Greetings and salutations! I am back with the NXT Report here at Slam Wrestling over the next few weeks! We are in the a bit of a Premium Live Event lull but NXT typically as a special themed TV show between now and Stand and Deliver. I expect an announcement later on this. Last year we had Roadblock. The big match being hyped is the NXT 2.0 Dream match of Carmello Hayes versus Bron Breakker. Let’s see what happens this week. We will also hear from Jacy Jane after turning on Gigi Dolin. We also have the return of Meiko Satomura as she teams up with Roxanne Perez against the Women’s Champs, Chance and Carter. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

The show started with a an “in Memory of Jerry Jarrett” graphic. The show kicked right away as Vic Joseph and Booker T were on commentary.

Grayson Waller comes out to Vic making a note that his suspension was over this week after his actions towards Shawn Michaels in the Vengeance Day Media scrum. Tyler Bate came out and as his entrance is happening we see a split screen with Jacy Jane arriving at the Performance Center.

Grayson Waller vs. Tyler Bate

Waller started the match with the advantage over Bate. While Waller was on the offensive he looked right into the camera and continued to taunt Michaels by saying “Is this your Boy Shawn? You chose the wrong horse!”. With the crowd chanting dueling chants, Bate begins to gain some momentum back as he lands some moves on Waller. Bate with s standing Shooting Star press but that was only good for a 2-count. Bate continues his attack which sent both men to the outside. Bate followed Waller outside but Waller goes in the ring and delivers a Baseball slide on Bate followed by a huge Lariat on the outside as we head to commercial.

Waller was still in control as the show came back from break. Bate rallies back from Backbreaker hold with knees then begins to punch Waller. Waller with a Knee Lift sending Bate to springboard off the ropes and lands a Lariat of his own. Bate now with an airplane spin but Waller with another Knee Lift and hits a Killswitch but this still didn’t put Bate away. Waller hits some vicious elbows on Bate for another pin attempt but it was still short. Waller now with a Superkick that was blocked and Bate with a Bop and Bang! Bate now with an elbow and a Superkick of his own. Bate with the pin and the match was almost over but Waller got his hands on the bottom rope to break the attempt up. Bate now underhooks Waller but he slips out and goes for a schoolboy with a handful of tights but Bate kicked out at 2 again. Bate now with a Sunset flip but Waller dopped to his knees and hooked Bate’s legs for the pin but he’s grabbing the ropes which the ref saw and broke the count. Bate reverses the pin and cradles Waller for the sneaky pin attempt and win!

Winner: Tyler Bate

Brookes Jensen is in the locker room acting very nervous as he has a Valentines date with Kiana James. Briggs walks in and asked Jensen why he was so nervous. Jensen admits to not only being a virgin but never kissing a girl. Briggs taught Jensen the good ol “90/10” rule. Fallon Henly walked in and clued in on what was going on. Henley gave Jensen some more tips in what can only be describes as WWE does the 40 Year old Virgin. Briggs and Henley wish Jensen luck.

Jacy Jayne is walking backstage and we cut tot he Gorilla position where Grayson Waller is berating the “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels. He gets pulled away by officials as an angry Micheals cuts to commercial.

An Apollo Crews Dear Diary session is taking place. He is in the dark. He throws his diary down and calls out Dabba Kato. Crews said he watched last week and has no idea was Kato meant by when he said he should know why Kato did what he did. Crews said they shared the road, major moments, and family time together. Kato has his reasons and now Crews has his, and the only thing he’s focused on is revenge.

Jacy Jayne Speaks

Jayne is out with a mic and said that last week was the end of her Toxic Attraction story and the start of the Jacy Jane story. She said that things are all about her now and she knows shes been the talk of NXT this past week. Jane said that she doesn’t regret stomping in Dolin’s head in, she just regrets not doing it earlier. Jane said that she has seen the footage a thousand times but wants to see it again.

She said that Gigi wants to act like the victim but anyone with two working brain cells understand that she is in fact the victim here. Jane said that she won’t be taking care of Dolin’s mistakes and she wants every single person in the building and watching at home to listen very carefully: screw you!

Jane said that for the last two years everyone thought she didn’t belong, that she was playing the third wheel, and people wondering why she was part of Toxic Attraction to even begin with. But she says that now she has the spotlight.

We see footage of the living legend herself, Meiko Satomura arriving to the PC.

Chase U is backstage. Thea Hail is all scrappy Doo as Duke Hudson and Andre Chase are trying to get info on what happened to her last week with Schism. Hail said she won’t back down because then they [Schism] wins. Hail said she is going to look fear in the eye and say “Hi Fear, Im Thea and you’re gonna get an Andre Chase University sized ass whooping”

We get an excellent Sol Ruca reel really highlighting all the positives she has as WWE strap the rocket to her back!

