Greetings and Salutations! This week we are going to be treated to the one on one match between Carmelo Hayes and Wes Lee. We also have SCRYPTS making his long awaited debut. Who do you think it will be? We are three weeks from NXT Deadline on Saturday December 10 so I hope we start seeing the rest card shape up as we already have the two Iron Survivor Challenges

The show started with a full recap from last weeks show including Bron Breakker beating Von Wagner and Isla Dawn costing Alba Fyre the NXT Women’s championship.

The show then went to the Performance Center where Toxic Attraction comes out to the ring. All three members have mic’s. Rose said that she defender her Women’s championship for over 400 days and that WWE had to create the new Iron Survivor Challenge just so that they can find a #1 contender. Rose said she will watch that match closely at Deadline but the winner doesn’t stand a chance against her.

Jacy Jayne said that with Alba Fyre officially out of the way, Rose can take her rightful place on the throne while her and Dolin become the first three time NXT Women’s Tag Team championship.  NXT Women’s Tag Team champions, Kayden Carter and Katana Chance come out. Carter tells Jayne to shut up. She proceeds to tell them that she’s sick and tired of Toxic Attraction demanding whatever they want. Chance said they are phonies and told Rose the only reason she is still champion is because of Isla Dawn. Carter continues her tirade by saying that Toxic Attraction are a trainwreck waiting to happen because Dolin and Jayne have no use to Rose if she loses the title. Jayne said that Chance and Carter will become irrelevant once Toxic Attraction take back their titles.

The 5 women begin to brawl and Toxic Attraction eventually helf their ground and stood tall as they laid out Chance and Carter.

Earlier in the day North American Champion Wes Lee pulled up to the arena as he’s walking ALONE in the parking lot (!!!) Tony D’Angelo drives past him and says he hasn’t forgotten what he did to him. He wishes him good luck and Lee tells D’Angelo he knows where to find him.

Somewhere in the back, Duke Hudson was reading the Chase U Manual. Grayson Waller walks by and said that this new him isn’t him. Hudson says it is him. Hudson said that he is committed and dedicated and anyone who talks badly about his school has an issue with him.

Wendy Choo vs Cora Jade

The match started up with a lock up and Choo knocked Jade right into the mat and followed that up with a forearm and a back elbow but Jade countered that with a shoulder tackle. Choo with an arm drag but Jade once again had a response as she hit Choo with a boot to the mid-section. Now that Choo is down, Jade unleashed a flurry of punches and slammed Choo face first to the mat. Choo though rolled Jade up but Jade kicked out. Jade now with a kick and a boot to Choo’s face and the two women went flying outside of the ring.

After the commercial break, Choo hit a huge clothesline to Jade and then followed that with not one but two belly to belly tosses and a clothesline for good measure that sent Jade to the corner. Choo with a running clothesline with Jade on the corner. Choo then with a Brainbuster but Jade landed a right and grabebd her bat but Choo grabbed the bat away from her. Choo debated using the bat but the ref convinced her not to use it and took it from her but this opened the door for Jade to grab Choo’s drink and tosses it to her eyes then hit a DDT for the win.

Winner: Cora Jade

After the match Choo is left drying as Jade made fun of her.

We get an Apollo Crews cinematic promo. He’s grabbing coffee at a diner and said that he is after the NXT championship. He said the next three weeks will be the longest of his life as he waits for his chance. He repeated his usual line about having unfinished business in NXT. Crews said that the pressure is wearing Bron down but his vision is clear. Crews had a “That’s so Raven” moment and he saw himself holding the NXT championship….

The hardest working reporter in all of professional Wrestling McKenzie Mitchell is with Kiana James and asked her about not getting Fallon Henley’s bar. James said that Henley was dumb for not taking the offer and she paid last week. She walked off as she mentioned she had a match to win. As Mitchell was sending us back to the show, Javier Bernal showed up with a list of 3147 names he wants to wrestle. Mitchell said that Axiom is at the top of the list and still out injured. Mitchell then pointed out that number 14 was Elon Musk. Javi said he doesn’t want to pay $8 for a blue checkmark. Mitchell then assumed “Drake” was Drake Maverick but Bernal clarified it was the rapper since he hated the last album. Mitchell said she doesn’t think Bernal can fight anyone on the list. Bernal said for Mitchell to stop disrespecting him or else he will challenge her…

Duke Hudson and Thea Hail were hanging out with some random students. Pretty Deadly showed up. Elton Prince asked Duke Hudson if he could help them out with Poker since he’s a pro. Hudson said that gambling is bad. Wilson said the old Duke Hudson was more fun. Pretty Deadly mocked Duke Hudson, causing him to snap and attack them. We get the classic pull apart featuring Robbie Brookside and not Normal Smiley.

