Greetings and Salutations. This week we have a NXT Women’s title celebration as Mandy Rose has held the title for a year. We also have R-Truth facing Grayson Waller. We are still over a month from NXT Deadline on December 10, so i suspect we will start seeing some seeds being planted for matches on that Premium Live Event. Without further Ado, let’s get to it!

Bron Breakker Returns

The show started off with NXT champion Bron Breakker coming out. He had a mic in hand and was ready to address the NXT faithful. Breakker said that Halloween Havoc was a monumental night for the entire NXT locer room. He gave kudos to Wes Lee for climbing the ladder and winning the North American Championship. He also congratulated Julius Creed for his win in the Ambulance match and saving his brother’s career. That was when Pretty Deadly’s music hit the Performance Center and out came Kit Wilson and Elton Prince.

Pretty Deadly were in the ring with Breakker and and he asked Pretty Deadly in a fake accent what they wanted. Prince then mocked Bron for always winning (sure?). Prince then said that their defense last week on NXT was bigger and even deserved a parade. Wilson then took the mic and called Wes Lee a Lifetime Series.

Wes Lee then came out and told Pretty Deadly to shut up. Lee then thanked Bron for congratulating him. Prince interrupted and said that he said Lee needs to quit his bitching. Lee said that he does like their hair. Bron agreed with Lee and said that their hair looks angelic. Bron then told Pretty Deadly that they have their chance at the spotlight as Lee in his best announcers voice gave a formal introduction to Pretty Deadly. Pretty Deadly basked in the spotlight and posed while doing their sideplate check. Bron then said that the usual WWE pattern is that people always interrupt the champions opening promo. Lee then said that he and Bron were challenging Pretty Deadly for the NXT Tag Team Championship since Lee misses the tag titles and Bron wants a taste of them. The crowd chanted “Wes Lee Two Belt”.

Pretty Deadly said they’ll have the last laugh and Bron said he and Lee will win the Titles. Prince then said that this cannot get worse. R-Truth came out and started his What’s up Theme.

Grayson Waller vs Wes Lee

Waller tried to start the match but Truth slapped him in the face. Waller hit a kick and a few punches that sent Truth right into the corner. Waller went for a Lariat but Truth ducked it and went for a Manhattan Drop followed by an Atomic Drop and a headlock Takeover to take Waller down. Waller was back up and went for a shoulder block and made fun of Truth with a “You Can’t See Me” but Truth once again catches Waller in a drop down right back into a headlock.

Truth hit Waller with a huracanrana and hip toss. Waller hit Truth with an STO. Truth recovered and caught Waller with a right hand that sent Waller right to the outside. Things got scary as Truth caught Waller with a Tope Con Hilo, but his foot caught the top rope and landed a bit short on Waller. It was obvious he landed hard as he clutched his knee. The show cut to PIP commercial with the ref checking on Truth.

Suring the PIP the camera focused on Waller in the ring mocking the fans and show off. We did see medics checking on Truth. Waller with a Spinneronie.  Back from the break, the red called for the match and we see Truth being carried up and to the back.

Winner: Grayson Waller via ref stoppage

Waller took the mic and bragged that he beat a legit veteran. He said NXT is his house and ain’t nothing gonna change that.

Schism Speaks with Vic Joseph

We check-in with Vic and Booker at the commentary desk and Vic said he had an awkward night last night as he had a sit down interview with Schism.

Cut to the interview. Joseph got right to business as mentioned they have been the talk of all of social media. He asked Ava Raine “Why Schism?”.  Ava said that nobody knew it was her under the mask and she proved everyone wrong. She said she has been around WWE all of her life yet no one took the time to get to know her. She mentioned that shortly after she started in NXT she suffered a major injury that required surgery and NO ONE but Joe Gacy would check up on her. She then got angry at Joseph since he also claimed to know her for a long time.

Ava then questioned Joseph on why all of the attention is on her/ WHy not as Jagger or Rip why they joined Schism? Joseph then asked Joe Gacy if he is loving the national attention Schism is getting with Ava joining them. Gacy told Joseph that he was missing the point. Ava isn’t there to help Schism but she is there because they accepted her for who she is. Fowler said that Schism is often compared to factions of the past and offered Joseph a smiley pin.

