Welcome back to the National Wrestling Alliance, and to the season finale of this NWA POWERRR which is back to being first run on YouTube, if you missed that announcement today.  We’re heading into the semifinals of The Champions Series, culminating in the live NWA Powerrr show on January 31st.  

Only four teams are left, and it’s anybody’s game at this point.  That leads to pregame promos by Team Tyrus, where the captain himself guarantees a victory.  “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason is pumped and assures us after tonight, “No one will survive the Thrillride!”

Sounds like a cool catchphrase.

We head to the Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN. Joe Galli and Velvet Sky have the call as all teams in attendance are anxiously awaiting our First Match of the night, and that is a…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Semifinal Match Six-Way Tag Match: Thrillbilly Silas Mason, Carnage, EC3 (Team Tyrus) vs Colby Corino, Joe Alonzo, Odinson (Team Rebelion)

Corino and Mason start off in the ring, and The Thrillbilly asks the Last Bastion about his “flavor saver” mustache.  Mason easily overpowers Corino and then tags in Carnage who pulled on the mustache of Corino to the corner, almost getting disqualified.  Now EC3 is in, and Corino has had enough of the abuse.  He tags in Odinson, and the Asgardian is ready… until Alonzo tags himself in, and that is why Team Rebelion is behind in points.  Alonzo starts off hot with arm drags, but the Essentially Character knocks him down until Mason comes back in for more beatings. Alonzo manages to upend Mason with a huracanrana and a dropkick, and now Carnage tags in.  Alonzo goes for a crossbody and Carnage is there to catch him, and proceeds to launch the upstart with a fallaway slam.  Isolated in Team Tyrus’s corner, Alonzo is in Peril, as the tag chemistry of Team Tyrus decimates the young man.  Carnage whips him into the corner and goes for a running splash that misses.  Alonzo crawls to his corner, and Mason and EC3 try to stop him, but he gets away and now lands the hot tag to Odinson and he is an Asgardian en Fuego.  Odinson’s offense is too much for Team Tyrus, as he lands an Asgardian Pounce to Carnage and a pick-up and slam to EC3.  There’s a tag by Corino, and Odinson uses him as a weapon and slams him into EC3.  Corino attempts the Sonsetter, but Mason blocks and swings him around for The Thrillride, and then sends him to EC3 for The Purpose and Corino taps out.

Your Winners via Submission:  ThrillBilly Silas Mason, EC3, and Carnage

With the submission win, six points are awarded to Team Tyrus, giving them a total of eight points, and that ties them up with Team Rebelion.

La Rosa Negra is still upset about her getting beat by Taya Valkyrie.  Interestingly, Valkyrie has no remorse for what she did and promises to do the same to Angelina Love. Love responds that she will know what it’s like to face a tough competitor like her.

Earlier today, Valkrie had an interview with May Valentine about her actions towards Negra. Valkyrie praises her as a tough competitor and feels like she needs to be reminded of who she is. 

This brings us to the next…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Semifinal Match: Taya Valkyrie (Team Rock n’ Roll) vs. Angelina Love (Team Great)

Valkyrie dominates early on with an STF to Love to get a submission win, but the veteran gets out and nails a kick to her midsection and follows quickly with her signature Lights Out and cinches a Koji Clutch.  Valkyrie crawls and grabs the ropes but Love does not let go, and the ref calls for a grade one DQ, so a point goes to Valkyrie.  Love rushes, and Valkyrie ducks out of the ring for a coaching session with Ricky and Kerry Morton.  As she goes back in the ring Love bashes her head into the top turnbuckle and then follows with a kick to the side of Valkyrie’s face to cover for a two count.  Love is formidable on offense with a head scissors takedown of Valkyrie, but La Wera Loca drives her down for a one count.  Valkyrie is in the driver’s seat and nails a side hip attack and then a clothesline, and then another hip attack to Love, followed by double knees in the corner. She covers Love for another two count.  A chinlock to Love, but she escapes Valkries hold and then executes a running bulldog for a two count, and then measures for Botox Injection.  Love misses and Valkyrie delivers with the Road to Valhalla finisher for the pin and the win.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Taya Valkyrie

With another five points on top of the one point she received, Valkyrie earns a total of six points.  Team Rock N’ Roll leads with 11 points to Team Great’s five points

May Valentine is back with her Babe Aron Stevens, and even though Team Pretty is out, Stevens has all the faith that his man Carnage will carry on to victory.  

Which is nice and all, but Valentine wants to know why he doesn’t follow up on going to Brazil with her.  Stevens hems and haws by saying it’s hard to get a passport, and what can he do?  Valentine is disappointed, and then Stevens suggests the altar, which prompts this exchange

Valentine:  “Is that like a city or…?”

Stevens:  “No, you know…tie the knot.”

Valentine:  “What do knots have anything to do with this?”

Finally, he says let’s get married, and she wants a ceremony right now, and she can grab Father James Mitchell.  Stevens slows the brakes and wants to give her the best wedding ever.

Once again, to quote Taylor Tomlinson: “Love is blind; lust is Helen Keller.”

