What is going on with Cody Rhodes? I have no idea. He is greeted as a heel by the majority of the fans. He kind of acts as a heel at times but he is portrayed as a face and Arn Anderson and the entire Nightmare Family are along for the ride. What gives? The entire situation as confusing as the WWE releasing the large majority of its future talent and betting the success of company on a bunch of tired, exasperated and stale talent.

Bewildering or not, it appears we will be getting more of ‘Confusing’ Cody as he is now the only three-time AEW TNT Champion. Cody defeated Sammy Guevara on the Holiday Bash edition of Rampage this evening. Guevara made Cody work for that victory though.

Cody’s music hits to begin the main event. The crowd just shovels boos on him. The boos quickly change to cheers as Sammy is introduced. Arn gives Cody some last minute advice, brandishing that laminated card he always carries around as Sammy poses for the crowd.

David Crockett is in attendance to present the title to the winner.

Sammy starts the match as if he has a taxi waiting for him outside the arena. As Cody is grandstanding for the audience, Sammy sprints across the ring drop kicking him. A bewildered Cody is clotheslines to the floor. Sammy break dances in the middle of the ring as Cody takes walk into the crowd. Cody confers with Arn before he climbs back into the ring.

The crowd has a split personality tonight. There are…’Let’s go Cody!’ chants dueling with “Cody sucks!” chants showing they have no Christmas spirit.

Speaking of Christmas spirit here’s Trans-Siberian Orchestra with “Christmas Eve / Sarajevo”. Happy Holidays everyone!

Sammy begins taking the piss out of Cody by using his own moves against him. Sammy scoop powerslams Rhodes. Sammy takes the fight to the floor slamming Cody into the ringside stairs, chopping him up against the apron. Sammy tries for a shooting star press off the apron. He misses. Cody wraps Sammy’s arm over the ringside barricade.

Cody drops Sammy with a delayed vertical suplex but misses a moonsault. The crowd cheers. Sammy’s double springboard cutter only gets him a two count. Sammy stuns Cody with a Cross Rhodes. Cody wisely rolls out of the ring. Sammy hits Cody with a 450 splash on the floor but he hurts his arm some more doing it. Sammy runs off the stairs. Cody catches him in mid-air and throws him over the barrier into the front row. Cue the really bad acting from the plants in the crowd including one dude who keeps shaking his head as if there are invisible stars circling it.

Sammy catches Cody in a really awkward GTH. Cody kicks out. Sammy gives Rhodes the finger as he climbs up to the top rope for a 630 splash. Cody puts up his knees. Two Cross Rhodes and a Tiger Driver 98 pins Sammy.

Cody is your new TNT Champion. Courtesy: AEW.

Dustin Rhodes and the Nightmare Family flood the ring to congratulate Cody. Dustin holds the ropes open for David Crockett. Crockett hands the belt to Cody and they share kind words, a handshake and a brief hug. A triumphant Cody holds up the belt as a disappointed Sammy holds his head in his hands on the floor.

AEW Rampage December 25th, 2021 Results

Jungle Boy versus Isiah Kassidy

Marq Quen makes his presence known early by tripping up Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy cannot get out of the gate as Isiah just mows him down. An arm drag off the ropes and drop kick turns things around for Jungle Boy. Isiah catches him with a stunner over the top rope. Isiah splashes Jungle Boy on the floor. Isiah poses on the floor and smiles. Isiah goes old school holding Jungle Boy in the ropes and raking his forearm over his face. Matt Hardy takes a cheap shot at Jungle Boy socking him in the face. Isiah smartly grabs onto the ropes to foil a Snare Trap. Jungle Boy just dumps him over the top rope. Christian Cage tangles with Marq Quen on the floor and runs him off. He returns to spear Matt Hardy. Jungle Boy makes Isiah tap out to the Snare Trap.

Winner: Jungle Boy

Rating: 7 / 10

Hook versus Bear Bronson

What’s a ‘Bear Bronson’ and what’s with the Wild Kingdom gimmick? Anyway, the angle here is that Bear is a heavyweight against Hook. I still hate, loathe, despise Hook’s entrance music. It is the sort of music you would expect from a moody boxer not a kick ass professional wrestler. Bear Bronson doesn’t get an entrance. He is already in the ring. Poor Yogi. Tony Nese is at ringside taking in the match. Bear leans on Hook with an arm bar. The crowd boos Bear. Bear and Hook trade corner beatdowns. Bear spikes Hook but Hook no sells it. Clothesline, Northern Lights Suplex, crossface blows to the face and Red Rum skins this Bear.

Winner: Hook

Rating: 6 / 10

Kris Statlander versus ‘Legit’ Leyla Hirsch

Leyla has Statlander almost down and out. Courtesy: AEW.

There are no entrances here. Both women are in the ring already. They shake hands before the match. Leyla surprises Statlander with her agility. Leyla crashes into Statlander. Statlander won’t go down. Leyla goes to the well again. She goes down when she hits the brick wall that is Statlander. Leyla starts punching Statlander. The crowd ain’t too happy about that. Leyla gives Statlander double knees in the corner and a drop kick for a two count. Statlander powerslams Leyla off the ropes driving the air out of her body. A delayed vertical suplex sends Leyla crashing down to the mat. Statlander puts Leyla in a Cobra Clutch but Leyla powers out of it. Leyla slaps Statlander in the face. The crowd gets on her case. Big boot and a Spider Crab submission has Leyla tapping out. Statlander tries to shake Leyla’s hand after the match. Leyla shrugs her off and walks away. Statlander removes Leyla from her Christmas card list.

Winner: Kris Statlander

Rating: 7 / 10

Cody Rhodes versus Sammy Guevara – AEW TNT Championship Match

Winner: …and new AEW TNT Champion…Cody Rhodes.

Rating: 8 / 10


AEW Rampage December 25th

A strong episode with a much better flow than last week’s. There were some smart decisions as in cutting some of the needless entrances and just getting right to the action. Not sure why we needed a repeat of Miro’s video package but at least those breaks were kept to a minimum so the episode was wall to wall action.