Joseph then brought up Cameron Grimes and showed a tweet from him where he pointed out that Ava is being brainwashed by Schism. Ava said that she sees more in Schism than Grimes ever could. Ava then mentioned that they are not quite done with him just yet. She said that Grimes had to hire people to beat them in a match but next week Joe Gacy will beat Grimes in their final match ever. Gacy said that The Schism is 4 roots, one tree.

In the back in a cheap looking door that was supposed to be Shawn Michaels’ office, we see Javier Bernal making fun of Enofe and Blade for losing their title shot last week calling them mid at best. Odyssey Jones leaves Michaels’ office and said that he wouldn’t let him down. He put his attention to Javier Bernal and said that they are facing off in a match later. Bernal wasn’t pleased with this.

Kiana James is seen handing an envelop to someone as she head to the ring.

Footage from earlier in the day aired that showed Indi Hartwell confronting Zoey Stark and she told her to get over her loss from last week. Stark said Indi doesn’t deserve another title shot since they are earned and not given away. Hartwell said she’s going to earn a boot to the face. Things got heated and they were all pulled apart.

Andre chase is giving Thea Hail a pre-match pep talk and is super fired up. She then gets super serious as the camera panned to the Andre Chase flag which has no bearer (Since Bodhi Hayward was released). Out Bursts Duke Hudson through the wall, grabbed the flag and marches out.

Kiana James vs Thea Hail

James hit Hail with a knee to the gut to start the match. James hit an armwrench on Hail. Hail escaped an elbow stretch via armdrag and tripped James. Hail with a blockbuster. Shortly after that, James reversed a crossbody with a bodyslam. James then hit Hail with a TornadoPaydirt but Hudson put Hail’s foot n the bottom rope to save the match.

Chase was angry yelled at Hudson who then sent him to the back. James hit Hail with another Tornado Paydirt and this time it was enough for the three count and the win….

Winner: Kiana James via pinfall

After the match, Chase went to check in on Hail but was attacked from behind by Charlie Dempsey. Dempsey tried to lock a submission on Chase but Duke Hudson ran out and chased Dempsey away. Hudson helped both Chase and Hail…

The hardest working reporting in all of professional wrestling, McKenzie Mitchell is with Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Fallon Henley and asked  about how Wes Lee and Bron Breakker getting the tag title shot later in the show. They said they were excited to see who wins. Henley was handed an envelope which she read to herself…. (oh the drama)

Odyssey Jones made his entrance

Bron Breakker and Wes Lee were preparing and psyching each other up for their match against Pretty Deadly later. Mr.Stone came to taunt Breakker. Stone tried to get a title match for Von Wanger. Breakker then told  Stone to tell Wagner to face him by himself face to face rather then sending his errand boy. Breakker told Stone to walk away or be stuffed in a locker.

Odyssey Jones vs “Big Body Javi” Javier Bernal

Jones started the match with a wristlock then hit a nice body slam. Javi got some offense in as he landed a few elbows on the back of Jones. Jones put Javi in an electric chair and Javi quickly escaped and hit Jones with a few chop blocks on a leg that was being worked on. Javi tried to put Jones in a sleeper but Jones hit the ropes for a break. Jones then tossed Javi like a toy and hit him with a shoulder block, hip tackle and a Bossman Slam for the win.

Winner: Odyssey Jones via pinfall

Mandy Rose Championship Celebration

A couch and tables were set up in the ring with pictured of Rose in the ring were propped up as Toxic Attraction came out. Jacy Jayne took the mic and said that Rose has proven everyone wrong for over a year and she [Rose] is the most dominant women’s champion in NXT history. Dolin said that Rose is the most dominant champion in the locker room, man or woman. Jayne ran down some of Mandy’s accomplishments and said that her and Dolin put a video together for Rose.

The video showed some pre NXT footage in black and white then all of her current NXT run was highlighted in color. Rose thanked Dolina nd Jayne for the video. Rose then said that all of her accomplishments aren’t bad for a piece of eye candy. Rose said she was just eye candy to all the fans but realized two years ago she had to bet on herself. Rose said that returning to NXT was her choice and it was the best choice she made because the numbers speak for themselves.

Rose said that the NXT women’s title represents the greatest feamle wrestlers in the world and she has proven herself as such. Rose said that she stepped on every woman in the division and it feels good to sit on her throne and that no one can kick her off it but they know where to find her. Smoke then rose from the apron and covered the ring as Alba Fyre appeard.

Fyre attacked Rose and Jayne and sent Dolin through a table with her Gory bomb. Fyre grabbed a mic and said she took out Doling this week, Jayne next week then she will be going for the title in two weeks.

The hardest working reporter in all of professional wrestling, McKenzie Mitchell is with Apollo Crews in the back. Crews said that he wants Bron Breakker but he thinks Bron sees him as a bad matchup for him. Crews said that Breakker isn’t even mentioning him yet. Von Wagner enteres stage left and said that Crews may be a matchup problem but Von Wagner is a total problem. Wagner said Crews likes to look at the future but when it comes to the title, Von Wagner is the future.

We see another vignette for SCRYPTS. This time they are outside the performance center tagging it all up as the voice message played. The mystery person said that you can screen their call but not their fury. One by one you all shall so just let it happen as it is written. The person said they are coming to NXT and it feels like home because the canvas is where they will express how they feel in their bones. They claim that they will leave a mark and a warning of their start is imminent.

Indi Hartwell vs Zoey Stark W/ Nikkita Lyons

Hartwell started the match by taking down Stark with a shoulder tackle. Stark shoved Hartwell and started striking her in the corner. Stark with a springboard crossbody. Stark then went for a basement Lariat but Hartwell avoided it and got in a few body slams on Start for her efforts. Hartwell hot Stark with a lariat that sent her outside as Stark’s temper got the best of her.

Back from commercial, Hartwell hit Stark with elbows and an uppercut which gave her a nearfall. Stark then made a brief comeback with a shortarm lariat and tripped Hartwell then hit her with a corkscrew slingshot senton for a two-count of her own. Stark then began going nuts with kicks and boots to Hartwell which Lyons had to calm Stark down from since she could lose by DQ at this point. This opened the door for Hartwell to comeback with a few shortarm clotheslines but Stark quickly regained the advantage with a superkick of her own. Stark then threw Hartwell to ringside. Lyons exclaimed to Stark to just throw her into the ring and not get DQ’d or lose control or the announcers table. Stark was eventually convinced by Lyons to continue the match normally but this gave a groggy Hartwell time to recoup after she was thrown in the ring and when Stark came back in the ring she was greeted with a Yakuza Kick and Basement forearm for the pin and the win. Vic Joseph made note that Indi Hartwell is on a great run right now.

Winner: Indi Hartwell via pinfall

We get another T-BAR vignette where he is still burning his mask and talks about unfinished business and a new order of justice and his authority.

Sanga is backstage with Valentina Feroz. Wendy Choo wakes up behind them as Feroz asks if he’ll be in her corner tonight. Sanga says she’s very strong but he cannot go, and Veer Mahaan shows up. Veer said that here in WWE they take kindness for weakness and says that’s why he’s here with him.

Cora Jade comes out for a match…

In the back, Stark and Lyons go through the curtains and Stark is still extremely upset and seems furious. The NXT Women’s tag team champs, Katana Chance and Kayden Carter showed up and taunted Stark and Lyons. Stark reminded the champs that they did have them beat last week. Lyons ended up holding Stark back.

we get a NXT Deadline commercial

An upset and sans Sanga Valentina Feroz is out for her match.

Cora Jade vs Valentina Feroz

Jade shoved Feroz but then Feroz pressured Jade to the ropes. Jade swept Feroz and mocked Feroz. This motivated Feroz to come back and hit Jade with a series of armdrags and capped it off with a Meteora. Jade went to the outside of the ring to get her composure back. Feroz followed Jade and slammed Jade’s head on the apron. Jade then hit a dropkick to Feroz to keep her outside of the ring. Jade then gained full control of the match and mocked her with trash talk.

