One of John Cena’s many catch phrases, is “You can’t see me!” (You read that in his voice, didn’t you?) Well maybe we can’t see Cena, but we can read his books. Cena, who is expanding his career options outside of the wrestling ring and is also the author of the Elbow Grease picture book series, has just released not one, but two inspirational books meant to encourage readers of all ages to “never give up!”

One of the illustrations by Susanna Harrison featured in Do Your Best Every Day to do Your Best Every Day: Encouraging Words from John Cena by John Cena.

The first book is called Be a Work in Progress: And Other Things I’d Like to Tell my Younger Self, out now from Ballantine Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House. The book, featuring illustrations by Valeria Petrone, is described as a collection of Cena’s “favorite words of wisdom on the benefits of being bold and open-minded, embracing discomfort, and making the most of every opportunity.” Readers can indeed feast their eyes on nuggets of wisdom including: “Be grateful for each sunrise. Earn each sunset” and “Never outgrow being thankful!”

The second book, which is geared towards younger readers, is called Do Your Best Every Day to do Your Best Every Day: Encouraging Words from John Cena. In this book, which is out now from Random House Books for Young Readers and illustrated by Susanna Harrison, Cena “urges young readers to be who they are, act to make the world a better place, and never stop striving” with positive affirmations including “the only obstacle that can slow you down is not believing in yourself.” consulted one of its younger contributors and resident Cena expert, Joshua Rector, to give his review of both books via a video interview: