, which Ronda was nearly tempted to tap out of till Shayna saved her, forcing the the maneuver to be broken.

Nattie and Shotzi were preparing for a double team, but Shayna took Nattie out, which allowed Ronda to deliver the arm bar to Shotzi for the win.

Winners: Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler

Once Sami figured who the real mastermind pulling his strings for months now, he’s back tonight to further prove his statement that he will be the first person in over two years to finally pin Roman Reigns down.

If I’m being honest, Paul Heyman did have some truth when he said that Sami was trying to beat The Tribal Chief; however, that ideal didn’t fully manifest until Zayn liberated himself from Roman’s clutches. It was partly true.

Here I thought Sami was going to show up, yet Hit Row intervene to drop some rap lyrics. Given how many times they’ve been losing lately, especially when B-Fab got eliminated at the Rumble so quickly, that’s still funny, they decided to re-introduce themselves to the crowd.

It mostly went in their favor, till suddenly, Bray Wyatt swiftly took them all out with the help of Uncle Howdy like they were doing this for me when I questioned why they were here. It’s been a couple of weeks since we last saw Wyatt, so I’m not complaining about his appearance… but with Howdy? I’m a little perplexed. Yes, Bray finally accepted who he truly is; however, Howdy isn’t the best company to have while he does so.

He’s more, if not completely, conniving and unexpected, that I wouldn’t get too comfortable with this man hovering behind me. It’s like allowing a serial killer to stand behind you while you’re having tea blindly assuming they won’t hurt you.

Anyway, the reason for the interruption was because Bray had to make an announcement about a match in particular happening tomorrow at the Elimination Chamber. Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar’s. Whoever wins among these two men, “You should run!” Wyatt, as he eagerly said, is in control of himself… with Uncle Howdy’s influence?

The doubters towards Madcap Moss last week were proven wrong when he won. Emma predicted he would win, and he did. So now, it’s Moss’ time to shine if he can yank the Intercontinental Championship belt right off of Gunther’s waist. Will he do it?

Sheamus & Drew McIntyre vs. The Viking Raiders – Tag Team match

Sheamus and Ivar were dropping bombs from the very beginning with a missed Bro Kick and failed Spinning Heel Kick. Ivar is sent outside, and Sheamus follows with a body splash. Erik rushes to help his partner, but he didn’t count on Drew intervening.

Ivar slows things down as he punishes Sheamus in the middle of the ring by pressuring the neck area. Sheamus does muster through for a moment, unfortunately once Erik comes in, the temporary power vanishes as a creepy Valhalla looks closely into the Irish warrior’s eyes.

Sheamus tags McIntyre while Ivar brings Erik into the ring. Drew came in with explosions of tackles after tackles to the Viking. Ivar leaps in for an assist that Drew swiftly turns into a neck breaker then sends one to Erik.

After the Glasgow Kiss by McIntyre, Sheamus unloads on a dizzy Ivar. The Viking retaliates with a harsh kick to the face of Sheamus, causing him to tumble backwards. Ivar climbs to the top, yet Sheamus meets him there to carry the big man and drop him in the center of the ring. Drew was amazed by that as were we.

Sheamus and Drew play a double team with the Ten Beats of the Bodhrán. The Vikings became Jell-O after that.

Sheamus went for the Bro Kick, suddenly Erik caught him mid-air somehow and plants the Irish warrior on his back. It was funny on Erik’s part because he almost fell backwards attempting to hoist Sheamus up. Ha!

Every time Drew flies, it’s an absolute pleasure to see. Michael Cole loves it.

Later on, McIntyre was measuring Erik for Claymore Country, irritatingly, Valhalla distracts him long enough for Erik to tag Ivar in for further damage. Sheamus went shoulder first into the post when he saved this match from ending.

The Raiders had Drew up for the Ragnarök, Sheamus comes in with a Bro Kick to Ivar’s face. Ha! He looked genuinely shocked when he saw Sheamus coming. This allows Drew to send Erik into Claymore Country for the win.

Valhalla was so pissed. Ha!

Winners: Sheamus & Drew McIntyre

Last week, although, Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio were two out of the three who lost their chance to face Gunther, they shared an more powerful moment by gifting each other their signature mask. Escobar wants Rey’s legacy, but he sure as hell respects him for having it. In return, Mysterio reminds Santos to make his own legacy.

This meant a lot to both wrestlers, but Karrion Kross doesn’t give a damn. Kross once wanted children; however, when he saw the pure look of disgust and disrespect in Dominik’s eyes, he pretty much said he dodged a bullet. Kross warns Rey to do something about it, otherwise, he’ll have to keep hiding behind a mask in shame for being a “poor excuse for a father” according to Scarlett. Tick tick tock…

Wow. When I looked in Rey’s eyes when they left, he looked very hurt. I almost cried. A good father doesn’t deserve to be insulted this way, and I believe Rey is more of a good father than a bad one.

Asuka vs. Liv Morgan

This is a match I’ve never seen, but I applaud it for happening, even though, Carmella had her claws in this. Because the camera had to shot back and forth between the fight going on inside the ring to the debate going on at commentary due to Carmella’s presence, it’s not that easy to follow. This everts my attention too often, folks. Ha! When this occurs, I forget there’s a match happening.

There was tumbling between these women at first until Asuka did something weird and decided to shake hands with Morgan. Unsurprisingly, it was a joke that Liv thought it to be genuine.

