André the Giant died on January 28, 1993, and many people across the Internet noted his death on its 30th anniversary.

Podcaster John Arezzi did too, on his Pro Wrestling Spotlight show.

However, he went a little further.

Arezzi was a long-time fan and was actually there when André made his New York City debut at Madison Square Garden on March 26, 1973, facing Buddy Wolfe. He was there when Chuck Wepner tried to box with André at Shea Stadium in 1976. Arezzi had his original Pro Wrestling Spotlight broadcast from 1993 and wanted to have guests join him to discuss that archived episode.

John Arezzi and Chris Owens listen to Jackie Bernard McAuley on the phone.

With the help of the world’s leading André the Giant collector, Chris Owens, Arezzi brought on Jackie Bernard (McAuely), who is the widow of Frenchy Bernand. They are the couple in Ellerbe, North Carolina, who managed André’s sprawling ranch and knew the Giant better than almost anyone, as that’s where he went to get away from it all and just be André Roussimoff.

“We broke the news of Andre’s passing to my New York listeners 30 years ago with Frenchy Bernard confirming it. Now, being able to share that broadcast with my podcast listeners is surreal,” said Arezzi. “When Chris Owens offered to reach out to Jackie and she said yes, I knew the podcast would be special.  She shared amazing stories of Andre with us, as did Chris.”
The archives of Owens and Arezzi help the show. “The YouTube video version of the podcast is very cool, as we are able to offer the visuals like personal photos from Jackie of Andre, and Chris’ collection of artifacts.  And I throw in footage of his Madison Square Garden debut I filmed as a 16 year old. It’s an amazing episode,” concluded Arezzi.

Patrons of Arezzi’s show have already gotten a chance to hear the show, but it’s debuting here and on YouTube:

TOP PHOTO: Gorilla Monsoon lifts André the Giant’s arm in victory after André defeated boxer Chuck Wepner in Shea Stadium in 1976. Photo by John Arezzi