Greetings and salutations! We are back for another week of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV. This weeks show should see some good in-ring action as Rich Swann faces off against Kenny King in the main event. We will also see two qualifying matches for the 4-way number 1 contenders match at No Surrender. We will see Steve Maclin take on Rhino and Eddie Edwards versus Heath. In what could be the sneaky match of the night contender we will also get KUSHIDA take on Chris Bey. Lastly Masha Slamovich will face Alisha. Tons of good in-ring and I hope we further some key stories with Bully Ray, The Design, Josh Alexander just to name a few. We are a week and a night away from No Surrender so without further ado, let’s get to it.

The show opened up with IMPACT Wrestling paying tribute to Jerry Jarrett, who played a key role in the formation of the promotion. We get a video highlighting the ongoing drama between Matt Cardona and Joe Hendry. We then cut right into action!

Chris Bey VS. Kushida

The match started off with some fast paced action as the two showed off their athleticism right from the get go. Kushida got the advantage after hitting Bey with a Springboard back elbow which made him go outside of the ring. KUSHIDA stalks Bey outside of the ring and the two continue the fight out there. Bey was able to hit KUSHIDA with a swinging kick which gave him an advantage to the match. Bey tweaked himself at some point in the match as he’s favoring his left arm at this point which caused KUSHIDA to put a target on it. KUSHIDA with a hammerlock on Bey’s potentially injured arm. Bey broke loose and as he needed a breather he goes to the outside but KUSHIDA hits Bey on the outside of the ring with a flipping Senton.

Back in the ring, KUSHIDA continued to target Bey’s left arm. Bey couldn’t find any advantage as KUSHIDA had a response for anything he threw his way. Bey found his way out of a Hoverboard Lock and rammed KUSHIDA into the ropes and hit a Springboard Leg Drop to KUSHIDA’s head. Bey went for a pin but it was only good for a 2-count. The two men trade punches but KUSHIDA was incredibly sneaky as he rolls up Bey after countering a Kimura and scores the win out of nowhere.


Backstage we see a Tommy Dreamer and Santino Marella meeting. Bully Ray showed up and things are tense with Ray and Dreamer. Marella proposed that Dreamer and Ray will be together on a “Busted Open Live” segment at No Surrender. Marella also announces that Dave LeGreca will be the moderator at NO Surrender. Dreamer and Ray did not like this idea and they argue until Marella proposed a Beat the Clock Challenge next week to see who gets to talk first at No Surrender.

4-Way #1 Contenders Qualifying Match: Steve Maclin VS  Rhino

This match was a tough one. Both men went in there with one purpose and that was to hurt their opponent. The two men fought and brawled in and around the ring. Maclin got control of the match but Rhino was able to turn it around after Maclin attempted a Splash in the corner but was met with an empty corner as Rhino moved out of the way. Rhino took advantage of this situation and shoulder tackled Maclin a few times.

Rhino now with a Belly to Belly from the corner for a 2-count. Rhino continued his beating of Maclin as he hit a Spinebuster on Maclin. It was now time for the Gore as Rhino called it out but Maclin dodged it and hit a Spear on Rhino but this wasn’t enough to put Rhino away. Maclin now attempted a KIA but Rhino blocked it which made Maclin slide around Rhino and hit Heath’s Wake-Up Call for the win!

Winner: Steve Maclin

Gia Miller interviewed Masha Slamovich who spoke in Russian for the interview. Anything that Miller asked was met with very to the point Russian answers. Slamovich ended up saying that she plans to send a message to Mickie James later by beating Alisha Edward.

Johnny Swinger ( w/ Zicky Dice) vs. Barry Horowitz

This was a quick match as Johnny Swinger started the match hot. The two men trade blows and Horowitz had Swinger in the corner after Swinger rushed him but no one was home. Swinger regained control of the match and put Horowitz in an Abdominal Stretch. The Demon (yes, The Demon) comes out and this distracted Swinger for long enough that Horowitz reversed the hold and rolls up Swinger for the surprise win.

Winner: Barry Horowitz

Gia Miller is with Moose and Moose promised that he will get even with Joe Hendry for what happened last week after his [Hendry’s] match with Cardona where Moose was taken out. Moose then goes outside with a bat and he smashed a car he believed was Joe Hendry’s. Santino Marella runs over and tells Moose that it was actually his [Marella’s] car he was destroying. Joe Hendry casually walks up and chirps Moose. Marella is upset and books a Dot Combat Match between the two.

