Oh my Goodness.

The Royal Rumble was pure insanity and stupendous. Absolute madness. Cody Rhodes came back, so did Natalya, Nia Jax, Pat McAfee and Booker T. Logan Paul was there too for reasons I can’t fathom at all… Who asked him to return on this very night to collide mid-air with Ricochet in the men’s Rumble? A sin.

The Mountain Dew Pitch Black match was definitely my highly anticipated fight, the problem is it ended too quickly. I was surprised by how brisk Bray made out of LA Knight knowing how scared he was of his appearance. He looked like a demon. Even worst so that his friends from the Firefly Funhouse were there too. Dark Sheila, Pigsy and Rat Bunny, plus an unfamiliar face stood as the fourth aside from Uncle Howdy’s manifestation. There was fire as well. Ooh.

I’ve been listening to Hardy’s song Sold Out a lot recently. I’m not a rock country music person, but if anything got me into it, it’s this melody. So good! Let’s not forget, McAfee called Michael Cole pregnant. I broke into tears. It was so random, yet amusing.

The funniest elimination during the Women’s Rumble is Chelsea Green. Ha! Ha! Ha! She came in and got sent back out just as fast by Rhea Ripley. Green lasted less than ten seconds. Even Liv Morgan found that comical. What makes this even more hilarious is how confident she was when she said she’ll take out everybody. Wrong. Ha!

Nevertheless, the highlight of the night is given to Sami Zayn and The Bloodline. Regardless of how helpful Zayn has been to The Bloodline, Roman still finds new ways for him to “prove himself” after he already did that multiple times. Jey said it best, Sami has taken so many hits for the family, so why does Roman continue to question him? And the answer to that, ladies and gentlemen, is Paul Heyman’s venomous influence. But, oh, not only that. I suspect that Reigns and Heyman were indeed using Sami as a shield to hide behind any coming bullets, fireworks and/or punches from all sides.

Roman acted like Sami would be a great asset when really, he knew how to toy with him any chance he got and made it appear like he’s only watching out for the family. Maybe he was at the beginning, especially when someone new and foreign ventures for your acceptance, but that’s not the case in recent moments. Jey was the most hurt when Sami decided to strike Roman with a chair at the Rumble. He looked completely devastated that he walked out when everyone questioned why he didn’t unload on the so-called traitor Zayn.

Jey Jey was the most paranoid out of the entire group, which also made sense when he saved Sami. The bond they built became more genuine and sweet, so the betrayal was a sharp knife to the back, the front and the legs. Roman sees this as treachery, but I think Sami finally figured out who the real bad guy is, and it wasn’t KO. I recon he did this for himself, no sides to choose for. What kind of family forces the other to brutally attack someone else and disguise that as good intent? Jey Jey was partially wrong about what family does. Roman is, dare I say, a toxin.

Braun Strowman & Ricochet vs. Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci – Tag Team Title Contenders Tournament Finals

Because of Kaiser’s sudden uppercut to Ricochet’s jaw, he was momentarily unavailable. Strowman sees that as a great opportunity to knock Vinci on his ass and have a stare down with Gunther near the commentary table.

Gunther begins to back up as he shouts at Strowman. Without him looking, Kaiser jumps Braun, but he catches him mid-air. Giovanni climbs to the top and ploughs them both.

Braun was losing steam fast while brawling Vinci, so he quickly drops Gio on his back then tags Rico as he flies through the air with a crossbody to Kaiser’s interfering butt and a slingshot to Vinci.

Ricochet’s Shooting Star later wasn’t enough because Vinci kicks out. So, Strowman launches Rico over the ropes, and he lands on Kaiser and Gio.

This part was good. Gunther gets sent backstage by the official due to his aggressiveness towards Ricochet. Ha! He looked so mad.

I’m not sure if Vinci was trying to shoulder tackle Strowman, but he failed hilariously. Braun hardly budged. Ha! A clothesline turns Kaiser inside out like discarded meat.

