Greetings and salutations all! It is another week here in the world of Impact Wrestling. This week the Digital Media Championship is on the line as current champion faces off against Matt Cardona. We are also getting Mickie James teaming up with Tommy Dreamer as they take on The Good Hands (John Skyler and Jason Hotch). We will also see two qualifying matches for the number one contender match at No Surrender and former NXT Star Persia Pirotta makes her debut as Steph De Lander against Jordynne Grace. All of this as we build towards No Surrender on Friday February 24. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

The show kicks off with a video recapping last week’s main event as The Design went over Josh Alexander’s team. We then get Joe Hendry’s song against Matt Cardona to set up their match later on the show.

The show cuts to Matt Cardona entering the building as security checks him. Cardona says that he is in the main event without saying who he was so the security leads him to this lavish dressing room with Champagne on ice. Cardona finally said who he was and the security redirects him to his actual dressing room which was a janitor’s closet.

4-Way #1 Contenders Qualifying Match: Brian Myers VS Dirty Dango

Dango started this match with the pace of a fox but Myers came back angry as he showed a level of violence we rarely see from him. Dango through being dragged and tossed around the ring tweaked his left arm and this left a target for Myers which he did not miss on. Myers focused his attack on the left arm of Dango and played a very concentrated ground game.

As Myers had control of the match we saw that Myers Cockiness as he slapped Dango across the head while asking him if he wanted to Dance. This gave Dango the motivation he needed to come back into the match. Dango hit a series of moves which lead to Myers tryign to recoup on the outside. Dango saw the chance and went for a dive onto Myers to the outside but missed. Myers placed Dango half in the ring skirt and hit a Roster Cut on the outside. Myers picked up a lifeless Dango and threw him into the ring and stalked him as he hit a second Roster Cut for the pin and the win!

Winner: & Qualifying to the 4-way at No Surrender; Brian Myers

Gisele Shaw and Jai Vidal were in catering. Shaw was being a “mean girl” to much of the roster that was also at catering. Deonna Purrazzo heard enough and dished it back to Shaw and Vidal. After speaking her mind, Purrazzo dumped a bowl of food on Gisele which shocked everyone especially Vidal. Santino Marella showed up and set up a match between the two at No Surrender on February 24th.

Gia Miller is with X-Division Champion, Trey Miguel. The new attitude of Miguel was on full display as he talks down to Crazzy Steve. The lights then flicker and we heard Steve’s laugh as his logo appears on a monitor behind Miguel.

Tommy Dreamer & Mickie James VS The Good Hands (John Skyler & Jason Hotch)

Skyler grabbed a mic before the match started and said that he couldn’t wait for the match to finish so he could get out of this town. Hotch and James started the match and we get a 50/50 match. Dreamer tagged into the match and took control of the match. Dreamer hit both members of The Good Hands with a diving double clothesline from the apron to both men on the outside. James with a crossbody on The Good Hands to follow that up

Back in the ring, Dreamer and Hotch were legal and they tossed it up until Skyler distracted Dreamer which gave Hotch the advantage. This didn’t last long at all as The Good Hands tried to cut Dreamer off from his partner but he hit a Cutter on Hotch and tagged James back into the match. James came raging into the ring and took care of both members of The Good Hand. Hotch tagged into the match but James had a response for anything he had.  Dreamer came back into the ring and he and James gave stereo DDT’s to Hotch and Skyler and James pinned Hotch for to get the win for her team.

Winners: Mickie James & Tommy Dreamer

After the match, Bully Ray comes out and obliterates Dreamer and eyes James. Ray inched closer and closer to James but it was Masha Slamovich who hit James from behind and took out the champ as she made her presence known and made James pay the price for ignoring her.

Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice caught up with Santino Marella. They had a request but before they could get it out, Dango showed up and said no…

We get a video promo featuring Rich Swann. We see highlights through Swann’s Impact career as he reflects on his time there. He then cuts a promo against Josh Alexander to set up their match at No Surrender on February 24.

Jordynne Grace VS Steph De Lander

This is Steph De Lander’s debut. Before the match she grabbed the mic and said that Grace has fallen from Grace (pun intended) so this is her time to make her presence known. Once the match started, De Lander hit chops on a much shorter Grace. De Lander hit Grace with a Fallaway Slam but that couldn’t keep Grace down as she used her raw strength to make up for the height difference.

Grace hit forearms on De Lander. De Lander came right back and knocked Grace down. As De Lander went to pick her up, Grace slipped right out and landed a backhand and folowed that up with a German Suplex. This was only good for a 2-count. Grace went for a Grace Diver but De Lander stopped it. This upset Grace who then slapped De Lander in the face and hit Snake Eyes followed by a Big Boot. Once again, this was only food for a 2-count. Grace and De Lander keep going back and forth but Grace eventually hit the Grace Driver for the 3-count and the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

In the back, Matt Cardona is furious about his locker room and said he would rather change in the parking lot than what was assigned to him. The Impact official listened to the rant and rectified the situation by obviously sending Cardona outside to the parking lot and tossing his stuff out there so he can be comfortable in his new locker room.

Gia Miller is with Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander. Alexander said he recognizes everything that Swann has done. As Alexander praises Swann he was interrupted by Kenny King. King is offended that Swann got a title shot before him. Swann heard enough and crashed the promo. King and Swann go back and forth then Swann slapped King across the face. Alexander told them to handle this as he walked away.