Samantha Starr and Kayla Kassidy are ready for the next match.  Ashley D’Amboise is confident despite the differences between her and her tag team partner on Team Rebelion, so let’s go to the next match between…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Semifinal Tag Team Match: Samantha Starr and Kayla Kassidy (Team Tyrus) vs. Max the Impaler and Ashley D’Amboise (Team Rebelion)

Max and D’Amboise are quite the odd pairing, but they can get the job done.   Kassidy starts off against Max, and she quickly takes a powder to the outside.  A tag to D’Amboise and Kassidy takes the fight to her.  Back to Max, who just levels Kassidy up and down the squared circle.  As Kassidy hangs from the middle ropes, Max licks her face and flings her halfway across the ring like a rag doll.  A curb stomp on Kassidy into the bottom turnbuckle and Max covers her for two.  Tag back to D’Amboise and Max uses her as a weapon for a senton to Kassidy and then she follows with a leg drop.  With another curb stomp, D’Amboise gets a two count and then Kassidy reverses an Irish whip into the corner followed by a clothesline.  She finally gets the hot tag to Starr, and she is on the attack with a hip attack to a snapmare on Kassidy and rams her head onto the mat.  Max tags back in, and Starr does not have an answer for the Impaler’s offense.  Max hits a launching suplex to cover Starr for a two count.  She is sent into the corner and tackled by Max.  Kassidy with a blind tag and Max is displeased.  She goes for another tackle and Starr dodges out of the way and Max is out of the ring.  D’Amboise comes back with a spinning neckbreaker, but the Starrstruck DDT ends the match.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Kayla Kassidy and Samantha Starr

Add another five points for Team Tyrus, and they get a total of Thirteen to head into the finals of The Champions Series

Jennacide and Team Rock and Roll go over the game plan of how a submission will propel their team in The Champions Series, and Missa Kate and Natalya Markova have the same thought as well.  It’s time to see who’s game plan is better as the Main Event is your final…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Semifinal Tag Team Match: Madi and Jennacide (Team Rock n’ Roll) vs. Missa Kate and Natalya Markova (Team Great)

Madi and Kate start and it’s already tense between the former tag team partners.  Madi offers a handshake and goes for a quick takedown, but Kate blocks it.  Now a tag to Jennacide and she traps Kate’s leg and transitions into a modified bow and arrow.  With control of Kate’s ankle, Jennacide tags in Madi and she nails an axe handle smash on the exposed limb.  She continues to exploit the bad leg of Kate, as she goes to a single-leg crab.  Kate claws her way into her corner and rolls up  Madi to get the tag to Markova.  She chops away and sends her headfirst into the middle turnbuckle.  Madi comes back with a snapmare and gets Jennacide back in the ring.  She and Markova are throwing bombs in the middle of the ring. Jennacide lands a double chop to her chest (ouchie!), and quickly moves in for a ground-and-pound attack.  Jennacide goes for a submission but Markova gets out of the hold in time.

Jennacide picks up and places Markova in the Tree of Woe.  Madi is tagged in and she whips Jennacide hard into the corner to collide with the prone Crush.  Madi goes for a leg drop that misses the mark.  Both women jockey for a submission position, but Markova heads to her corner to tag in Kate, and she twists up Madi in a unique arm submission until Jennacide breaks up the hold before she could tap.  After that, it’s a Pier Four brawl until Jennacide nails Markova with a spinebuster, only for her to kick out at two.  Madi attempts the Reality Check and misses.  Kate lands a stiff thrust kick, then Jennacide knocks her out with a big boot. Markova launches and nails Jennacide with a missile dropkick.  Madi comes from behind with a waist lock, but Markova reverses and ties up both her arms in a submission.  Madi cannot squirm out, as both arms are tied up so badly that her shoulder blades are touching, and she finally submits for the win.

Your Winners via Submission:  Natalya Markova and Missa Kate

The submission win gives ix points for Team Great and Rock n Roll is tied up at eleven points. Kyle Davis announces this will go to a tiebreaker match, so we get a double main event.

BLK Jeez is confident of Team Tyrus’ chances in The Champions Series, stating everyone in IdolMania Sports Management are winners overall, and this is nothing different.  So now we go to the…

Tiebreaker Match: Sal The Pal and The Great Cyon (Team  Great) vs Ricky and Kerry Morton (Team Rock N’ Roll)

The stakes in this match are raised as each team now has its captain leading the charge. 

As Kerry starts off Sal is in his world as per usual.  It takes a while but The Future Legend captain manages to stay a step ahead of the Miserably Faithful member and keep Sal grounded.  Now a tag to Ricky with a running knee lift, and back to Kerry as father and son nail a double back elbow to cover Sal for a one count.  Kerry sends him to the ropes and Sal manages with a rollup for two.  Meanwhile, Cyon is still in his corner, stoically eyeing the exchange, and barely moving a muscle.

Kerry hits a Findlay Roll to Sal and tags back to Ricky as he sends him down with a shoulder tackle.  On the outside of the ring, Austin Idol is goading Ricky to come outside.  He takes the bait and faces off Idol, and now Cyon attacks from behind.  Now Cyon is in the ring and he picks apart Ricky, making him a Rock n’ Roller in Peril.  Cyon utilizes some dirty tricks to wear down the elder Morton but to no avail.  He tags back to Sal with a back elbow to Ricky’s neck and then back to Cyon.  He measures him and goes for a corner elbow, but Ricky gets out of harm’s way.  A hot tag to Kerry and he is a Legend en Fuego with a neckbreaker to Sal.  He nails Sal with a powerslam to cover, and Cyon breaks the count.   Then he and Ricky battle outside the ring, while Sal and Kerry continue to fight on.  Kerry attempts the Kiss it Goodbye on the first try but then connects the second time around to Sal to knock him out senseless.  Cyon tries to get back in the ring, but Ricky holds him back as Kerry stacks up Sal for the one, two, and three.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Ricky and Kerry Morton

That win garners the decisive five points for Team Rock N Roll and now they head to the finals of The Champions Series versus Team Tyrus, as the show goes to credits.





Final Thoughts:

Kudos to the women of the NWA for carrying the workload of the show.  I dug the submissions that Kate/Jennacide/Markova/Madi added to their match.  Overall, I’m a sucker for a good tournament and this looks to be a great showdown for their live show.

Until then, see ya in seven!