What came as a beautiful shock was when Ricochet climbed on top of Strowman’s shoulders in order to body splash Ludwig for a victory. Amazing!

Winners: Strowman & Ricochet

Cody Rhodes’ story of wanting to come at the Royal Rumble and win it came true, even though, there’s still work to be done. Now he has an even bigger challenge. Knocking Roman Reigns off his throne at WrestleMania. Can he do it? This man is incredible at what he does, yet so is Reigns. It’ll take more than winning the Rumble to beat Roman off the ledge.

WWE celebrates Black History Month by giving a shoutout to Kofi Kingston. One of the greatest Black wrestlers I’ve ever seen. No one compares or comes close to what he can do in and out of the ring. To all the Black people out there such as myself, this is our time. We are the possibility. Keep thriving for you.

An exclusive clip at the NASCAR race track with Rey Mysterio, Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, Michael Waltrip and Clint Bowyer is rudely interrupted by The Judgement Day, minus Rhea Ripley. This confrontation results in a race showdown between Rey and Dom.

Dominik is still a dick. He was also at the Rumble and remained in the ring for far too long. I kept wondering who was going to shove his disrespectful ass off the mat. Lucky for me, someone did. I was happy.

By the way, Rey won the race. YAY! Go cry to mommy Rhea, Dom. He still comes off as a big petulant baby, as if saying if Rhea were here, Rey wouldn’t have won was at all intimidating. Ew. Honestly.

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Sonya Deville – SmackDown Women’s Championship match

Flair does a cartwheel to avoid colliding with the turnbuckles then delivers a heavy boot to Sonya’s face.

Since Flair was on a roll for the most part, Sonya decides it’s best to yank Charlotte’s hair, so she could hit her head on the mat. How impressive. Deville even mocks Flair’s “Wooo” like she owns the place.

Flair was having so much fun with the numerous takedowns she performed on Sonya’s chest and shoulder. A chop after another as she cackles sadistically then follows that up with a back suplex.

The champ had no fear in her eyes as she climbs the ring to Moonsault on Sonya. Suddenly, Deville puts her knees up in time and managed to hit Charlotte in the face with her boots for an opportunity to roll her up while using the ropes as leverage for a failed success. Aw, boo hoo, Deville.

Sonya’s last attempt to beat Charlotte was by trying to use the Figure 4, yet she was reversed by Flair into her own Figure 4 including the bridge for a retaining win.

Flair says she’s going to be Rhea’s nightmare at WrestleMania, and I’m here for it. Woo!

Winner: Charlotte Flair

After the events that transpired at the Rumble, Jey Jey is nowhere to be found and it’s been a week. Even Jimmy hasn’t heard from his brother.

What I find to be completely irritating is that these cracks opening up within The Bloodline is said to be Sami’s fault rather Roman’s. Only a dickhead would blame others for his, hers and/or their mistakes. He has just as much a hand in this than Zayn does.

Reigns is convinced that Jey will be there during the Usos’ title match against Ricochet and Strowman, still he questions if he’ll be there for the rest of The Bloodline. That remains to be seen. Will the toxins be gone by then?

The Brawling Brutes vs. The Viking Raiders

Since The Vikings’ attack on Sheamus and McIntyre a week prior made some people angry, Holland and Butch’s demand of a match was granted.

Ridge has Erik up for a vertical suplex and plants him on his back with a harsh thud. Butch decides to leap in after getting tagged, so he and Holland could pay homage to Sheamus with the Ten Beats to Erik… well, 25.

Butch launches himself off the top ropes, unfortunately, Erik ducks out of harms way. Instead, Butch comes face-to-face with Valhalla. Erik takes advantage of that by throwing Butch into the barricades.

Butch rolls through for a tag to Ridge, and he delivers multiple back German suplexes to Erik. Once Ivar gets tagged again, he comes in only to receive the Alabama Slam courtesy of Holland.