Non-Title Match: Death Dollz (Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie w/Jessicka) defeated Killer Kelly & Taylor Wilde

Valkyrie and Kelly started the match. Kelly with a kick to Valkyrie and swats Rosemary to show dominance and knock her off the apron. The women locked up and battle back and forth They eventually end up on the top rope and Valkyrie with a Suplex off the top. Rosemary tagged in and covered Kelly but it was only good for a2-count. Rosemarywith the Upside Down on the ropes while choking Kelly. Wilde who was busy reading her Taron Cards tagged herself into the match. She runs herself into the corner and Rosemary capitalizes. Momentum shifted as Wilde caught Rosemary on their corner and cut her off from her partner, Valkrie.

Later in the match, Kelly does a stalling bridge for a pin but it was only good enough for a 2-count. Wilde tagged back in and hit a knee to her opponent. Kelly is now hurting as Wilde punches her a few times. Rosemary dug deep and took out Wilde so that she could finally tag in Valkyrie. Wilde also tagged Kelly. Taya, who is fresh as a daisy worked over Kelly as she kicked her and hit a clothesline. Valkyrie with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a 2-count. Kelly returns that with a running kick and wanted to tag in Wilde but she was too busy reading her Tarot Cards. Wilde gets up on the apron and tossed a Devil card to Kelly. Kelly was distracted and confused enough time to walk into a Road to Valhalla as Valkyrie pinner her for the win.

Winners: Death Dollz (Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie w/Jessicka)

After the match, Father James Mitchell showed up on the ramp with a mic in hand. He said that he isn’t happy with the Death Dollz. He places a hex on Rosemary. Marti Belle and Allysin Kay appeared in the ring from out of nowhere and put the boots to the Death Dollz.

In the back, Eddie Edwards confronted Raj Singh who told him to take out PCO by any means necessary.

The Motor City Machine Guns walk up to KUSHIDA and they share pleasantries before they are confronted by Ace Austin and Chris Bey. Bullet Club challenged Time Machine to a 6-Man Tag at No Surrender. KENTA will be the 3rd member of Bullet Club for the match.

4-Way #1 Contenders Qualifying Match: PCO VS Shera (w/Raj Singh)

This was the weekly squash match for the night. PCO beat Shera with a PCO sault.

Winner: & Qualifying to the 4-way at No Surrender;  PCO

Gia Miller is with matt Cardona who is super angry at how he is being treated tonight. Cardona complained about changing in the parking lot. Cardona ended up back in the nice champagne haven of a locker room to find Myers leaving with a bunch of shrimp. Cardona is incredibly confused why is best friend was there and he wasn’t. In this confusion a group of people were signing Hendry’s theme and Myers clapped in glee. Cardona confronted Myers about that and he said it was a catchy theme. Oh the drama….

Frankie Kazarian is in the back with Callihan. Kazarian questioned Callihan about his recent attitude and loyalty to The Design. Deaner and the rest of the group showed up and said that any answer Callihan gives has to go thorugh him first. Kaxarian challenged Kon to a match at No Surrender if that was okay with Deaner.

Digital Media Title: Joe Hendry VS Matt Cardona

The match started with a Hendry promo where he said he has beaten Moose and now he gets to face “Edge’s B*tch”. An already flustered Cardona hit Radio Silence to start the match but this was only good for a 2-count. Hendry managed to throw Cardona to the outside and Hendry followed him out there and hit a clothesline on Cardona. Hendry threw Cardona back into the ring and Hendry hits Power Slam and a Stalling Suplex. Hendry only got a 2-count from this.

Cardona manages to take control of the match and is putting the boots to Hendry in the corner but Hendry comes right back into the match. Hendry couldn’t keep the momentum as Cardona hit Hendry with a Neckbreaker for yet another 2-count. Cardona put Hendry in a headlock. Shortly after that Hendry is rushing towards Cardona but Cardona grabs the ref and puts him between them. This minor distraction opened the door for Cardona to hit a Reboot in the corner and Cardona went for a pin but it was not enough for the win as Hendry kicked out at 2.

Hendry eventually got back into the match and hit Cardona with a Trust Fall but Cardona got up before the 3. Hendry continued with momentum as he hit a Cutter on Cardona. Hendry went for the pin but Cardona but his foot ot the rope to break up the pin at the very last moment possible. With both men up, Cardona hit a second Radio Silence but Hendry got up again. Cardona now looking for anything to keep Hendry down, climbs to the top rope but Hendry catches him and hits a Powerbomb. Myers runs out and slides the belt into the ring (which didn’t factor in the result). Myers then accidently hit Cardona with a Roster Cut. Hendry threw Myers out of the ring and hit the Standing Ovation on Cardona for the big win!

Winner: AND STILL Digital Media Champion; Joe Hendry

After the match, Moose runs into the ring and went to hit Hendry with a Spear but it was Cardona who ate it. Hendry then throws Moose out of the ring. Hendry continues his celebration in the ring and said that tonight is for Cardona and asked to play the “Edge’s B*tch” video to close out the show.

Next Week on Impact TV:

  • Chris Bey vs. KUSHIDA
  • Eddie Edwards vs. Heath in a qualifying match
  • Steve Maclin vs. Rhino in a qualifying match
  • Rich Swann vs. Kenny King

Impact TV: February 9, 2023

No Surrender is becoming a stacked card and tonight’s show really built well towards the Impact+ special on February 24. Time Machine vs Bullet Club might end up on many people’s match of the year lists.

Overall, tonight was fun and had tons of stories happening which was accompanied by good enough in-ring that made the two hours feel much shorter.