Feroz made a brief comeback and hit a Lariat and turned that into an inside cradle for just a two-count. Jade came back with a clothesline of her own. Feroz kicked Jade repeatedly but Jade avoided a crossbody and hit Feroz with a running Senton and followed it up with a DDT for the win.

Winner: Cora Jade via pinfall

After the match, Jade brought her cane to the ring and once again taunted Feroz. Wendy Choo’s music hit as she came down for the save but was hit right int he gut with Jade’s cane but she recovered and hit Jade with strikes as she cleared the ring.

Tony D’Angelo was with Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo backstage. D’Angelo said that Stacks looked good versus Nakamura last week and gave him some encouragement for a match with Hank the Security Guard. Elektra Lopez returned and said that she likes being her own boss and mentioned that if people thought she was dangerous before then you have to see how dangerous she is now. Stacks wondered how dangerous she could be and a very interested D’Angelo said that he thinks she is…

Wes Lee and Bron Breakker come out for their title match with separate entrances…

NXT Tag Team Title Match Pretty Deadly (c) vs. NXT Champion Bron Breakker & North American Champion Wes Lee

Kit Wilson and Wes Lee started the match with a lock up and Lee rolled Wilson up but Wilson kicked out and regrouped with Elton Prince. Prince tagged in and Lee gave him an arm drag. Breakker tagged in and hit a moonsault on Prince. Prince then recovered and stuck Breakker with a beauty of a right hand but Breakker delivered a beautiful back body drop that gave Prince some intense hang time and followed it up with a great looking shoulder tackle.

Lee tagged back in the match and prince attacked his mid section. Prince sent him to the mat face first and went for a tag to Wilson. With Wilson back in the ring and Lee regrouping, Pretty Deadly went for a double suplex but Breakker came in for the save and then Breakker and Lee hit a double Frankensteiner sending Pretty Deadly to ringside.

Back from the commercial, Lee sends Prince to the ring and delivered a dropkick but Prince got a blind tag to send Wilson back as the legal man. Wilson surprised Lee and knocked him down, went for a pin but it was only good for a two-count. With Lee back up, Wilson hit him with a leaping elbow then hit a right hand to Lee’s head followed by a neck breaker. Lee kicked out from a pin and he and Wilson trade punches and elbows.

Prince was back in the match and hit stomps on Lee then went for a Splash but Lee got out of the way and tagged Breakker back into the match. Breakker with the hot tag and took out both members of Pretty Deadly with shoulder tackles then picked them up and hit a DOUBLE SUPLEX on Pretty Deadly. Lee was back in the match and hit a crossbody followed by a superkick. Lee went to the top rope but Carmelo Hayes ran to the ring as the ref was not looking and shoved Lee off the top rope which opened the door for Wilson to roll him up for the pin and the win!

Winners: AND STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly.

After the match, Lee flies over the top rope and hit a cannonball onto Hayes on the outside and they brawl to the back. Back in the ring, Breakker lifts his NXT championship over his head as Von Wagner delivers a big boot to Breakker. We cut to the back as Apollo Crews is watching from a TV backstage. JD McDonagh came in and said his vision will be tough to bring to fruotion as they see Wagner standing over the champion. McDonagh then said he will see Crews around as the show closed…

Next Week:

  • Joe Gacy vs. Cameron Grimes for the last time
  • Brutus Creed vs. Damon Kemp in a 5-minute-time-limit match
  • Katana Chance and Kayden Carter vs. Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships
  • Andre Chase vs Charlie Dempsey



NXT: November 1, 2022

This was a run of the mill NXT that had okay in-ring but focused more on story prgression. We are starting to see where they are heading for Deadline on December 10. It appears we are seeiing Breakker with Wagner with Crews possibly being involved, Hayes and Lee, and maybe even removing Crews from Breakker/Wagner to match with McDonagh. All in all, this was an okay show.