Coming off a solid Vengeance Day event from Charlotte, North Carolina, the white-and-yellow brand initiates the biggest potential matchup since the inception of 2.0. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams enter the ring enroute to NXT’s ultimate showdown between the former and Bron Breakker, slotted for Stand and Deliver on April 1. But out comes JD McDonagh instead to provoke Hayes into a one-on-one match later tonight.

After, new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Kiana James and Fallon Henley argue over the morality of their victory – and potential affair going on behind Brooks Jensen’s back – before walking in on a huge surprise party putting issues on hold. Can they coexist, Maggle?

Back from break, footage from Vengeance Day’s media call shows Grayson Waller’s confrontation with Shawn Michaels over allegedly costing the challenger the NXT Championship, resulting in a one-week suspension for the Aussie – who lost fair and square.

Sol Ruca vs Zoey Stark

Tonight’s opening match begins 20 minutes into the episode, but what hasn’t been prolonged is the impressive progress of rookie Ruca. She twists and springboards with ease, but Stark forcibly flips her into a knee strike for the pinfall victory. Stark continues the assault thereafter, but “out of nowhere,” Ruca hits the Sol Snatcher – arguably the coolest finishing move in wrestling right now. 

Winner: Zoey Stark 


Pretty Deadly crash the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship party blaming Chase University for not winning last Saturday. “Tonight, Pretty Deadly’s gonna get the sh- kicked out of them!” announces an also upset Andre Chase.

Dabba-Kato vs Dante Chen

From RAW Underground to Smackdown’s Nigerian commander, Dabba-Kato is back to the drawing board in NXT. He’s a physical spectacle getting Orlando on its feet with loud chops and a finishing slam closing out a surprisingly great re-debut. Interviewer Kelly Kincaid asks why he attacked Apollo Crews at Vengeance Day: “Apollo Crews knows what he did. That’s why I dropped his ass!”

Winner: Dabba-Kato 


Diamond Mine are discussing Indus Sher in the trainer’s room, which is oddly becoming their second home, before Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre step in to accuse Tatum Paxley of injuring Nikkita Lyons. “If you did it just say so,” Brutus Creed implies. 

NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez is interviewed about her defense last Saturday before Katana Chance and Kayden Carter thankfully cut her short. They insist that Perez has no friends, but the champion will supposedly prove them wrong like it’s a scuffle at recess. 

Isla Dawn vs Tatum Paxley

Dawn is accompanied by Alba Fyre, beginning an “unholy union” that really works. Opposingly, Paxley goes it alone while commentary questions her officialness inside Diamond Mine – although she’s been affiliated for a long time. Eventually, a tame clubbing finisher gives Dawn the three-count, and Ivy Nile finally runs down to save Paxley from a potential assault.

Winner: Isla Dawn


“Who just arrived in the building?” Vic Joseph asks when a black-clad figure leaves his car. Realistically the cameraman is doing poor investigative reporting by mysteriously framing only the person’s shoes, but I digress.

Carmelo Hayes vs JD McDonagh 

Booker T is presented with a dilemma between two members of his “fave five.” After an even opening sequence, McDonagh takes control throughout picture-in-picture until Hayes fights back with signature springboard maneuvers. He’s weirdly receiving most of the match’s offense, and despite a few opportunities, McDonagh takes him down again with a big headbutt. But a huge reaction comes for the arrival of Ilja Dragunov, who takes out Trick Williams at ringside while Hayes gets a roll-up victory. McDonagh retreats through the crowd as “The Czar” chases from behind.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes


Thea Hail saw Tiffany Stratton’s TikTok about Chase U, which is a very stereotypical Gen Z feud starter. Hail tells her to “suck it” before literally getting kidnapped by Ava Raine. 

Back at Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen’s party, the latter calls Kiana James “the love of (his) life,” so Fallon Henley holds back on revealing the potential affair. 

Valentina Feroz vs Lyra Valkyria

Feroz has Wendy Choo on her side, which is the most ridiculous looking temporary pairing while Yulisa Leon is injured. Valkyria is on top when Elektra Lopez appears and slides in brass knuckles for Feroz. She spends too long contemplating it, and Valkyria picks up the easy victory.

Winner: Lyra Valkyria


Some sweet vlog footage plays from Wes Lee’s experience before and after Vengeance Day, where he put on a classic North American Championship match against Dijak. The footage is genuine and emotional, and it’s exactly the content NXT needs to start producing more of!

Lee then announces an open challenge set for next week when Tony D’Angelo and “Stacks” interrupt to ask for compensation for helping retain the North American Championship. 

Tyler Bate takes up for Shawn Michaels in a package, challenging Grayson Waller next week: “You want to disrespect someone. How about you disrespect me?”

Odyssey Jones vs Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo 

Jones is a brick wall that decimates “The Underboss” as Tony D’Angelo watches on ringside. “Stacks” eventually turns the tide, but Jones makes a comeback like a “big angry bear,” as Booker T describes. “Stacks” though hits a Curbstomp of sorts to gain the victory, no funny business needed.

Winner: Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo 


A package from Indus Sher recaps their victory over the Creed Brothers, and again, their classy celebrity image is incredible; Jinder Mahal rocks a turtleneck. 

Roxanne Perez is asked who her tag team partner is next week: she teams with Meiko Satomura to face Kayden Carter and Katana Chance.

Chase University vs Pretty Deadly 

Comedic staples Pretty Deadly enter like disheveled zombies after Saturday’s loss. “They look like they’re still wearing the same thing,” Booker T adds. “What’s the bloody point?” Kit Wilson asks as Andre Chase toys him around and Duke Hudson runs him over. Proceeding picture-in-picture, Chase University makes respective comebacks with Chase’s awesome “C-H-A-S-E-U” stomps when Thea Hail comes in screaming after getting kidnapped by Schism. This allows Pretty Deadly to capitalize with Spilled Milk, and what a performance from the boys. “They look great!” Booker T switches up.

Winners: Pretty Deadly 


Hank Walker discusses new ring gear with Drew Gulak as Charlie Dempsey accepts a rematch: “Just make sure he doesn’t take any shortcuts like you do.”

Monday Night Raw’s Bayley returns to NXT with her talk show Ding Dong, Hello! while in an arm sling thanks to Becky Lynch and Lita. She introduces her guests Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, who immediately bicker over losing their NXT Women’s Championship match at Vengeance Day. Bayley acts as a counselor of sorts, getting them to reconcile as “sisters” for “one more run.” But not for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

They “hug it out” in victory before Jayne swerves the room and superkicks Dolin, throwing her into the set door and stiffly kicking her opponent in the head with no give. “I ain’t gonna say nothing,” Booker T says to close the show.

NXT 2/7/23

Orlando, FL

Amazing storylines all around the card, and each talent’s strengths are being used to their potential. As the fan sign in the crowd said, “Thank you HBK,” for injecting some hope into this once hopeless brand.