Butch Moonsaults from the second rope and gets caught by Ivar as he powers back to his feet. Whatever Ivar was going to do is swiftly rotated into Butch’s Sleeper Hold.

Erik comes in, ploughs through at Butch as Ivar retreats to send a sudden Spin Kick to Ridge, who attempted at catching him off guard.

The Vikings stared at Valhalla, as if seeking approval, before delivering the Ragnarök for a powerful win. Thankfully, the party isn’t over yet. McIntyre and Sheamus picked a fight with the Vikings because they’re still pissed for earlier. Who wouldn’t be? The warriors dominated this little… game.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

Shotzi vs. Natalya vs. Zelina Vega vs. Shayna Baszler – Fatal 4-Way match to earn Elimination Chamber entry

Nattie, it’s great to have you back. She reigned supreme during this match like it was made for her. She managed to ward off a great takedown from Zelina in the center of the ring, unbeknownst to Shayna, with her help.

Shayna plants Zelina with a Side Slam before taking care of Shotzi with a Spine Breaker and other joint manipulation moves. Like the attempt at snapping of Shotzi’s arm.

Natalya comes in from underneath and punches Shayna blind. That wasn’t enough because Baszler strikes Nattie down with the same knee kick that broke her nose mouths ago. Fortunately this time, Nattie jumps out of it and stays in the fight.

Zelina tried to mess with Shayna earlier, laughably, she was taken care of with a simple shove.

Shotzi starts to build momentum once she kicks Shayna in the face then follows that with a body slam to the back of the Submission Magician. Zelina joins the bash with a Moonsault on Baszler and Shotzi on the outside.

Nattie had Shotzi in the Sharpshooter, but Zelina’s Bulldog move cancels her out. Shotzi also gets involved by sending a back throw to Vega.

Shayna climbs back in with the Kirifuda Clutch to Zelina that almost renders her sleepful until Natalya seeks to deliver a clothesline, which she ultimately gets trapped by Shayna’s Clutch.

Nattie wiggles out of it and shoves Shayna on the outside. She goes for Zelina’s weakened body to perform the Sharpshooter for a win. Yes, girl!!

Winner: Natalya

As we conclude the night, Roman explains his attack on Sami at the Rumble. Why did he chose to plough down on him like he did so menacingly and strangely beautiful because of the flowers? Regardless of Sami’s betrayal. At War Games, Reigns said he saw all he needed to see. And that, my friends, was greed apparently.

What I’m sensing here is that Roman knew this was coming, but he was possibly hoping it wouldn’t. Reigns is sure that Sami was using The Bloodline when it really doesn’t seem that way.

Zayn makes that clear as he launches a sneak attack on Roman. He’s rightly pissed.

The assault, however, doesn’t last long. Roman quickly puts Sami through pain with knees to the face and chest as well as several stomps. I thought Roman was going to keep going, but he gets speared by Sami out of nowhere. Wow! My eyes light up like a sugar crazed alien. Yes, I consider myself to be abnormal. Ha!

Sami never wanted anything from Roman… until now. He wants the WWE Universal Championship. Boom, roasted.

Cole and Barrett are wondering if Sami is starting to regret some decisions due to Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso’s abrupt ambush. Sikoa prepared himself to charge Sami, but Roman stops him mid-way. He removes the chair that was placed over Zayn’s head to kneel closer to him.

Reigns was stunned by Zayn’s desire for the Undisputed titles, so he has a chat with him near the camera for all the people at home to hear the promise he makes. Roman vows to break Sami in front on his family in Canada during Elimination Chamber before he could even think about giving Zayn what he wants. I knew he was going to blame Sami for Jey’s disappearance and the dysfunction in The Bloodline. Yeah, it’s not your fault, Roman.

Sami’s shirt that formerly wrote “Sami Uso” has been barred to “Sami Zayn” by his own hand. It’s official, he left.


TOP PHOTO: Sami Zayn looking down a beat down Roman Reigns. Courtesy of WWE