Ivy Nile (W/ Tatum Paxley) vs Kiana James

Back and forth submissions by both women after a lock up challenge. James then hit Nile with a clothesline and followed it up with an inverted backbreaker. James went for a pin but Nile kicked out. James then with another back breaker and locked in a calf Submission. Nile escaped but James came right back with a side slam. Once Nile was back up, she fired up and unleashed several kicks that sent James to the outside. James was done with the match and she started her way to the back but Fallon Henley came out and stopped her. With James back in the ring, Nile locked in the Diamond Sleeper for the win.

Winner: Ivy Nile

After the match, Henley and James brawl to the back. The Creed brothers are in the ring with Nile and Paxley. Julius congratulated Nile on her win and said she is underappreciated but doesn’t jump people like Indus Sher. He said he and his brother are used to fighting bigger guys their entire lives. Brutus said that intimidation doesn’t affect them. Ivy stopped Julius as she looked and acted nervous about the challenge to Indus Sher. The official challenge was issued for Deadline as a nervous Ivy Nile tried to talk them out of it.

We get a video package for Isla Dawn.She called herself “The Enchantress”. Nile noted that she was behind all of the video wall glitches throughout the weeks. She was then playing with an Ouija Board. She said that the voices have guided her straight to Alba…

Andre Chase was in his office with a student. Duke Hudson walked in out of breathe saying he got in a fight with Pretty Deadly. Hudson said that he somehow got them a Tag Team Title match for later in the night. The stuend clapped and Chase told this student to get the eff out. He and Hudson hype each other up.

SCRYPTS vs Guru Raj

SCRYPTS has his entrance and it’s a nega-Axiom gimmick.Scrypts hit Raj with a dropkick. Scrypts did a reverse worm to block a dropkick. The crowd started a “Reggie” chant. Scrypts hit Raj with a standing corkscrew crossbody and followed that up with a 450 seated senton for the win.

Winner: Scrypts

Scrypts left a calling card on top of Guru Raj…

The Schism Thanksgiving Sacrifice

Schism was shown in front of a tree as we head to commercial. After the break, Schism head to the ring. Joe Gacy says that autumn is the time where trees shed their leaves but Schism is not the same. He said they reenforce togetherness as they reflect all the good they have in their lives. Ava Raine said that stories are told of families being torn apart as dysfunction is the new norm. She said that Schism can be counted on.

Rip Fowler says Thanksgiving has become a day of overabundance as Raine begins to look though the audience. She points at a man and invites him into the ring.

Jagger Reid says that people are more focused on Black Friday than Thanksgiving traditions.

Gacy then said that Raine has found someone who understands what Thanksgiving is really about. Gacy then tells this random dude that he is the bridge between old and new traditions. He said that hsi inclusion will be the centerpiece of Schism’s table before they all stand up to pledge on the day of Schism Invictus. Gacy says Schism is no longer inclusive, but decisive. He thanks the audience member for his sacrifice, then sends him through the table. The crowd was chanting “Sacrifice through this”.

The hardest working reporter in all of professional wrestling, McKenzie Mitchell is with Trick Williams. Williams said that Carmelo Hayes will become the new North American Champion later. Wes Lee crashed the interview and goaded Williams into saying that he won’t be at ringside since Hayes can do it on his own. Williams protested but it fell on deaf ear.

After checking in with Vic Joseph and Booker T , they sent the show to a Bron Breakker cinematic promo where he was fishing at a lake. Breakker talked about how he goes out there to unwind after a big match. He said he doesn’t have to be the guy that smashes people, he’s just a regular guy, a fisherman. He said he likes how quiet it is. Breakker said as the Champion , there’s a lot of mental weight that takes a toll after a while. He said he felt like Superman at first, with all the excitement, but over time there’s a lot of weight and pressure. Breakker said during the winter, the fish aren’t as active, which forces him to switch bait up. He said this is his escape, to help him drop the weight of being champion. He said people are coming after him from all angles, like Apollo next. Breakker said at Deadline, the weight is back on. He said after he defends the title, he’s back to fishing at the lake…

Zoey Stark vs Sol Ruca

The women lock up and Stark breaks it up with a dropkick. Ruca with a thrust kick, but Stark hit a superkick. Stark with a drop kick and a pin but Ruca kicked out at 2. Ruca then delivered two shoulder tackles to Stark and hit a dropkick right after and ended this spur of offense with a back body drop. Ruca went for a pin but Stark kicked out. Stark was on the corner and Ruca hit a splash on her and then followed this up with a powerslam. After another pin attempt, Ruca climbed the top rope but Stark moved out of the way and delivered a knee to the head for the win.

Winner: Zoey Stark

After the match, Stark wanted to keep beating up on Ruca but Nikita Lyons came out for the save as Stark backed off…

We head to the most dangerous place in all of wrestling, the NXT parking lot. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade invite Von Wagner to party with them. Wagner laughs it off as does Mr.Stone. Wagner took off his blazer and said he could use a night of fun. Wagner says onward and upward, but tells Enfoe and Blade that they know nothing about success. He then beats them up…classic heel.