I caught myself laughing when I heard Carmella suggesting that Raquel Rodriguez has a “big back”. Why did laugh? It came out of nowhere. Raquel has a luscious back, absolutely beautiful. Lots of people wished they had that. Not me, though. I’ve been told I have a nice back too.

Morgan attempts to flee, but Asuka yanks her backwards as Liv elbows her in the face. The Empress turns around with a back throw to Liv then a side kick.

For some reason Carmella’s language when she suddenly sees Raquel walking towards the commentary table is “What the booty cheeks is she doing here?” I cried out wheezing. Ha! Ha! I guess Rodriguez heard what I heard.

Raquel isn’t the only one making appearances tonight. Nikki Cross’ deranged ass is here too. She kisses Michael Cole on the head… Okay… Cross came out here to instigate a fight between Rodriguez and Carmella like a sadistic child in high school, like many of the guys I went to school with.

What’s happening inside the ring clearly doesn’t matter. The tea is outside… for the time being. Liv Morgan just slammed Asuka with an Oblivion to the face off the top. Massively endearing.

Now Nattie is here too? What’s going on? Carmella thinks this is embarrassing because she thought this was about her. Typical egotism… but I still like her. Nikki Cross was being insanely weird with Cole, calling him her best friend. Yikes.

Anyway, Asuka has Morgan down on her stomach as she has a go at her arm. Liv retaliates by pushing Asuka into the corner then follows that with a Step Up Enziguri.

Asuka has Morgan in the middle of the ring as she delivers harsh blows to the upper body of her opponent. Carmella comically replaced Wade Barrett at commentary. She doesn’t sound too bad, mind you.

Regardless, Liv misses the mark. Asuka turns it around with an Asuka Locking win. Morgan, sadly, wasn’t ready for Asuka.

After that win, all hell breaks loose. Carmella kicks Asuka. Nattie delivers a clothesline. Nikki twists her open as Raquel Tahana Bombs the wild card. Rodriguez did this to help, or ally herself with, Morgan. Which she reminds her it’s every women for themself with an Oblivion. Asuka comes back in with a kick to Raquel.

Winner: Asuka 

As Gunther is moments away from defending his championship, he shows that he doesn’t care about what Moss said earlier about it being his time. Albeit Gunther sounded like a dictator when he said like everyone else who challenged him, Moss will fall as well, he held his own as the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion. So he talks and shows merit.

Madcap Moss vs. Gunther (c) – Intercontinental Championship match

As Imperium makes their way to the ring, Ludwig Kaiser’s walk is amazingly stiff. Ha! He walks as if he’s containing the crap in his man panties. At least Giovanni Vinci walks as normal as one could get.

The match begins with a tussle by Madcap as he’s being led into a corner. Moss endures harsh blows to the chest from the champion along with insulting words too. Madcap tackles Gunther down and goes for the head.

The Ring General returns fire with a heavy boot to Madcap’s face as he goes down hard. Since this wasn’t enough to retain, Gunther places Moss into a headlock again. This looked like a really muscular guy trying to squeeze a can of corn open. Ha! Ha!

Gunther seemingly effortlessly stops Madcap in his tracks, so he could slow him down knowing that quickness is part of his arsenal of skills. Moss lifts the champ up and spine busters him for a failed cover.

Moss shoulder tackled Gunther hard enough to push him out of the ring and onto the main floor. The General leaps back in with explosive chops to Moss’ chest.

Gunther went for a sleeper hold, Moss escapes then delivers a back suplex as a great counter. Given the tremendous amount of abuse Madcap has endured, people thought he’d be out of this by now, but Moss is a superstar. Don’t disregard him too fast.

It became some sort of game of back and forth to see to who can send the other into a vertical suplex, luckily, that was Madcap.

Gunther with a wicked right hand onto Madcap’s chest, but he almost immediately gets back on his feet to prevent Gunther from body splashing him. He gave one heck of a Fall Away Slam to the Ring General that doesn’t award him the win. It started to devastate Emma too.

Gunther has been trying to apply the sleeper hold on Moss the entire match, but he wasn’t successful. However, this time he managed, moves it into a Powerbomb for a retaining win.

If anything, Madcap has shown he can match Gunther during a fight. The General had his work cut out for him given the stamina and determination Moss had. He was the closest to taking that belt away though.

Winner: Gunther

Sami Zayn receives the most heartwarming welcome from his hometown people as he makes his way to the ring to his original theme music. It was adorable. Zayn may have been a pain at the begin when I met him, I’m not gonna lie, but he has truly turned into a better person afterwards. Even with Roman’s corruptive tongue.

Despite how sweet the chanting of the audience was, I did want them to shut up at some point, so Sami could FINALLY talk. This goes on for over six minutes… Damn it.

WrestleMania may be the biggest and most important event of the year, but for Sami, tomorrow is once in a lifetime. He spoke in French saying that at the Elimination Chamber it isn’t only Reigns vs. Zayn. It’s Reigns vs. Zayn and the entire city of Montreal.

“Roman! You are going down!” shouts Sami as he slams the microphone.

Oh, um… Am I the only one who noticed Sami’s many voice cracks and back of the throat wheezing? Ha! Ha! See you tomorrow, friends.


TOP PHOTO: Sami Zayn talking to the audience. Courtesy of WWE