Thea Hail VS Tiffany Stratton

relatively short match as Stratton controlled the early part of the match but Hail begins to come back but this doesn’t last long as a Schism follower is at the Crow’s Nest and completely throws Hail off her game as she gets scared on the Apron and falls. Stratton brings her back in the ring and does a Fireman’s carry. Hail gets her mind back in the match and starts a small comeback and even does a dive to the outside of the ring. Ava Raine then appears in the crows which once again distracted Hail. Stratton takes advantage, gets Hail down and does the Best Moonsault Ever and gets the win.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

Javier Bernal showed up to the Diamond Mine gym and asks Tatum Paxley if she would be his Valentine. Paxley said she was taken. Big Body Javi said it was her loss. He then asked Ivy Nile who responds by saying to save it then locks a Dragon Sleeper choke on him. We hear the voice of Isla Dawn which I’m not sure if Nile and Paxley were hearing it in their heads or not.

Axiom vs. Damon Kemp

Axiom makes his entrance followed by Kemp after the break. Kemp takes the early lead in this match and does a few Suplexes to show off his strength advantage over Axiom. Axiom comes back with forearms in the corner and a hesitation Dropkick. Kemp continues to show off his strength as he delivers a German Suplex from an Electric Chair/Wheelbarrow German Suplex followed by three German Suplexes. Axiom slowly but surely comes back with a saeries of kicks followed by a Golden Ratio for the win.

Winner: Axiom

We get an update via Social Media Reel of the Brooks Jensen/Kiana James date. We also saw the live reaction of Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley. Henley said that she can’t take this anymore and needs to tell Jensen about what James is really up to. Briggs seems confused…

We see a Twitter video of Grayson Waller screaming about the “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels kicking him out of the building and how he’s a hypocrite.

Bron Breakker Speaks

Breakker comes out and is in the ring with a mic. He said that its feeling a little different right now. He said when one door closes another opens and the next challenger steps up to him. He said the next one is always different and feels bigger. Breakker hypes it up as the next challenger being the one everyone wants to see….him vs…..

Jinder Mahal comes out with Indus Sher. Bron said he wasn’t expecting them. Jinder tells Breakker that a great champion should always expect the unexpected. He said he admires that Breakker has carried the entire NXT brand for over a year but he knows very well what that weight on ones shoulder feels like.

Jinder said that he knows the stress of waiting for the next challenger, trying to retain a title and understand the media and appearances, the late nights, early mornings and everything else that comes with being a champ. He asked if this is the reign that Bron dreamt of. Bron said damn straight it was but doesn’t understand what Jinder is leading to. Mahal said that Breakker must be deaf if he doesn’t hear the small pocket of fans who once loved him but now boo him. He said he knows how the saying goes; you either die a hero or you live long enough to become the villain. Breakker said the fans can do what they want the same way Mahal is free to be there right now but Mahal is full of arrogance.

Mahal then said that because of the changing tides ad the fact he can’t acknowledge what’s going on around him is why he’s challenging Bron Breakker to a title match next week on NXT TV. Breakker tells Mahal to stop wasting his time with the new 3 Man Band. The crowd gets worked up and Mahal tells them to calm down. Mahal then said that people don’t like him [Breakker] and he used 3MB to have people like him but after he wins the title next week, the fans still won’t like him [Breakker] but the Maharaja will.

The NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, Katana Chance and Kayden Carter walk up to NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez and her partner for later Meiko Satomura. They apologized for last week. Perez accepted and all the women agree to continue with the match. Roxanne thanks Satomura for coming to help her but Satomura said she has her reasons.

Wess Lee is walking backstage to set up his open challenge for the North American Championship.

Indi Hartwell is interviewed and says that she was happy to see Gigi Dolin get her face put through a door last week but after listening to Jacy Jane she is only going to be put behind her and wants to put her in her place

Wes Lee North American Title Open Challenge

Wes Lee is in the ring and is ready for his NXT North American title open challenge. Out comes Tony D’Angelo along with Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo. As they are walking to the ring, Dijak attacks D’Angelo from behind. Stacks gets in the mix and as Wes Lee is watching the madness unfold at the stage, he gets attacked by Von Wanger to set up the match….

NXT North American Championship Open Challenge: Von Wagner vs. Wes Lee (c)

Lee got the early advantage with Dropkicks on Wagner. Lee gets caught mid move and gets smashed, spine first into the turnbuckles a few times. Lee gets tossed across the ring and gets a shoulder tackle sending him to the outside. Von Wagner stalks his prey and smashes Lee’s face into the announce table. Mr. Stone reminds Von Wagner of the Champions advantage and Von Wagner send Lee back to the ring.

Lee now comes back with right hands but Von Wagner hits Lee with a HUGE LARIAT. Wagner with a big boot but Lee ducks and drops the big man with a heel trip and does a Double Stomp on the Big Man folowed by a standing moonsault. Wagner now slowly comes back but Lee fought back and staggers Von Wagner with a few Super Kicks and does a Cardiac Kick for the clean pinfall win.