The show cut to a Charlie Dempsey vignette. He was shown doing ladder exercises with a deck of cards. He talked about how he trains like old school wrestlers like Carl Gotch or Billy Robinson who didn’t have things like Crossfit, Power Yoga, or Circuit training. He said people like Wes Lee, Carmelo Hayes, and Grayson Waller train to look good on Instagram. He said nothing beats old school squats before breakfast. He also mocked Hank Walker and Andre Chase. He said when he sees them all in the ring he’ll stretch them up because “Professional Wrestling is a serious business”…

NXT Tag Team Title Match: Pretty Deadly (C) vs Chase U

Hudson makes easy work of Prince and that prompted Wilson to tag into the match. Wilson ate a sidewalk slam from Hudson for a two count. Chase came into the match and pinned Wilson again. Prince was tagged in and immediately tripped up Chase. Chase came back and put Wilson in a grounded headlock. Chase then hit a shoulder tackle on Prince but Prince came back with a dropkick. Wilson tagged back in as he and Prince double teamed Chase with tandem moves and went for a pin but it was only food for a two. Chase then hit Wilson with a front kick. Chase and Wilson then trade punches and moves but this ended when Chase hit Wilson with a deadlift legscissors which once again was only good for a two count. Prince then locked in a headlock on Chase but then Chase hit a backdrop to rbeak the hold. Hudson and Chase double teamed on Pretty Deadly to clear the ring.

During the break, Pretty Deadly took over the match. Prince and Wilson cut the ring in half on Chase. Chase dumped Prince off the apron and right onto Thea Hail on the outside of the ring. Hudson was distracted by this and didn’t tag into the match. Prince tossed Chase into Wilson’s gutbuster for a nearfall.  Chase crawled under Prince and was finally able to get the tag on Hudson who came in hot into the match. Chase did some repeated punches ala Road Dogg and quickly tagged Chase back into the match for some reason as he’s still tired. Wilson got out of Chase’s Gory Special and then Hudson landed a big boot on Chase by accident. Wilson threw Hudson to the steep steps and hit a Spilled Milk on Chase for the win!

Winners: AND STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly

Andre Chase and Thea Hail tried to cheer up Duke Hudson at ringside

Via a TikTok video we see Roxanne Perez hanging out with Nikkita Lyons an Indi Hartwell crashed the party. Perez and Hartwell have a heated exchange. Elektra Lopez laughed at them. Perez vs Hartwell is official for next week.

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in from ringside. Vic noted that Shawn Michaels will appear next week to reveal who’s wrestling in both Iron Survivor Matches

Entrances for the North American Championship match aired. Alicia Taylor handled the formal introductions. Vic Joseph noted that if Hayes wins, he’ll tie Johnny Gargano in terms of total championship reigns with the NA title (3)

NXT North American Championship: Wes Lee(c) vs Carmelo Hayes

The match started off as both men locked up and Hayes hit Lee with a forearm. Both men spill outside and Lee slammed Hayes onto the announce table. Hayes quickly recovered and threw Lee back into the ring and connected with a kick. Lee then delivered a tijeras and both men perform jump kicks and take each other out. Back from the break, Hayes kneed Lee’s jaw. Hayes sent Lee to the top rope, then delivered a back elbow off the ropes. Hayes went for a pin, but Lee kicked out. Lee sent Hayes face first into the top turnbuckle, then followed it up with a German suplex.

Both men exchange punches in the middle of the ring and Lee wins this exchange with kicks and a lethal right hand. Lee with an upprecut and hurricanrana before a pin but Hayes kicked out. Lee went to the top looking for a 450 splash but Hayes rolled out of the way and went for a roll up pin on Lee that was only good for a two. Hayes then hit a codebreaker on Lee but Lee quickly no sold it to deliver a superkick but Hayes finished this sequence with a second Code Breaker. Hayes now climbed to the top and jumped off but Lee moved out of the way and hit Hayes with a Meteora. Hayes is now on the corner so Lee went for a Cannonball. Hayes rolled outside to try to regain his composure.

Trick Williams comes running down to check on Hayes but Lee took him out with a tope con jiro. Back in the ring, Hayes went to the top rope but Lee pulled him down. Hayes slammed Lee face first on the top turnbuckle but recovered in time. Lee then hit a flipping kick and a Michinoku Driver for the win.

Winner: AND STILL NXT North American Champion, Wes Lee

After the match, the cage on the ramp opens up and closes but no one came out. A distracted Lee turned around and Dijak appeared behind and hits him with a Feast Your Eyes to end the show…

Here are the post show WWE Digital Exclusives:



NXT TV: November 22, 2022

The show was okay. I’m shocked at the SCRYPTS reveal. Its Reggie with a cheesy outfit. I wonder how they will work Axiom into this but he has his natural villain. Breakker delivered his best promo ever. Go check that out if you haven’t seen it. The Tag Team title match was fun as Pretty Deadly continue to impress. Finally, Hayes and Lee are so damn good. That match is the only must watch match of the night.