Eddie Edwards VS Heath

The match started off quick as the two exchange blows. Heath connects with a splash on Edwards in the corner but Edwards recovers quickly. Heath went was on the outside and Edwards connects with a Tope Suicida. Back in the ring, the two men go back and forth with chops but Edwards with a jab to win the exchange. Edwards now using his foot to choke Heath then went down for a chinlock. Heath fought hard but Edwards hit him with a Headbutt. Heath continued to fight out of the hold and was successful. Edwards connects with a Knee Strike but Heath then hit Edwards with a Leg Lariat.

Edwards and Heath are now at even strength and Edwards hit a chop on Heath but Heath came right back and Power Slammed Edwards. Edwards turned things around again after hitting a Superplex on Heath followed by a Tiger Driver and a pin but it wasn’t enough for the 3. Edwards attempted to go for a Die Hard Driver but the house lights went dark and we see the familiar light show that is synonymous with PCO. With Edwards distracted Heath went for a Wake Up Call and got the pinfall win!

Winner: Heath

After the match PCO appeared behind Edwards and hit a Scorpion Death Drop. Edwards rolled out of the ring before PCO can hit a Senton Bomb…

The Design is together and they are discussion their match with Kazarian and Yuya Uemura. Deaner said that Callihan and him would face them and this is Step 5 of Callihan’s Seven Deadly Steps for Callihan to join The Design.

James Mitchell along with The Hex said that his boss, Rosemary’s father sent him to deliver a present to the Death Dollz. Mitchell then said that The Hex are coming for the Impact Knockout Tag Team titles. Mitchell talked about not getting sleep when one sells their soul and he is now looking to cause some havoc (emphasis on the havoc or Havok).

Masha Slamovich VS Alisha Edwards

Mickie James was out for commentary for this match. This match was your weekly squash match. Slamovich with Suplexes on Edwards followed by a German Suplex. She followed that up with a Snow Plough for the win.

Winner: Masha Slamovich

After the match Slamovich continued to attack Edwards and locked in a Rear Naked Choke. James saw enough and she rushed to the ring to save Edwards. With James in the ring, she turned to James and locked in a Rear Naked Choke on her where she almost passed out.

Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus were in the back. Steve said that if Trey Miguel put the X-Division title on their upcoming match then he would leave him alone. Steve proposed a Monster’s Ball match.

Santino and Dango are hanging out with Jonathan Gresham. Mike Bailey crashed the party and said they will have a match at the PPV (Bailey and Gresham). Dango then said as a tune up Nailey and Gresham should team up vs the Motor City Machine Guns. Barry Horowitz walked by and said he wants whatever deal Johnny Swinger has. Santino then said that it will be him [Horowitz] versus Rhino and Horowitz seemed to turn down the match claiming that he thinks he should go out on top!

Rich Swann defeated Kenny King

Swann has another tune up match as he prepares for Josh Alexander at No Surrender. Kenny King has a lot to prove as he wants to show everyone that he is a rightful main eventer. The match started with Kin taking the early control. King hit a HUGE and NASTY looking Lariat on Swann that lead to a 2-count. King continued his assault on Swann as he went for a Springboard Legdrop but Swann dodged it and kicked King to try and get back in the match. The two continue to duke it out and King regains control as he hit a Suplex but Swann comes right back with a Knee to the head of King and on his way down delivers a DDT.

As the match went on King hit a Spinebuster on Swann. King now acting a bit too cocky goes to the outside and gets in a telling match with a fan. King is back in the ring and maintained control as he hit a Sole Butt to Swann. Swann tried to come back as he hit King with a Pump Kick. This didn’t phase King for too long as King connects with a Superman punch. Swann looking for an answer to King’s offense found himself delivering a Poisonrana followed by a Sole Butt of his own. Swann wanted to continue this short wave of offense and he went for a kick as he got up but King catches his leg and turns that into a single leg Crab.

The match went mostly in King’s favour but as both men were in the middle of the ring and Swann went for a Phoenix Splash but missed. This was directly followed by King connecting and delivering a Tiger Driver but it wasn’t enough to end the match. King is now at the end and goes for a Royal Flush but Swann timed a counter perfectly as he turns it onto a cradle for a surprise win after King controlled most of the match.

Winner: Rich Swann

After the match an irate King attacked Swann and grabbed a chair to use on him but Impact World Champion Josh Alexander made the save. Swann back up goes for a Superkick on King but he dodges it and instead connects on Alexander. Alexander on the floor clutching his face while looking confused at Swann was how this episode ends.


Impact TV: February 16, 2023

This episode of Impact was an okay watch. The opening match and Min Events were must watch matches. The main event in particular was well booked as it gave Swann a good win to make himself look like a legit challenger to Josh Alexander but it also made King look like a threat to the main event picture as he dominated most of the match.

Things in the middle while not bad were somewhat missable. We do have some fun stories leading into next weeks No Surrender and for that, I am grateful.