Winner: AND STILL NXT North American Champion; Wes Lee

Backstage Hank Walker shows off his new ring gear to Drew Gulak which is a black singlet with “Walker” on the front. Walker said his boots haven’ arrived but Gulak lends him a pair and tells him to “lace ’em up”

Charlie Dempsey VS Hank Walker

Dempsey makes short work of Walker with a hammerlock to a side headlock to a Shot off followed by a Shoulder flip and a few forearms. Walker makes a slight comeback as he lands a few punches on Dempsey. After both men were taken down by a big boot, Dempsey locked in the Heel-Trap Bow-and-Arrow submission. Walker was forced to tap.

Winner: Charlie Dempsey

After the match, Dempsey refused to let go and as NXT refs and suits come out, Gulak jumps up on the apron appearing to help Walker and Dempsey lets go. Then Gulak and Dempsey walk out together leaving Walker alone in the ring….

Backstage in the locker room, Von Wagner is visibly angry and Mr.Stone is just sitting there watching that tantrum unfold. Mr.Stone said he has a lot to say but there is no point since Von Wagner didn’t lose the match because of lack of ability. Stone said he lost because he doesn’t have a connection to anybody, him, the NXT universe, anyone. Stone said that Wagner needs to break the walls down and let him help him as he doesn’t have time for people who have their walls up.

In a cinematic Vignette, Gallus are playing pool and enjoying a cold one in the pub where Pretty Deadly come in and challenged the NXT champs to a game of billiards. Pretty Deadly make fools of themselves as Gallus easily wins several games. Pretty Deadly even lost a title shot in one game. Pretty Deadly are left with the bill and its a doozy looking one. Gallus said if they want a title match, all they have to do is ask.

The hardest working reported in all of professional wrestling, McKenzie Mitchell is with Ilja Dragunov. Dragunov said that his path to recivery was a hard one but he believes pain makes you feel alive and said that JD McDonagh is out with a detached retina. As he continues to speak, Trick Williams shows up in the ring and talks tons of trash to Dragunov including calling him a “blue footed raggedy bum”. Ilja comes out and said that he didn’t come back to NXT for fun. Williams went to attack Dragunov but gets dropped with an Enzuigiri. Out comes JD McDonagh with an eyepatch. He tells Dragunov that he shouldm have stayed him and how he’s going to show everyone what he is capable of. McDonagh said that as he tried to blind him, JD has no problem teling him he will beat him so bad it will become hard to hold his own son. Williams attacks Dragunov and focuses his attack ont he ribs.

Carmelo Hayes is backstage as Williams comes back and brags about what he just did to Dragunov. Hayes warned Williams that he got Dragunov mad but knows Williams can throw knees, shoulders, fingers or toes and Dragunov is going to find out that Williams is the baddest and prettiest around

Back on the date, Brooks Jensen is dropping Kiana James home. He is super awkward and points out the North Star as she begins to fiddle with her keys, which was a sign that Henley said to watch out for before going for a kiss. Jensen leans in but Henley shows up and tells Jensen that James is speaking with someone named “Zack” on the phone and that she loves him. James said she does love this Zack guy because its her brother (audible gasp). This Zack guy opens the door and Henley starts to apologize but James gets upset at everyone and heads inside upset that no one believed her. Jensen walks away all sad with his partner Josh Briggs while Henley is left alone…

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter vs. Meiko Satomura & Roxanne Perez

Carter and Perez started the match and they had aome great back and forth combos around the ropes as Chance gets tagged in. Both Chance and Carter end up outside as Satomura and Perez with Dives to the outside as we go to break.

Back from the break Perez is getting stomped on by Chance. Chance and Carter continue to use their innovative double team moves as they try to cut the ring in half but this didn’t last long as Perez escaped their half of the ring and tagged in Satomura. Satomura clears the ring with some great offense including a pin attempt on Carter and tags Perez back in. The Tag Team Champs had Perez’s number as they once again take control of the match and Satomura is left to try to get the momentum back after a second hot tag. Chance hits a Codebreaker on Satomura. Chance and Carter with more double team moves on Satomura as they ensure Perez isn’t availabel for the tag. Satomura took a Frankensteiner from the second rope and Chance and Carter try more tandem offense but Satomura has an answer for the tag champs as she counters them.

Satomura now in the ring with Carter with some back and forth offense. Satomura with a beautiful Pele kick and tags Perez back in who quickly does a Pop Rocks on an already groggy Carter. Perez with the pin and the win for her team.

Winners: Meiko Satomura & Roxanne Perez

After the match, Satomura takes the mic and said she did Perez a favour so now its time to return the favour. Satomura officially challenges Perez to an NXT Title match. Perez accepts and the match will take place at NXT Roadblock March 7th.


NXT TV: February 14, 2023

This week was a fun episode of NXT TV that focused on stories as we build towards NXT Roadblock on March 7. I like that we are seeing new feuds in the making along with the set up to the dream match of Breakker and Hayes. In the meantime, Jinder Mahal is just bump on the road(block)