Greetings and salutations! Tonight on Impact there is a six-way Golden Six shooter match to determine who will face Josh Alexander at No Surrender. Moose, Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Callihan, Rhino. and Chris Sabin, all former champions will take part in the match. We will also see Trey Miguel defend his X-Division title against the 73-year old Action Mike Jackson. This Thursday is shaping up to be an interesting night and as we build to No Surrender, the card should really be taking shape. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

The show started with Sanitno Marella chatting with Ernest “The Cat” Miller as they hype the Golden Six Shooter match. They also review last week’s Fight Pit match between Kenny King and Mike Bailey. The show sets the stage as we get right into the action…

X Division Championship: Trey Miguel VS Mike Jackson

The match started off with Mike Jackson getting the upper  and holding his own against X-Division Champion, Trey Miguel. Miguel went for a handshake and ended up punching Jackson in the face. As Trey Miguel was regaining control of the match, Jackson grabbed Miguel and did his signature tight rope walk but Miguel stuffed him from going around the ring and he pulled Jackson off the ropes. Miguel then quickly ended the match after a Lightning Spiral.

Winner: AND STILL X-Division Champion; Trey Miguel

After the match, Miguel went to look for something under the ring perhaps to inflict more pain on Jackson but Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus confront Miguel. Miguel avoids the confrontation by running through the crowd.

Gia Miller is with Josh Alexander. Alexander said that no matter who wins the Golden Six Shooter match, he will remind them why he is the champion. Steve Maclin walks in frame to confront Alexander and tells him that with D’Amore no longer around, he’s fair game as a target.

We see separate mini videos of Rich Swann and Chris Sabin along with Alex Shelley preparing for the Golden Six shooter Match for later in the show.

KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight VS The Good Hands (Jason Hotch & John Skyler)

The match started with Knight and Skyler going back and forth on one another. There were a few tags back and forth between both teams which led us to a stalemate for sometime.

Hotch and Skyler ended up on top until KUSHIDA made a comeback as he hit Hotch and Skyler with double back elbows. Knight tagged back into the match and hit a dropkick on Skyler from the corner who was sitting on top of KUSHIDA’s shoulders Electric Chair Styles. This opened the door for KUSHIDA to tag back in and lock in the Hover Board submission on Skyler. Skyler had nowhere to go so he tapped out.

Winners: KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight

In the back, Gisele Shaw and Jai Vidal chat with Santino Marella. They want to know who will team with Shaw later in the show against the Death Dollz. Marella introduced a mystery person into the room but not in the frame of the camera. Shaw and Vidal looked pumped though…

Mickie James confronted Jordynne Grace and congratulated her for their match at Hard to Kill. Grace said that she didn’t fend people off last week to save James but she was simply protecting her investment for a future match together.

Death Dollz (Jessicka & Taya Valkyrie w/Rosemary) VS Gisele Shaw (w/Jai Vidal) & Tara to retain the Knockouts world tag team titles

Tara, making her Impact return started the match with Valkyrie but Shaw tagged herself in after she was not impressed with Tara early in the match. Valkyrie overpowered Shaw and kept her on the mat as she worked her over. Jessicka tagged back in and went for t aleg drop but missed. Shaw now had the momentum over Jessicka and refused to tag Tara back in the match after how she started the match.

Shaw continued to work over Jessicka and was about to tag in Tara until she second guessed herself and ignored her yet again. This angered Tara who went into the ring and argued with Shaw. Shaw had no time for Tara and disrespected Tara by blowing her off. This made Tara snap and gave Shaw a Widow’s Peak who then walked out on her partner. Valkyrie and Jessicka now thoroughly entertained watched on with popcorn in hand. Valkyrie got back into the match and tagged Jessicka in who hit Shaw with a Sit-Out Piledriver for the 3-count.

Winners: Death Dollz (Jessicka & Taya Valkyrie w/Rosemary)

backstage, Rhino is making last minute preparations for his match later on in the Golden Six Shooter.

We see another Taylor Wilde witchay promo where she is performing witchcraft. Taylor said that it looked like her issues with Kelly will conitnue after all.

Santino Marella is with Dave LaGreca (Busted Open Radio). They were having a casual conversation until Bully Ray confronted Marella and asked why he wasn’t in the main event. Marella essentially said that he just had a shot and there wasn’t enough spots for him. Ray didn’t like that answer and reminded Marella what happened to the last guy in charge.

We see Callihan getting ready for the Golden Six Shooter match.

Gia Miller is with Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans. Miller asked about Stellz’s loss last week and asked if there are issues between the two? Evans said that things with Steelz aren’t working anymore. Miller wanted to know exactly what wasn’t working anymore to which Steelz said “All of it” before storming off.

Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) VS The Major Players (Brian Myers & Matt Cardona)

Bey started the match for his team and Cardona for his. Cardona was showing off as he used his mat skills over Bey. Bey eventually got back into the match and tagged in Austin. Bullet Club began using quick tags and double team moves to keep Cardona separated from his partner. Cardona with a cheap shot on Austin to regain momentum for the Major Players.

Major Players now had the advantage but recent miscommunications between Cardona and Myers continued. This opened the window for Austin to make the hot tag to Bey. Bey came in and quickly cleared house of the Major Players but that didn’t last long as Cardona hit Bet with a running boot in the corner. Myers back in and hit an Elbow off the top rope but that was only good for a 2-count. Myers and Cardona had a lapse in communication again which opened the door for Austin to kick Myers out the ring and roll up Cardona for a 3-count.

Winners: Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

After the match, Impact Digital Media Champion, Joe Hendry came out to the ramp. Hendry with mic in hand said that he heard a rumour that Cardona wants another title shot. He accepted. He then presented a new video called “They’ll Always be Edge’s B!TCH”. This upset the Major Players who were fuming from the video.

Eddie Edwards is now seen getting ready for the Golden Six Shooter match as Alisha Edwards looked on.

Elsewhere, Moose was getting ready for the Golden Six Shooter Match until Cardona and Myers, The Major Players interrupted. They were still fuming from the video and said they were going to take care of Hendry.

Jonathan Gresham VS Sheldon Jean

Time for the weekly squash. Jean went in there wanting to disrespect Gresham and that is exactly what he did throughout the match. Gresham though got the advantage early on and never looked back. Gresham locked in an ankle lock but Jean narrowly escaped via a rope break.

Jean got some moves on Gresham but nothing, dare I say impactful. Jean continued mocking Gresham at every corner. Gresham knocked down Jean to the mat and hit a running neck punch to knock him out for the 3-count. Gresham did not like being disrespected and we saw a new side of Gresham in this match.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

Golden Six Shooter Elimination #1 Contender’s Match: Moose vs Eddie Edwards VS Rhino VS Chris Sabin VS Rich Swann VS Callihan

The match will see all 6 men competing at the same time. Eliminations occur via pinfall, submissions, or DQ’s

The match started with all 6 men going at it trying to get the early advantage. Moose and Rhino had a show of strength between the two and Sabin came in and took control of the match from the two. Callihan was groggy and Rhino was about to go for a Gore but Moose came into the ring and hit a Spear of his own on Rhino. Moose went for the pin but Callihan came into the ring and tossed Moose out of the way before pinning Rhino on his own.

Rhino has been eliminated

Back from a commercial break, Moose is working over both Swan and Sabin. Edwards re-enters the ring but got taken out by Moose. Sabin saw this as an opening and hit a Tornado DDT on Moose. Edwards came back into the ring and tried to hit Sabin and Moose but as the crowd chanted for PCO, he was distracted. PCO’s music hit and as he walked down the ring he was greeted by security. Edwards was completely distracted and Sabin rolled him up to eliminate him.

Eddie Edwards has been eliminated

Sabin now put his attention on Moose. They grapple to the corner and as Sabin set up for a Tornado DDT Moose quickly used his strength pushed him off and surprised Sabin with a spear to eliminated Sabin from the match.

Chris Sabin Eliminated

It was now just Callihan, Swann, or Moose who will become #1 Contender. The three men each measuring the other two men up before Swann hit Callihan with a spinning kick and followed that up with a Cutter. Moose inserted himself here and kicked the legs of Swann and then put a beat down on him. Moose was booked incredibly strong at this point. He mocked the crowd and his opponents and said he could do this “all damn day”. As Moose walks back to Swann to continue his beatdown, Swann surprised him with a rollup and elimination.

Moose has been Eliminated

With Swann and Callihan left alone, The Design come down to ringside. Deaner yells to Callihan to finish Swann. Callihan locked Swann in a Stretched Muffler but Swann wasn’t giving up. Swann eventually escaped and both men got up and we see back and forth punches between the two. Swann won this quick battle and dropped Callihan to the mat. Swann to the middle rope and delivered a 450 Splash for the win to become the number one contender and will face Josh Alexander at No Surrender.

Winner: AND NEW Number One Contender for the Impact Championship; Rich Swann

After the match, The Design quickly entered the ring and put a beatdown on Swann. Yuya Uemura came down along with Frankie Kazarian, and Josh Alexander to make the huge save. The Design escaped confrontation and Swann made his way back to his feet and celebrated his win.


Impact TV: January 26, 2023

The edition of Impact was essentially build off one match. The Golden Six Shooter could have been a longer match BUT I think that it was well done and led to some interesting stories within the match that we will likely see play out as we head to No Surrender. All in all, this was a fun episode of Impact.